Holley’s Geek is Cheap

OntheRopesActually, I don’t know if if Stephen is more a geek or a nerd. He is brilliant, but knowing precisely how brilliant he is is impossible because of his aura of lechery. He might just be a dork.


My Hearts and Minds erotic romance novel On the Ropes is 99¢ at major  e-book retailers all this month. It’s fourth in the series, but you can read all the books out of order. They stand alone, but there’s is a chronology (just…FYI).


Her life on hold for too long, Janette Hinson has returned to the United States in search of a mother she hasn’t seen in twenty-five years. But to find her Jan will have to accept help from the one man she desperately wants to avoid: Stephen Scott. Sexy, rich, powerful, and dominating, Stephen has been pursuing Jan for the last year, and she’s the first to admit he more than has what it takes to hold a woman’s interest. But her traumatic past has kept from true intimacy all these years. Yet she senses a darkness in Stephen, one that goes beyond the rumors of his kinkier side…

Stephen Scott is not a man to take no for an answer. Ever since he met Jan he hasn’t been able to get her off of his mind. And no matter how many hours he spends at work, he can’t get the hot little vixen out of his system. It’s time to prove he wants more than just a fling, despite his dark sexual history. What he wants from Jan is to Master her. In every way.

Get On the Ropes here:

Barnes and Noble

Catch up on the series! Geeks abound!


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