Dragon Talk by Tami Lund

Let’s talk dragons, shall we…

There’s a curse on Gabe’s dragon colony. Thank the gods, because the last thing he needs right now is a fated mate. It’s bad enough he’s forced to lead these unruly, scaly beasts. And now he has a kid, too.

Definitely not interested in taking a mate, no matter what the hell his dragon thinks…



“You know what I like about you, Talia?”

“I can hardly wait to hear.”

“Well, you’re hot, but that’s not what I like about you. In fact, that would be annoying if I weren’t getting laid on the regular. Because then I might be interested in trying to hook up with you, and you strike me as someone who isn’t into one-night stands.”

“You’d be right on that count.”

“Plus, you’re kind of feisty, which makes me think I might be interested in more than just one night, and we both know that’s a big, fat no in my book.”

Feisty? That one deserved another giant eye roll. “Yes, I am fully aware of your intention to never sleep with the same woman twice.”

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All the ways to read:

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iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/dragon-his-heels-a-bad-alpha-dads-romance/id1406706767?mt=11

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B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dragon-his-heels-tami-lund/1128999692?ean=2940155320944

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/872966



Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, award winner, and writer of DRAGONS! Here’s her website if you want more: https://sexybadbooks.com/books-by-tami-lund/

Coming Soon – Another Addition to the Sexy Bad Series

Into contemporary romance? Rom com? Sexy times? The Sexy Bad Series is perfect for you! Here’s an excerpt from the next book in the series, which releases in September!

Sexy Bad Books

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(It’s the best one yet, according to our editor!)

Chapter One


“We’re such a cliché.” I place a glass of red wine in front of the lovely, dark-haired lady I’ve been eyeing all evening and then grab the chair next to her, shifting it closer before dropping into it.

She arches one eyebrow but doesn’t move away as my leg brushes hers. “I realize we’re at a wedding, but we haven’t slept together. So how are we a cliché?”

“We should sleep together. I’m pretty sure you’d like it.”

“Pretty sure?”

The bride at today’s wedding is my best friend Erin, and the lady I’m sitting with, Veronica “call me Ronnie” Frost, is now officially her sister-in-law. Ronnie’s also hot as fuck, eight years older than me, and completely unobtainable. Which makes this chase both fun and safe.

I shrug and take a pull from my beer. “I mean…

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My husband is married to a nerd

Yes, I said it.

I had my nails done Saturday morning at Luxe Nails. I wore my Three Broomsticks t shirt which, as everyone knows, is a restaurant/pub in the Harry Potter books and at Universal studios in Florida.

While I was at the nail place, I complimented one of the employees on her Harry Potter watch and showed her my t shirt in HP solidarity, and then it happened…a fellow fan popped her head up in excitement and we gabbed about HP for a half hour.

She’s 56. I’m 51.

I didn’t want to scare her and tell her how deeply I’m into Harry Potter and all things Hogwarts, which is to say REAL. I didn’t tell her, for instance, that I bought a set of student Gryffindor robes. I didn’t want to tell her that I bought the $32 tie that goes with it, or that I have an interactive wand that does real spells. (Yes, it does.)

I didn’t want to tell her that I wear Harry Potter socks more often than not, even though I don’t know how my husband can possibly keep his hands off my sexy self. His restraint is admirable.


I mean, who wouldn’t want THIS?

I didn’t tell her that I’m perilously close to having an entire room devoted to Harry Potter.

Yes, my husband is married to a nerd. But I take solace in the fact that so is HER husband.

I’VE READ ALL YOUR BOOKS AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and other answers to silly questions

Who doesn’t love those ‘favorite this, favorite that’ posts on Facebook? Who doesn’t get sucked into answering all those pointless questions, then halfway through wonder, WTF am I wasting so much time on this again? And then keeps going to the end anyway before gleefully tapping, “Post!”

Yeah, all of us. And so I bring you… one of those posts:

Favorite smell: The bathroom when I’m the first person awake in the morning. Trust me, you do not want to walk in there after my husband has performed his morning ritual…

First job: Waitress. Seriously, is there any other answer to this one?

Dream Job: That lady draped across the couch, being fed bonbons and not gaining a single pound. In fact, I think she’s losing weight. Stupid bitch. I hate her. I’d never want to be her. Okay, then, I guess my dream job is: author.

Favorite dog breed: Wait, seriously? The makers of this poll expect me to pick just one? WTF do they think they are? How can you possibly? I mean, look at those adorable faces, those wagging tails, those wet noses, those puppy-dog eyes. And don’t get me started on cats…

Favorite Foot Attire: Flip-flops. I got nothing funny for this one. Flip-flops just straight up rock. Sometimes I wish I lived in a place like Hawaii so I could wear them all year long. Okay, there are a whole slew of other reasons I wished I lived in Hawaii, and they have nothing to do with foot attire.

Favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids. No, Cadbury Creme Eggs. OMG, those things are to die for. It’s a good thing they are only available for like two months a year. Otherwise, crack dealers would give up their drug of choice because they could make a killing hawking this stuff. Or is that just me? Because legit, the guy in the white panel van with no windows could lure me in using those little chocolate eggs with the strangely egg-like yet decadent as fuck creamy center.

Favorite pie: Blueberry. No, cherry. No, pumpkin. No, strawberry. No….

Favorite cake: Carrot. Also, the kind that doesn’t count toward my daily calorie allotment. That exists, right?

Favorite food: Didn’t we already cover this? Cadbury Cream Eggs. Duh.

Favorite thing to hear: Waves crashing on the beach. Also, “I’VE READ ALL YOUR BOOKS AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, WHEN ARE YOU WRITING THE NEXT ONE??”

Color of eyes: Wait a minute. This is one of those abrupt scene shifts that throws off the entire story. Is this asking my favorite color of eyes? (Ian Somerhalder) Or is it asking what are the color of my eyes? (Blue-green) Because that’s not exactly a “favorite” question, so therefore doesn’t work in this random and pointless and addictive poll. Just sayin’….

Favorite holiday: The one on which I don’t have to work at the day job and also don’t have any obligation to do anything with the family, so I can spend my day writing. What do you mean, that doesn’t exist?

Night or Day person: I’d say I’m a coffee and wine person.

Favorite day of the week: Whatever day allows me to get in some sweet-ass writing time.

Tattoos: Is this a trick question?

Like to Cook? I like to eat. Does that count?

Can you drive a manual transmission: I’m pretty confident I could turn this question into something dirty. If I wanted to.

Skate backwards: You mean like at the skating rink, during middle school? Duh.

Favorite color: Blue. Sorry, I got nothing for this one. Blue is legit my favorite color.

Favorite vegetable: Food.

Glasses or contacts: Whatever he prefers to wear, so long as he isn’t wearing a shirt. Wait, you’re saying that wasn’t relevant to the question? Why not?

Favorite season: I like… no, no, that won’t work. It’s this… no, that isn’t right. Let’s go with… nope, not that. Okay, fine, summer!



Tami Lund: award winning–and sometimes silly–romance author. Check out her website here: http://tamilund.com/