And sometimes Holley writes sci-fi romance.

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I have a secret identity. Sort of.

I mean, it’s not really a secret so much as…obscure right now. It’ll be less obscure in the next month or so. I hope.

I spun off the pen name H.E. Trent because sometimes I want to write books that don’t fit my established style and tone. Also, sometimes I want to write books that don’t have an  established percentage of romantic content in them. Sometimes, I need there be as much pain and suffering as there is love.


Starting in August, I’m rolling out a new series called The Jekh Saga. It’s set in the near-future on a colony of Earth called Jekh…and suffice it to say, all isn’t well. Space is the new [corporate] Wild West, and it’s dog-eat-dog on the frontier.

The series is a little more political than my typical fare, a little darker, and a little more episodic. So, while each [long] book will contain a full romance, it’ll also have a bunch of other stuff happening that won’t necessarily resolve quickly. The first three books will all be out by December, because I know how infuriating having to wait for series installments is.

Sorry to be vague! In the coming weeks, though, I’ll be telling you more about Jekh and the headstrong, meddling McGarry siblings who end up there. I’m excited to be heading in a newer, more noir direction, and I hope a few of you hop on for the ride!

(And don’t worry – I’ll still have plenty of Holley stories coming out, too. After all, variety is the spice of life.)

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