Ever want to direct the writer where to go? Now’s your chance!

Guys!! I’m announcing my first ever reader-directed novel! Where your feedback directs the story! Basically, read the chapter, post some feedback, I read the feedback and write the next chapter. Rinse and repeat until the book is done. Once it is, this will go up as a FREE read you can download in its entirety with this fancy lil’ cover.

What?? Oh, yeah. It’s gettin’ crazy round here!

A few things before jumping into this party: 

  • This is a free read and open to all readers, all ages. That means I will be writing a nice, clean read. Sorry, ladies!
  • Even though this is a free read, that doesn’t mean stealing the content is okay. Please don’t be a pirate. Unless you’re Jack Sparrow. Then by all means…
  • Be kind. To me. To other readers. To everyone (except maybe that creepy guy at the grocery store–stay away from him). 
  • I will not accept your content to add to the story. Ideas only, please! You can write what you want, but I will only publish my words. Copy right, legalities, all that apply to this rule.
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for joining me!

Take me to chapter 1!!




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