Proud to Write Military

proud-to-write-military-200x550-copyAs many of you know, Macho Marine wore a uniform for 27 years. We moved back and forth across the USA and lived in Japan for a year. I am proud to be a Marine wife and extremely proud of my husband for his years in the service. 

proud-to-read-military-sqOn Friday, November 11 we will celebrate Veterans Day in the United States, Remembrance Day for my Canadian friends. This is an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who wears, or has worn, a military uniform. Show your pride by changing your FB picture to this small banner. You can find it on my Facebook timeline.       Click here for the picture.

To honor those who have served, 20 military authors have come together to honor those who have served by celebrating with our readers. Join us for the Facebook party Proud to Read Military on Friday, November 11.     Click here to JOIN.

We are also hosting a Proud to Write Military MRGA  Giveaway. There are 20 authors and 25 prizes including a Kindle fire HD 8 tablet, Amazon gift cards, and an e-book from each of the participating authors. LOTS of chances to win.      Click here to enter.

Thank you for reading my military books! 

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