Cabin fever, burnout, and the month of Meh. (By Holley Trent)


I felt like a real “hot tamale” on that day. *rimshot*
Photo by K.M. Jackson.

Without fail, around this time every year, I start to give looking for a new career serious thought. Perhaps a job as a rodeo clown or a boxer. With those gigs, you at can at least predict when some creature is going to try to kick you in the face. Writers, though, can’t always predict when they’ll get that knock to the head that’ll take their breath and mojo away.

Not gonna lie. I think I my mojo dribbled out somewhere back in March and now I’m kinda shambling along, waiting for an infusion.

I’m overdue for a vacation–or to be somewhere that isn’t this house for more than a day or two. I know that for sure, and there’s nothing on the horizon until July, at the very earliest, and that’ll be a work trip.

I need real R&R. I need to not be in work mode for a while.

I want to be away for so long that when I come back and turn on my computer, I can chuckle as I delete what could be creativity-killing reviews in my inbox about my incredibly long and boring books (paraphrase).

I want to come back and think to myself, “You’re just fine. You have readers who like what you write. Keep on doing you,” and type 90,000 words of something I’ll find interesting enough to read a year or two from now (because my opinion about my work is important, too).

I don’t know when that’ll happen, but in the meantime, I’ll keep typing away. Maybe I’ll catch up to my mojo when I’m out on one of my very slow jogs. Shin splints might hurt, but a boost of Vitamin D won’t.


Holley writes really long [and short!] books that are really sexy and have lots of world-building. Learn more about her most recent release from the Hearth Motel series at her website.

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