Three Wishes Bookstore

Seems like a lot of publishing houses and e-bookstores are closing their doors these days.

Maybe that’s a sign that things are once again changing in the publishing world. Or maybe it’s a sign that authors are simply seeking out more control of their royalties.

Enter Three Wishes Bookstore–the brilliant idea (I may be biased) of the every-day personas behind Emilia Mancini and Annie Anthony to open an ebook retailer by authors FOR authors.

But, being that we are authors… We need a little help getting this bad boy started. We have the lawyers. We have the bookkeepers. We have the IT goddess… but there’s more to starting an online business than just having a kickass team of smart, passionate women (Yes! We are all women!) to run it.

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Here’s our little blurb, but there is way more information at our Kickstarter:

The current publishing market is like a roller coaster. Anyone with an idea can publish a book. The marketplace is enormous. Publishers enter and exit the market, royalties are unpredictable at best, and authors who want to sell direct to readers have the burden of figuring out shopping cart software, sales tax…

Three Wishes Bookstore is an online e-book and audio book retailer by authors and publishers, with the best interests of authors and publishers at our center.

What are the “three wishes” publishers and authors want from a retail outlet? Simply put: transparency, accountability, and profitability. Learn more on our Kickstarter page!

Please take a minute to check our our page. And note that this is an All or Nothing Kickstarter, meaning your pledge is only given to us IF we get the full amount requested. (Also we have some pretty awesome rewards for contributors!)

Thanks for taking the time and for any support (even if it’s just a share!) that you can offer.


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