A New Year’s Freebie from Holley

You know, I think I’ve very nearly extinguished my supply of witty things to say for the year. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like it’s been tough to catch a break this year, even to just take a deep breath! So, instead of making you groan with my failing humor efforts, I’m offering up one of my New Year’s Eve-themed Den of Sin novellas as a freebie.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in January with something funny to say…or at least a good enough distraction. 😉

Menage a Troys Den of Sin Holley TrentEve and Brent Troy have been married three months and have yet to consummate their union. Faced with losing her claim to her family property, busy surgeon Eve had to marry before her thirtieth birthday. Brent was single and convenient, and more importantly, he said yes.

Now, she wants to light a flame under their cold marriage, but they’re strangers and don’t know how to connect. A New Year’s weekend at The Beaudelaire is supposed to give them the tools they need. When they arrive, they learn the tool they’ve been equipped with comes in form of Eve’s best friend and fellow doctor Remy Kelly. He knows Eve’s marriage is a sham, and is intent on claiming her for himself. But, when faced with Eve’s strapping new husband who comes onto Remy’s radar as exactly the kind of alpha male he likes, he has a battle of conscience. He wants to take Eve home, not Brent, but for some reason they seem like a package deal.

At The Beaudelaire anything goes, so instead of two people letting down their guards, three forge bonds. That’s all well and good for the weekend, but what will shake out of their tentative ménage à trois when it’s time to go home?

Claim a copy of Ménage à Troys at instaFreebie through 1/2!

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