What a Long, Strange Trip…

I’ll be honest, I barely remember starting to write The Tenth Muse. It came about because my agent put out a call to her clients, looking for a m/m New Adult romance that was frankly sexual. The journey from writing to publication was a long one, undertaken during my mother’s long term illness. I don’t remember what editor initially asked for the book, but it found an excellent home at Pride Publishing.

I’d been tinkering with a story about a young man who was descended from both the fae and Greek dieties, but this call brought up some other ideas. I wanted a story linked with that original idea, but fresh, and with different characters.  I looked at pictures and ran across gender-bending models, and suddenly the idea clicked: Eros, the God of Love has run amok on Earth.

I don’t remember how old I was when I first stumbled upon mythology. Very young…I do know that. My sister had a paperback from school, a translation of the best known Greek myths, strung together almost like a novel. I do remember the translator was a woman. After that, I found the Odyssey among my uncle’s books. Later I went to the library and tried the Illiad, but it was too much for me. (Still is!)

I loved the stories then, and when I decided to write my own spin, I pulled out my notes from college Greek history courses and pulled a few elements that intrigued me then. Ideas like Chaos and Logos, and the cult of Orpheus.

I’m not an expert at all this, but I think I managed to pull together a theme that travels under the surface of the story. The fertility and lust elements of Eros fuse with the intellect of young Rees, joining the heart and the mind. Its a recipe for love!

I had some fun and took some liberties that purists will probably raise their brows at. In fact, there’s even a nod to Ranma 1/2 buried in there! But in the end, the story of Eros and Rees is a story of love, acceptance and family. And when your mother is Aphrodite, and your father is Ares, family life is always the stuff of legend. 🙂

The Tenth Muse is available for pre-release at Pride Publishing and will be available for general release on May 17.


In a wicked game, the God of Love falls to his own arrow, and a gentle scholar learns how dangerous knowledge can be.

Aphrodite has had it.

It was bad enough that her son Eros walked a fashion show in drag, but did he really have to show the entire world his wings? Desperate to rein in the impulsive young god, she recruits the scholarly muse Rees to lure him back to Olympus until the scandal dies down.

After hundreds of years, Eros has finally located the reincarnation of his former love, Psyche. The only way to her heart is through fame, so the God of Love plans a daring campaign to win her back. Yet the closer he gets to Psyche, the more he’s drawn to a geeky young professor who came crashing into his life.

Eros drags Rees into his wicked world of high fashion and risqué parties, only to expose him to danger from an unexpected source. When Rees’ secrets come out, they threaten to destroy Eros’ love for him. Yet when Rees is kidnapped, Eros is forced to turn to the woman who set this catastrophe in motion—his mother, Aphrodite.

Buy at: https://www.pride-publishing.com/book/the-tenth-muse

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