Shooting Bear – A Puppy Tale

KaLyn and Little Bear2 fav

We finally had success.

This past Sunday, I meticulously curled my hair and actually put on makeup for the first time in over a month.  Don’t judge me, it was Day 25, post hip replacement surgery. I felt prepared for my photo shoot….with Little Bear.

2016-08-21 13.48.54That day I changed his name to Little Bastard. He had found the only mud puddle in our yard, by creating one all by himself. He was so proud as he splashed and played “Can’t Catch Me” with Favorite (only) Son.

Once cleaned up, Macho Marine decided we should take the pictures in my favorite spot, my porch swing. That worked for me since I needed to sit due to the surgery.

SIDE BAR: I have discovered that controlling 65 pounds of muscle with the ADHD brain of an unrepentant child, is nearly impossible. Oh, you want me to sit here? Where? Here? Or over here? Shiny object! And he bolts until he reaches the end of his leash, jerking me to my core. Reminder: I’m Day 25 so my core isn’t what I consider stable and strong, yet.

So I sat down on the swing, and MM wrangled Little Bear onto it beside me.

He didn’t fit. His butt fell off.

More lifting, maneuvering, and repositioning. We put his head in my lap and decided that would have to work.

At this point I decided the black slacks were a poor choice on my part since Little Bear was shedding.

2016-08-21 15.01.31As I wiggled to get comfortable, the swing moved.

Did I mention that Little Bear gets car sick? Yep. About the time I heard his stomach gurgle, I warned MM to hurry up.

Needless to say, none of those pictures worked. It might have been operator error, though, but I learned many years ago you don’t mention such things to your spouse, who is doing you a favor.

2016-08-21 15.36.20

Little Bear not wanting to look at Macho Marine and the camera

Several Ginger Snaps later, we moved the photo shoot from hell inside. In case you didn’t know, the cookies help settle a dog’s stomach….and the sugar improved MM’s mood because he likes them too.

Seated in a century-old rocker given to MM’s grandparents as a wedding gift, in front of the fireplace MM and Favorite Son built last fall, we finally got Little Bear to cooperate for one, mind you just 1, good picture, out of more than two dozen.

The picture will be used as part of a national campaign promoting Dog Tags for Christmas. Noel’s Puppy Power is my contribution to the anthology with Lindsay McKenna and J.M. Madden.

You can pre-order Dog Tags for Christmas here:

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