The sounds of Holley.

audiobook with headphones

I feel like I haven’t popped in in forever. It’s been one of those unexpectedly busy summers and I’ve been dropping the ball all over the place. I’ve taken trips to both coasts (one coast twice) and also hung out on a boat for about a week. I’ve also had a body-rattling cough for about two weeks—a gift from either the cruise ship or from the Uber driver with the phlegmy throat.

The kids are finally back in school, and though my house is a mess (which made for a somewhat mortifying appraisal experience a couple of days ago because apparently you can’t just turn off the lights and wish the dirt away), I’m finally settling back into a regular writing and admin schedule.

UnwrappingMrRothFinalAudioOne of the things I’m working on right now is trying to get audiobook versions produced for my Hearth Motel books. Hearth is one of my shorter series, thus far, which is why I’ve picked that one to start with.

Specifically, I’m putting the holiday novella Unwrapping Mr. Roth through the process first. I’m currently screening narrator auditions, and I think I’ve got some really good ones! Of course, I have voices in my mind of what I think Gillian and Nick sound like, but what’s most important to me is the actor nailing my particular brand of humor.

I’m excited to see what shakes out, and hopefully, I’ll have more news about that project soon. Once that’s locked in, I’ll start planning for Prince in Leather. Ideally, I’ll use the same narrator for the entire series, but we’ll see if the stars align.

Question for you audiobook listeners: do you prefer male or female narrators in romances with dual POV? Will you skip an audiobook if the narrator’s gender isn’t right?

Let me know! I’m so curious.

2 thoughts on “The sounds of Holley.

  1. Although I have known about audios for a while now, until recently I only listened to James Marsters reading the Dresden Files. He is such a fine voice actor. He brings all the characters to life.

    However, recently I really got into the joys and benefits of the audio book. To answer your question – I generally prefer the male reader but, not for the reason you may think. My ear does not easily tolerate a higher pitched voice. It is the same for me when it comes to music. Unless they are altos, it can physically hurt me to listen. Consequently, when I am looking for an audio book, the narrator has to, at the very least if female, have a lower or alto voice.

    Now that being said, I also look for expression rather than monotone. Even if the narrator is male or alto, I don’t like breathy, nasally, or whiny and will avoid that audio. I don’t know how to best describe it to you. My ear knows what it likes and what it will not listen to. But I will check it out and then decide.

    An example of what I was able to tolerate can be seen in the Wicked Horse series. I got the first one because of narrator Lee Samuels. He opens the book with the male character pov. I did not realize at the time I got it that it was also narrated by Kristen Leigh doing the female pov. Her voice was tolerable and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the entire experience.

    Don’t know if this helps you much, but this is my humble opinion. Thank you for asking.


    • That helps a lot! I totally agree about the higher pitched voices in audiobooks. When I hear them, I also have make the immediate assumption that the character has a certain sort of personality, and not in a good way. That’s probably unfair of me.

      I’ve heard very good things about the Dresden audiobooks.

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