More modern Vikings from Holley Trent! (And a cat.)

VikingFlameIf you haven’t plowed your way through my back list yet, let me tell you a not-so-secret factoid about my books: I’m a sucker for a running gag, especially in series. In The Afótama Legacy, which is my witchy modern Viking series, one of the gags is a cat.

Viking kitty. Technically, his name is Destructo. I’m not entirely sure how Destructo came into being, but I’m guessing he was spawned from an editorial conversation gone wrong.

Destructo belongs to a former bar owner named Jeff. He was pawned off on him by a vet tech and Jeff couldn’t get rid of him, which is probably a good thing seeing as how Destructo is Jeff’s familiar. He’s also something of a turncoat, much to Jeff’s chagrin, seeing as how his would-be lover seems to like the cat more than she likes Jeff. Here’s some proof to his claim from the newest series installment Viking Flame (to set the scene, our anxious heroine–Nadia–is being confronted in a particular way by her two men about her avoidance tactics):

“I…sometimes when I steal the cat at night, I touch his hair,” she confessed [to Thom].

Jeff’s cocky expression neutralized, and his brow furrowed.

“I mean, Destructo burrows and sprawls out on top of his hair sometimes. When I fetch the cat, I cop a feel.”

“You tiptoe into my suite to take my cat?”

She swallowed. “Afótama don’t do well sleeping alone for too many nights. The cat’s better than nothing.”

Jeff narrowed his eyes. “You took the cat instead of taking my bed.”

“Maybe that choice doesn’t make sense to you.”

“That wouldn’t make sense to anyone.”

Destructo first turns up in a previous installment of The Afótama Legacy, The Chieftain’s Daughter, and you can be pretty certain he’ll be flinging his fur around in future books, too.


In the meantime, catch up on the saga. The first in the series, The Viking Queen’s Men, is just a buck right now, and you get to see Nadia stabbing her cousin in the neck with a tranquilizer. Skol, Vikings!

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