Hot and Heavy with Wolf Raider!

Wolf_Raider-Jianne_Carlo-200x320OMG, I just got the cover for Wolf Raider, #4 in my White Wolf Pack series! Is this not totally scrumptious?

Normally, I’m not a fan of facial hair on my men, but I looove the sexy mush and goatee. He looks so scruffy and lickable. And he’s the epitome of ‘Chainsaw Chad’ MacTire, my’Wolf Raider’ hero!

So, it simply segues into a tantalizing excerpt from Chad and Lizzie’s tale.

Excerpt from Wolf Raider:


Blizzard conditions—check.

Transportation impossible—check.

Being ‘forced’’ to spend the night at Chad MacTire’s condo—check.

“My sister keeps a few clothes here.”

The object of Lizzie White’s sexual fantasies for the last five months raked her from tilted beret to BDSM-style boots. Her breasts sizzled under his searing stare. She prayed her feverish desire and frazzled nerves didn’t show, and clamped her mouth shut.

“She’s shorter than you.”

Near hypnotized by Chad’s mesmerizing eyes, the color of wet slate, his words didn’t register for a three-second delay. Even when her brain translated the meaning of his last couple of sentences, her vocal cords refused to activate. She should murmur some polite inanity. But, the enormity of what she was about to do fried any semblance of rationality left in her singed gray matter.

“And not as full-figured.” His Texan drawl punched a lingering note of carnality into the remark. Ebony lashes, too thick and lush, for any male, dropped when his gaze skimmed the twin mounds of her breasts straining her shirt.

No amount of willing her blood to cool worked. Her nipples budded and she went wet down there. Sweat coated her nape and her grip on the laptop case white-knuckled.

“It’d probably be better if I loaned you one of my sweats and a T-shirt. They’ll be big, but that’s better than wearing too tight clothes.”

The devil had it in for her.

Chad’s sweats abrading her pussy. The material that gloved his cock riding her clit. Cat on a hot tin roof had nothing on the sexual tension driving Lizzie. “Thanks, but not necessary, I sleep in the altogether. I am sorry to put you to such an inconvenience, however.”

Lie number one—she wasn’t sorry at all.

Had Mr. Stoic actually blinked at her I-sleep-naked declaration?

A hint of a smile teased the corners of a mouth Jared Leto would envy. Chad’s sexy lips and those mesmerizing granite irises such a total disconnect from a jaw so square and sculpted she doubted steel fists could dent his flesh.

How did a man whose nose had to have been broken at least twice and whose features epitomized Mafioso toughness own a full head of inky curls? In certain instances, his profile reminded her of Lord Byron, the famous Regency poet.

Lizzie stifled a snort.

Chad MacTire was so not the poet type.

Known as ‘Chainsaw Chad’ by his hapless victims, for way he dissected conglomerates, and ‘the Wolf Raider’ by his media admirers because his Irish Gaelic last name translated to wolf, Chad had not a gram of romance in him.

“It’s not as if you caused the worst weather conditions in the last century of Chicago weather.” As usual, his smile didn’t quite reflect in those impenetrable silver-rimmed eyes.

She repressed a smug smirk.

Of course, he’d never in this universe believe she’d caused the blizzard deliberately.

But, she had.

It formed the focal point of her scheme to seduce him.

Lizzie couldn’t wait for him to see her without the glasses and the dowdy clothes she normally wore. As it was, the BDSM-style boots had had him flummoxed from the second she’d stepped into his condo. The thrill of that small victory, when he’d done a double take after she unbuttoned her coat, still flared beneath her ribcage.

“The snow’s so wet I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost power soon.”


Hot screwing happened in blackouts.


Hope that made your Monday marvelous!!



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