Rescuing Melina Wasn’t Easy

Writing in a Kindle World is never easy. It’s made even more complicated when the book is a crossover between two author series. In the case of Rescuing Melina, characters from my Guardian Elite series were combined with characters from Susan Stoker’s Delta Force Heroes series to rescue a character introduced in my Black Swan series.

Are you lost or confused yet?

Rescuing Rayne

In Rescuing Rayne you meet Mary who plays a role in Rescuing Melina. Click HERE to buy now.

Fortunately, I have enjoyed reading Susan Stoker’s books for the past few years and was familiar with her characters. I was so excited when Susan allowed me to deeply incorporate one of her future heroines in my story. If you have read any of Susan Stoker’s Delta Force Heroes, you should be familiar with Mary and Truck. These two lower-level characters have appeared in most of her books in that series, although they will not receive their own book for quite a while.

I wanted to bring all my readers up to date with the Ladies of Black Swan, as well as several men who work for Guardian Security, so I included those characters in at least one scene.

Did I mention this all had to be done in a novella which means 80 to 160 pages?

Because I prefer to write romantic suspense, that means there is an extensive action plot line, as well as romantic plot line, that has to be interwoven to reach a happily ever after by the end of the book.

I hope you’re getting the picture that writing a novella is complicated.

logo-ussocom-2As you may know, I do a great amount of research with each and every book. At one point, I looked up pictures of Fort Hood buildings just so I could accurately describe them. In the process, I discovered the hospital is almost brand-new. I was able to include that fact in the book. I spent nearly an hour searching online for small airports in and around Killeen, Texas. It was quite an education. It seems most of the ranches in the area have their own airstrip, not something this author born in upstate New York would never have considered. Just so I could accurately describe it, I looked up the symbol for the United States Special Operations Command.

I do all of this just to bring my readers the best story possible.

Diamond NecklaceHave you ever read a Kindle World book before? 

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56 thoughts on “Rescuing Melina Wasn’t Easy

    • Kindle Worlds are exclusively Amazon. 🙂 They are an inexpensive way we authors blend our individual series. In Rescuing Melina, I wrote in Susan Stoker’s Fort Hood setting, combining her Delta Force Heroes characters with my Guardian Elite hotties. I hop;e you give it a try. It’s only $1.99.


  1. Sounds like a complicated process, you have to remember and keep facts straight from all the series and cram everything in a short story. WOW
    No, I have not read books in Kindle Worlds, I’ve looked at a few though. I’ve read crossovers between two series where one or more characters were taken from a series and written as guests in another, quite interesting.

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  2. Yes, but only an ARC from author Friend. She is so kind to send me a copy even though I can’t review it on Amazon, Kindle World is exclusively for US readers and I’m from Singapore. Even self-published ebook sometimes I can’t buy from Amazon due to my location and print are just too pricey I need to wait very long to save hence my love for participating on Facebook party and giveaways but sometimes my work tend to overwhelm me and reviews posted so late also 😞

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  3. I’m sure I’ve read a few Kindle World books, but since I read so much I can’t remember which ones. I love crossover books & have read a lot of Susan Stoker’s books.

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