Coming Soon – Another Addition to the Sexy Bad Series

Into contemporary romance? Rom com? Sexy times? The Sexy Bad Series is perfect for you! Here’s an excerpt from the next book in the series, which releases in September!

Sexy Bad Books

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(It’s the best one yet, according to our editor!)

Chapter One


“We’re such a cliché.” I place a glass of red wine in front of the lovely, dark-haired lady I’ve been eyeing all evening and then grab the chair next to her, shifting it closer before dropping into it.

She arches one eyebrow but doesn’t move away as my leg brushes hers. “I realize we’re at a wedding, but we haven’t slept together. So how are we a cliché?”

“We should sleep together. I’m pretty sure you’d like it.”

“Pretty sure?”

The bride at today’s wedding is my best friend Erin, and the lady I’m sitting with, Veronica “call me Ronnie” Frost, is now officially her sister-in-law. Ronnie’s also hot as fuck, eight years older than me, and completely unobtainable. Which makes this chase both fun and safe.

I shrug and take a pull from my beer. “I mean…

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