Chainsaw Chad!

Wolf_Raider-Jianne_Carlo-200x320One of the coolest aspects of being an author is creating your characters. I love, love giving my heroes and heroines traits that I can only dream about – like being tall. I’m short, as in almost midget short. So, I love to give my gals mile high Rockette legs. And I’ve got boobs, as in humongous breasts. Let’s just say that men talk to my mounds constantly.  So, for the heroine of my latest romance, Lizzie, she’s an amalgam-mile high legs and big boobs. But, she’s a cut-throat lawyer  who knees men in the balls on a regular basis.

Here’s a quick peek at Wolf Raider, book #4 in my White Wolf Pack Series:


Chad sought to allay Lizzie’s anxiety. “I followed you to Decadence.”

“What?” Brows yanking in surprise, she gaped at him. Squinched her eyes closed and mumbled, “No. No.”

Dismay lanced her fervent plea.

His lips twitched, but he knew her temper would explode if she caught him smiling.

“Strange. You thought nothing of going to a BDSM club with the rest of the team. Yet, me being there at the same time makes you blush.”

Before that moment, he would’ve sworn that an entire body couldn’t blush.

“I don’t blush.” She tossed her head and strands of silky hair slid like quicksilver over his forearm somehow igniting his groin.

“True. If I’m not around. But, when I’m with you, you blush like a teenager.” He grinned when the color in her cheeks deepened. Unable to resist the siren temptation of her tousled blue-black curls, he played with the ringlets arranging a few thick strands around the undersides of her breast.

She hissed, her stare fixed to his fingers playing with her tits and hair. “How…how did you find out? That we were going to Decadence?”

He chuckled. “Come on. You know better than that. I know everything that happens with my team. I installed keyboard trackers on your laptops. You were absolutely correct to yell at Dave for emailing the directions to the club to your work address.”

“Keyboard trackers?” she barked, lobbing death-blow daggers at him.

“I protect mine own. You’re mine, Lizzie.” He plucked her rosy nipples, smiling in pure alpha satisfaction when the buds engorged into stiff peaks.

She wriggled her hips and thrust her chest upward.

“You were riveted to that Shibari scene with the Dom. But, you didn’t like it when he blindfolded the female.”

Her eyes had gone so wide all the corner crinkles stretched out. He followed the rapid rise and fall of her ribs and breathed in the musk threading through her fragrance pleased by her swift, passionate arousal.

“Oh.” The one breathy word filled with dawning comprehension.

“Exactly. You’re at my mercy, which is where you’ve always yearned to be. Isn’t that right? Have you fantasized about us together like this?”


Hopefully that excerpt drop-kicked you into next week!

Have a merry Monday!


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