A new Reedsville story from Holley Trent

I just couldn’t resist, so here’s another broke minor league baseball player for you. (You’re welcome!) You may have met Gary in my previous Reedsville Roosters story Designated Hitter. I brought him back in his own novel, because a novella just wouldn’t do for his trio. Gary’s got more issues than Sports Illustrated Magazine, and his lovers aren’t doing much better.

I love when romances have messy people. 🙂

Out of Bounds mmf romance Holley Trent

Gary Morstad has had more than his fair share of intimate encounters with married women, but he thought he’d left that promiscuous lifestyle behind when he hightailed it out of the Miami manservant scene. He wants love, not more meaningless encounters. So, it’s just his luck that a greasy mechanic with the charm of a turnip has hooked the only woman Gary has ever wanted to behave himself for.

When the taciturn mechanic—Dean Yeats—vengefully volunteers to chaperone Gary during his mortifying return to his former minor league team, their antagonistic exchanges segue to a smoldering two-way attraction…and then a three-way one.

Gary’s over-the-top antics and larger-than-life personality get Dean loose and laughing in the way Dean’s wife Lorena craves seeing, however Lorena worries their ménage arrangement won’t outlast the season. Gary is endearing and unforgettable, but he’s also reckless. Men like him rarely play by the rules, and she’s not so sure she and Dean can help him make the new ones Gary so desperately needs.

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