Nerdy Kats are the best kats!


So this has been a long time coming.

I’ve been doing all kinds of freelance publishing work for years now–editing, design, cover art (basically, anything I can get paid to do). I finally decided to put all my kitties in one basket and stop just taking work as it rolls my way and actually start acting like a professional.

Which meant getting a professionally built site.

One of my hesitations in taking on a more professional front for my freelance work was my fear of getting backlogged. Nothing is worse than hearing it will take weeks and weeks to get an edit or design back from your freelancer. I could only see one solution to that… drag some of my favorite people along on this journey:

Jeanne DeVita has been my editor and bestest buddy for about five years or so. I’m lost without her on pretty much every level of my life. She’ll be an editor for the site.

Jeanne De Vita has edited more than 300 books for writers of multiple genres, including several New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance and erotica authors. Jeanne is the Developmental Editor for Waterhouse Press, and has worked as an acquiring editor and managing director of an indie publisher, a freelance editor, and is an author herself. She loves seeing authors’ dreams come true and sharing her experience and passion through a vigorous editing process.

Lori Colbeck is an old classmate of mine. We dragged each other–sometimes kicking and screaming–through graduate school. Yay for having a master degree in publishing. She will helping me juggle design and ebooks.

Lori Colbeck met Marci Clark in the graduate publishing program at University of Houston-Victoria. She has worked as a freelance creative professional for the past two years,specializing in pre-press processes including consulting, page layout, and e-book creation. Her CV currently includes more than 100 publishing projects.

I met Corinne Demaagd through Kensington Publishing. We are both freelance editors there. I adore her. Mostly because she outshine me in the cussing department. She’ll be helping with editing as well.

With an MPhil in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling, Scotland, the American equivalent of an MFA, Corinne DeMaagd has worked in the publishing industry in various disciplines since 2000. She currently concentrates primarily on fiction editing, including most specifically romance, YA, thrillers/suspense, and women’s fiction. Corinne is also a production editor for Lyrical/Kensington Publishing, an editor and writing mentor to a roster of indie authors, and has just completed 150 edited books! She loves to help polish books until they shine.

For custom illustrations, I’ve pulled in Stephanie Richoll. I haven’t known Stephanie long, but was blown away by her talent when we worked on a project together. When my very first Nerdy Kat client asked for custom illustrations, I knew right where to go!

Stephanie Richoll is from sunny Florida, where she spends her time with her family and friends, going on adventures and enjoying nature. She enjoys making art and illustrating, being with her wonderful dog and riding horses. She loves illustrating children’s books, which she has been doing for the past six years, and hopes you will enjoy them all!

Oh…then there’s lil’ ol’ me!

Marci Clark earned her MS in publishing from University of Houston-Victoria. She has been a freelance editor for Kensington Publishing’s Lyrical Press since 2012 and has an extensive client base of freelance authors. Marci is a multi-published author, freelance writer, and book/cover designer. She has completed over 100 projects for traditional and indie houses, as well as freelance clients. Always looking to try new things, she’s working on mastering script writing as well.

I sincerely hope if you’re looking into self publishing, or are needing help in an area, you’ll check us out. We’d love to have you!

Nerdy Kat’s awesome site was done by KMD Web Designs. 

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