Celebrating My Birthday

Birthday-Cake-Pictures-with-Candles-500x428I’m celebrating my birthday all this week…and even got in a few days last week.

Why? Because if I don’t celebrate it, no one will.

I’ve had enough birthdays to create a bonfire atop any cake which means I’ve learned a few things.

  1. If I make a big deal about the number of years I’ve stayed alive on this earth, so will everyone around me.
  2. People like to celebrate the birthdays of others. I will always be thankful all my family got together to celebrate my parents’ 80th birthdays. (They were only a few weeks apart.)  We lost my Mom before she saw her 81st.
  3. We’re taught from day we reach that magical 1 year that birthdays are a good reason to have a party….and the bigger the number, the bigger the party.
  4. bday giftsBirthdays usually mean presents and who doesn’t like free stuff?
  5. I’ve also learned it’s much better to ask for what you really want. Left to the imagination of others, you’d be surprised (and not in a good way) what some people will buy you for your birthday.
  6. At some point, your own birthday means less to you that it once did. I’ve actually forgotten it was my birthday or how many years old I was. That happened when I was more concerned about keeping my children alive and celebrating each year that I didn’t break them. (I’m still looking for that damned instruction book they supposedly came with!)
  7. At some point in your life, you will lie about your age. When I was 14 I had an ID that claimed I was 18, the drinking age in NY at the time. I actually looked older at 14 than I did at 20. (Bet you thought I was talking about the other end of that timeline!)
  8. I’ve never had a surprise party but I’ve hosted plenty of them. Now would not be a good time to throw me one, though. I’d either croak from a heart attack or start shooting people. (Uh, gun girl here.)
  9. You’re never too old to start a new career. I was over fifty before I read my first romance novel and wrote my first one at fifty-five. I have career goals for sixty that I intend to meet in the next year!
  10. The larger the number, the more parts of your body fall apart. Thus my hip replacement scheduled for July. But I’ve decided I “earned” that new hip. I started roller skating at three years old, skiing at about eight years old, horseback riding at ten, modern dance classes in high school, Navy PT in college,  and taught aerobics for years, high impact my favorite. I guarantee I’ve fallen on my ass more times than I could ever remember, sprained that ankle at least once a year and tore up the knee on that side several years ago.

I’ve lived my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to stop living life to the fullest possible. (Did you catch that last qualifier?)

Now I want to hear about a memorable birthday in your life. 

One last thing I’ve learned, it’s just as nice to give at your birthday as it is to receive…so I’ve put my books on sale!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating My Birthday

  1. Most memorable bday of mine was in 1981. My big sister always gave me a hay ride for
    Christmas with my friends this year a snow storm hit the day before so Cindy had her friend Neal get his
    Horses out for a sleigh ride instead. It was wonderful. (4/5)

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