Docu-Diet, Twitter-Style

Yeah, I just made that word up. What do they call that? Click-bait. I wanted you to check out my blog post, so I came up with something to entice you into clicking. That’s it. The only purpose for the word, Docu-diet.

Well, maybe not the only purpose. I mean, I really did start a diet last week, and I am documenting it on Twitter, so maybe I just created a new word? Hmmm….

Anyway, what the hell am I talking about and why do you care that I’m dieting? Well, I’m sure you don’t, other than my dieting woes may create a few chuckles for you. Because let me tell you, the only way I’m going to make it through the next seven weeks is by using a lot of sarcasm. Dieting is not my thing. Wine and too-large portions are more up my alley, and those are apparently big, fat no-no’s in the dieting world.

Let me explain, via my Twitter feed:

Side note: Based on her reading preferences, this is the series I recommended she start with: TWISTED FATE SERIES ON AMAZON



Wait, you aren’t following me on Twitter? Click HERE or any one of those tweets above and remedy that, asap.

I’ll wait.

Also, another side note: Guess what I learned today? HOW TO EMBED TWEETS INTO BLOG POSTS. May not be a big deal to you, but I feel a little bit like BuzzFeed right now.

So anyway, back to dieting… Yes, I’m doing it, or at least making more of an attempt than I ever have before. Which likely isn’t saying much compared to real dieters. But I truly do want to lose an inch or so around my waist so all those cute little skirts fit me again, and I figured joining a challenge with other people who are much more aggressively competitive than I am will at least encourage me to try harder than the average Tami.

So if you enjoy watching someone in misery or maybe you actually find my sense of humor amusing, head on over to Twitter and cheer me on. I need all the encouragement–and likes–I can get!

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is an author, award-winner, and, apparently dieter. She’s also still a wine drinker, and is trying really hard not to keep Napa Valley in business, at least for the next seven weeks. Until she wins that prize. And then all bets are off.

PS – Yes, this pic is a few years old, and no, Tami isn’t updating it.

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