It’s My Husband’s Birthday & I Have No Plan

Today is my husband’s birthday. Some would say my family is lucky in that our three birthdays are spread throughout the year—mine is in January, my husband’s is, well, today, and my daughter’s is in June.

Except each date comes with its own set of challenges.

Take my birthday, for instance. It’s in January, on the downside of the holiday season. In the words of that Oklahoma City woman who is meme-famous, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Everyone’s still recovering, financially, physically, emotionally. Our livers are in rehab after an arduous and impressive showing during the previous month. Our pocketbooks have taken a hiatus and are threatening never to return.


Add to that this very real fact: I don’t particularly like to celebrate my birthday. I’m clinging to youth like Kate and Leonardo clutching on to that piece of floating debris in the Titanic movie, and each birthdate is a stark reminder that I am not, in fact, twenty-five anymore.

And haven’t been for a coupla decades. Damn it.

Then there’s my husband’s birthday. Occasionally, it falls on Easter, and when the kids were younger, the Easter bunny and egg hunts and baskets filled with treats trumped whatever celebration he might have hoped for. Until this year, it was also spring break (new principal, so now spring break coincides with Easter, which means for this year in particular, it’s more like “just before school ends break”). We always headed south for that week, which meant his birthday was all but forgotten until we arrived at our destination and, oops, had a late celebration.

And then there’s the daughter’s birthday, which, of course, we are going to figure out a way to celebrate no matter what. Kids deserve to have their birthdays acknowledged. It’s still fun at her age (almost 14). Getting older is actually exciting. Plus, birthdays mean presents.

So despite the fact that it falls one week after our wedding anniversary and despite the fact that three of her cousins also celebrate birthdays within a week of her own, and despite the fact that it’s the end of school and we’re always trying to figure out what the hell to do with her all summer long, and despite the fact that there are half a dozen graduation parties to attend and weddings and prepping (or at least dreaming about) our summer vacation in July; we always carve out time to celebrate her big day.

Because that’s what you do for kids.

So now, back to my husband, whose birthday is today. I didn’t make any plans because, well, honestly, it snuck up on me. I have a book release coming up tomorrow (yay! Freed from the Mob will finally be available to read!), and I had to get the third dragon book to my editor (have you read my Taming the Dragon series yet? Expect the third to release in late April or early May, depending on how extensive the edits are.). My co-author, Misti Murphy (who also released a new book this week—and Dating Dutch is fantastic too, BTW) and I are working on the first book in a new series, and we have a month to get it finished and off to the editor. Plus, there’s all the everyday stuff going on in my, um, real life.

And the hubs wasn’t making any noise about wanting anything special, so I sort of gave myself permission not to do anything at all.

To be honest, he thinks I’m the world’s worst gift-giver, and he’s the world’s worst at hiding his displeasure when he opens a gift he doesn’t want (“Seriously, this is what you got me for my birthday?”), so really, if anything, he should be dreading the idea that I may have thought even one second about his day. He should be hoping and praying that I’ve completely forgotten.



Well, I’ll let you all know how it goes. Cross a few fingers and toes for me, would ya?

Tami Lund – author, wine drinker, award winner. Here’s a link to the slew of books she’s published for your reading pleasure:

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