Tami Lund Asks: Bearded or Unbearded

Bearded or unbearded?

This was a teasing comment from a post that—initially—had nothing to do with exactly what you are thinking right now. But I couldn’t help it—I started to think—exactly what you are thinking right now.

Bearded or unbearded?

I’m old enough to know that once upon a time, sexy pics didn’t necessarily equate non-bearded pics.

I’m not even talking about girls, either. Let’s focus on the guys for a minute.


Oops, sorry, I was distracted. Thinking about guys. First, the obvious beard: facial hair. Me? I’m all for it. My husband is a high school football official. It’s his side gig, something he does for fun, yet he takes as seriously (or more so) as his day job. Last fall, in an effort to prove how badly they wanted to work the finals (the gold medal of football officiating, if you will), his crew all went clean shaven for the season.

I’m not sure who was more obnoxious about our displeasure—me or my daughter. He’s had an extended goatee since she was a baby, and she’s eleven now. She was probably unhappy due to the change. Me, I just like the facial hair.


Pic Courtesy of “Men’s Guide to 16 Beards” – http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/beard-infographic/

Now, let’s travel south. Naked torsos. Yeah, let’s stop there for a while.

Chiseled muscles. Six-pack abs. That V… Me, I could care less if it’s bearded or not. Actually, that’s not true. I kinda want a little beard. It feels more… real. Less porn.

Now, let’s head even farther south… Still with me? I figured you were. I’m not the only one who’s dying to find out what that V is pointing at.

Beard or no beard? That’s a legitimate question. Let’s face it; most guys probably have an abundance of…beard. I mean, guys are hairy creatures. They just are. Often more so on points south of their shiny bald heads.

There are places I’d rather not see a beard. Like on a guy’s back. So I suppose that means I don’t want one everywhere.

I’m okay if it’s a bit thick down… there. I was born in the seventies. Started having sex in the nineties. Fell in love with my first rock star back when Jon Bon Jovi still had a hairy chest. A really hairy chest.

So I suppose I’d say I’m kinda used to it. But times change. People grow. And shave. And wax. And laser. And I’m a flexible kind of girl. I go wih the flow. I’ve adapted to this new, bearded, yet often beardless society. I think I’m happy either way-or with the best of both worlds.

How about you? Beard or no beard? Or all of the above?

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is a writer and wine drinker who ponders the strangest things. Head on over to her website for more interesting reads…. www.tamilund.com.

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