Disney Advice PLEASE!


HELP! Y’all know my family usually goes to Cancun to celebrate Christmas but this year we’re going to Disney.

Since we’re in the planning phase now, I could use all the advice I can get. I haven’t been to visit the mouse house in about twenty years so I’m sure it’s changed.

Keep in mind this is a multi-generational trip. Macho Marine’s parents, who are in their late 80’s, will be with us. Then three of us stepped across that big 60 line this year. The next generation are ages 26-32. And last, but the real reason we’re all going there, the granddoll is six years old (almost seven which is of utmost importance at that age- just ask her.)

We’ve already made some decisions. We plan to stay on property and get the meal plan. Beyond that, I need suggestions as to what to do and what NOT to do.

Please COMMENT below and you’ll be entered  to win a prize.

6 thoughts on “Disney Advice PLEASE!

  1. Hi KaLyn! My family just went to Disney a few years ago and had a blast. We also stayed on resort (French Quarter) and had the meal plan. That was going to be my big suggestion because having a nice sit-down meal three times a day allows everyone to cool down and rest their aching feet. We really enjoy Magic Kingdom and Epcot the best. The others were passable for us. The water parks also make a nice break if you have time for that. A day in the water can be relaxing and your meal plan gets you sit down meals there as well. For the little one, you are best off at Magic Kingdom. The other parks are a little more “adult” oriented in my opinion. However, we could easily do a few days at MK and not get bored. Have fun!

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  2. OH that is going to be exciting for her and everyone else will love it too. Welcome to central Florida. The weather is great and can rain at any time. Which parks are you going too?

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  3. Definitely take a siesta back at the hotel in the middle of the day, family members of all ages can use the recharge time. As you plan on staying on the property, check to see which parks have early admission each day for those staying onsite.

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  4. Hi, my advise is definitely stay on property, we paid a bit extra to get rooms that were close to the main building. Some of the resorts are huge and if your rooms are a long way away, it’s a daunting walk at the end of a long day in the parks, or to quickly run back to the room to grab something someone forgot to bring. Also buy the mugs that offer free refills of coffe, tea, pop, milk etc..
    We really used the bus system, to and from all the parks , great way to get around, also the package delivery system. If you buy something in a gift shop in a park, they will deliver it back to your resort within 24 hours I believe.
    Make you character meal reservations early. I recommend the Pooh breakfast at the Crystal Palace, and your little princess probably would love to have a meal with the princesses.

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