Hungry Like A Dragon COVER

Guess what? I just released a new book–yesterday! Here’s what it contains:

  • dragons
  • a sexy dragon chef
  • a stubborn, strong, badass dragon heroine
  • a cute dragon baby
  • dragon humor
  • witches (and dragons)
  • gargoyles (and dragons)
  • dragon sexy times
  • a dragon-licious happy ending

And here’s a teaser for additional temptation:

“Okay, baby girl,” she murmured as she lifted the child onto her shoulder and gently patted her back. “Let’s get that gas out and then fall back asleep for at least twenty minutes. I need a shower.” Never, until three months ago, had she considered showers to be a novelty, a privilege, a damn-near euphoric experience.

For once, the bundle of adorableness decided to comply, belching loudly enough to make a grown man jealous and then promptly sighing and closing her eyes. She was so damn cute, Petra was tempted to just hold her like this, but reality called in the form of being clean for the date she’d managed to line up for tonight.

Gently placing the sleeping babe in the bouncy seat that was already parked on the bathroom floor, Petra quickly turned on the water and stripped down, ignoring the soft paunch she glimpsed in the mirror before climbing into the shower.

Sadie started crying five minutes later.

“Oh come on,” Petra complained as she rinsed conditioner out of her hair. “I need to shave. It’s been way too long. Birds are starting to look at my legs as possible relocation options.”

Sadie stopped crying.

Petra paused in the act of turning off the water. When the baby didn’t start up again, she picked up her razor, quickly lathered her leg, and got to work scraping off enough hair she worried the drain would clog.

Good thing she was able to get through the task, because she couldn’t wear long pants tonight even if she wanted to. She didn’t have any that were clean. Her choices were shorts or a skirt. Because she sure as hell couldn’t fit into the dozens of outfits she bought for Sadie. Working at a kids’ clothing store was probably not the wisest choice for someone who wasn’t good at self-control.

Clean and freshly shaved, she turned off the water and shoved aside the shower curtain, reaching for her towel.

And saw a man standing in the bathroom, holding her daughter in his arms, his body gently swaying to some silent beat.

Petra immediately summoned the magic, ready to shift into dragon form and scare the living daylights out of whoever the hell dared sneak into her house and pick up her baby girl and…

Her dragon, in stark contrast to Petra’s reaction, was doing a jig, a rather seductive one, at that. Why the hell wasn’t her dragon roaring in her head and demanding to come out so she could rip this guy’s limbs from his body?

The internal confusion gave the man enough time to turn to face her, and Petra’s heart stopped for a long moment, then kicked into triple overtime.

Oh. My. Gods.


And jeez, did he ever look good, holding her baby like that.

Their baby.

Oh shit.

“Uh…” She finally tore her gaze away from the man she’d been fantasizing about pretty regularly ever since she sauntered away from him after the most amazing sex ever in the woods behind Gabe’s house. She snagged her towel and quickly wrapped it around herself, hiding her mom bod from view.

His gaze dropped south of the hem of the terrycloth. “Did I give you enough time to shave?”

Her face heated. “Uh…” Crap, was she incapable of forming words? Standing in the tub, water dripping from the ends of her hair, clutching the towel above her heaving breasts, she finally managed the concept of actual speech. “Wha-what are you doing here?”

He indicated the child sleeping on his shoulder. “Meeting my daughter. She is mine, isn’t she?”

Want to keep reading? Of course you do! Head on over to the Bad Alpha Dads website for all the buy links. While you’re there, take a look at the first book in the Taming the Dragon series, DRAGON HIS HEELS, which is on sale for 99c until 1/31/2019!

Happy (dragon) reading!


Tami Lund is an author, award winner, wine drinker, and writer of dragon romance. She also writes mafia romance, and the first book in her Detroit Mafia Romance series releases on 2/28/2019. Stay tuned for more deets…


stocking candy

See that pic? That’s a sampling of what was in my Christmas stocking. Okay, yes, that’s all that’s left from what was in my stocking.

Not the point.

There’s a reason for each and every different type of chocolate, and it’s not just because it’s chocolate (although that’s certainly an important and not to be dismissed factor).

First, though, I want to call attention to the stocking itself. That baby has been around for a lot of years. I mean A LOT. My parents are divorced, and when I was eleven years old, my dad moved to the other side of the country for a job (aka so he could actually put food on the table; hello, recession of the 80s). As a result, we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of Christmases with him.

The first Christmas I did, though, this stocking was hung by the fire with care. (Actually, funny story about that; the gas fireplace in the house he was living in at the time didn’t work, so it was covered by a piece of plywood that was painted to match the walls. But still—there was a mantel, and that’s really what matters when it comes to stockings.)

When I was sixteen, I moved across the country to live with my dad. And this stocking was there, every single Christmas. Usually filled with oranges and whole nuts and—the part that teenagers actually care about—a wad of one dollar bills.

We do things a tad differently now that I have my own mantel and my own kid. (Although she’s a teenager now and it’s kind hard to find gifts for 13 year olds that fit into stockings and aren’t gift cards because I hate giving gift cards as gifts, so next year I may suggest the dollar bill bit to my husband because who doesn’t love money?)

My husband buys the “stockings stuffers.” (AKA he buys candy. He loves candy. Specifically chocolate. More specifically fancy chocolate. He’s a chocolate snob.) Several years ago I bought the candy for the stockings and he still reminds me of what I failure I am at selecting the appropriate sweet treats for one’s stocking.

(Side note, he critiques my Halloween candy purchases too, and every year I have to remind him that the sugary substance is meant to be given out to random kids approaching our doorstep while wearing spooky costumes, so WTF does he care what kind of candy I buy??)

Anyway, back to the significance of that pic of what remains of my stocking stash. There’s a reason for each and every item in that picture.

First, the Reese’s. I’d argue that who the hell doesn’t like Reese’s, but I know the answer: my daughter. Once upon a time, when she was much younger, one of her closest friends was this kid who lived down the street who had a severe peanut allergy. From their friendship she learned to avoid dangerous foods like, well, Reese’s. Considerate, yes. But he moved away and probably if she actually tried one, she’d discover she liked it, since both of her parents do and therefore she should be just like us.

Wait, what am I saying? If she continues to insist she doesn’t like them, that’s more for the two of us. And that’s exactly what my husband does: he splits the contents of the bag between he and I, so our daughter doesn’t have to bother (anymore; it took us a while to figure this out) dumping out her entire stocking and sorting through the contents, pulling out all the Reese’s and piling them on the coffee table for our dining delight.

Next is the Ghirardelli chocolate. This is, without exception, my husband’s favorite food. If you put a fancy, craft beer in front of him and then place a Ghirardelli Square next to it and tell him he can only have one, well…that’s the sort of choice no human being should have to make.

So these candies are all him. To be honest, Ghirardelli chocolate wasn’t even on my radar before I met him. Now, no holiday is complete without, well, it.

Here’s my honest opinion: Ohmigod, yes, Ghirardelli makes phenom chocolate. And my hands down fave are the dark chocolate mint squares. Those babies are crack. A reasonably close second are the dark chocolate sea salt caramel squares.

But really, any square will do.

Next are the Lindor truffles. (Those are the little red, blue, green, and gold wrapped balls of chocolate next to the dark chocolate mint square that, by the time you are reading this, has been eaten.)

Not my fave. Maybe it’s too much chocolate (probably not) or maybe it’s just not Ghirardelli or maybe it’s because every time I bite into one, I expect a gooey center (because my literal favorite candy ever is a Cadbury Crème Egg). Either way, I’ll eat ‘em because, duh, chocolate, but if my husband wanted to trade I wouldn’t even hesitate.

And lastly we have the Russel Stover marshmallow Santa.

Not a snobby type of chocolate, FYI.

But, yeah, somebody in this family luuuuuuuvs marshmallow and chocolate mixed together, and you might be surprised to learn it is not the one who actually buys all this candy each year. (No, you won’t, because chocolate and marshmallow is not a snobby chocolate.)

In fact, my husband doesn’t like the combo at all (probably because Ghirardelli doesn’t make it). I’m pretty sure he stuffs these sweet treats into every stocking except his own.

But he still buys them. For me.

Which, by the way, is a terribly, er, sweet way for a chocolate snob to express his love.

Hungry Like A Dragon COVER


Tami Lund writes romance, drinks wine, and indulges in chocolate, often all at the same time. With her husband. The chocolate snob. Check out her website:

Also, check out her latest release, HUNGRY LIKE A DRAGON!



What Are You Reading?

As I typed that title, in my head I heard that “What’s in your wallet” commercial, just FYI.

But anyway, wanna know what I’m currently reading?

61cIx-A4tgLFirst up is Conquer My Heart by Rachel Donnelly. I just started it, so I’m only about 10% in, but already fascinated. It’s a historical romance with a strong heroine who fits into the era. I love a good, strong heroine, so appreciate it when authors write them into historical novels, but they still have to be appropriate to the time they live in, right? And so far, Rachel Donnelly is doing exactly that with Briana. I’m looking forward to getting lost in the time of Vikings and Saxons.

The next one I plan to immerse myself in is The Lost Dragon by Debbie Herbert. I grabbed this one because another author had mentioned it was one of her favorite reads of 2018. It’s part of the Bad Alpha Dads series that I also write in. I read a few pages before clicking and I’m already totally hooked. Even though I’m thoroughly enjoying the above mentioned historical romance, I’m equally as excited to dive into this dragon shifter book.


Lastly, I haven’t gotten to them yet, but I noticed I’ve downloaded a fair share of other dragon books to my phone (I read via the Kindle app or through iBooks). Apparently, I’m on a dragon kick lately. Could be because I just set up my own second dragon book for pre-order, and I’m a little giddy about it. Not only that, but I’ve already started the third book in the series (Taming the Dragon series), and I now have five total books planned. Including one in which a gargoyle will feature prominently. Which reminds me, I need to check out a few gargoyle shifter books too…


Happy reading! Oh, and if you’re interested in my latest book, it’s called Hungry Like A Dragon and will be released on January 29, 2019. You can pre-order here:


Hungry Like A Dragon COVER

Tami Lund writes and reads books, drinks copious amounts of wine, and occasionally wins awards. You should check out her website: