The Problem with Puppies

Noel's Puppy PowerAs I write Noel’s Puppy Power, the antics of my own 7-month-old puppy, Little Bear, continue to appear.

2016-04-12 12.18.19

When Little Bear was about three months old, he and I visited the Granddoll and Favorite (only) Daughter. He destroyed the carpet in the guest bedroom.

2016-07-01 21.21.44We needed to go to Florida when Little Bear was six months old  so I discussed his carsickness problem with the vet. He gave us magic pills.  Or, maybe it was the fact we took the motorhome. I don’t care, he didn’t get sick and rode like a champ.

I personally love the weather in East Tennessee. It’s been in the 90’s lately so Bear prefers to spend his days inside with me while I write, face over top the register enjoying the air conditioning. The other day I heard a clunk. Then a clink. Followed by Little Bear’s clanking dog tags…but the sound wasn’t quite right. I found him in the bathroom, pawing at the floor register which was stuck on his dog tags, hanging around his neck like a huge prize.

Now that I’ve shared some of my dog stories, please COMMENT below with your puppy stories. 

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3 thoughts on “The Problem with Puppies

  1. When Selene was a puppy she used to get into everything! When she was teething shr would eat or tear up whatever she could. It didn’t matter what it was made from. She chewed fabric,plastic, wood and even metal! So one day we were out in the yard and the hubby needed to go somewhere so he had me out her in the house.. She didnt want to go inside and fought with me to stay outside. Needless to say ibwon and she went inside. So we go to the store to find ehat the hubby needs and return home to find that she destroyed my dust pan (1/2 of it was missing), tore up the trash from the kitchen and bathroom and then went as far as to take our movie book and use it as a chew toy!( We used to keep all of our dvds in the big cd book that holds 4 discs each side of the page) She ate 10 pages! All the disks were broken beypnd repair! Needles to say now she goes out right before we leave and the tv stays on (for some reason if its on she is less likely to destroy stuff). And now rhat she is 4 years old she knows we dont like the cat clawing furniture or the rug so anytime she sees him do ot she chases him or if we say his name in that tone of voice (like he os doing something wrong) she will chase him!

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  2. My friend Karen is a pup rescue hero. A few months ago she fostered a young lab mix who was abandoned after becoming pregnant again. Missy had 10 babies, and Karen and the head of PAWS dog rescue, Barb, helped birth them. Karen worked very hard to raise the pups and get them and Missy adopted. Then PAWS saved another pregnant pooch, Pearl, who was languishing in an awful shelter. Karen is now fostering Pearl and her nine pups and has applications already to adopt mom and most of the babies, which are about five weeks old now.

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  3. My daughter had all the care bear stuffed animals and we had dog named Frodo who would always steal the Funshine Bear from her room and carry it around. He would take it everywhere and sleep with it. My daughter would “rescue” her bear from him but as soon as her back was turned, he had it again. She finally gave up and gave it to him. He never bother or wanted any of the other Care bears, he only wanted the Funshine one. He loved that bear for some reason and decided it was his!

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