Love on the Mountain

There once was a group of authors who all decided to write in the same shared world. Shapeshifters, we decided.


We set the story in a fabled small town at the base of a mountain in the Pacific Northwest. The town, which we named Dark Moon Falls, was small, hardly a blip on the map.

Small, but full of intrigue.

Beside the pack of wolves, a witch’s coven also resided in this beautiful small town at the base of the mountain.

Humans hung out there, too. Some were aware of the paranormal beings living among them, some were not.

Most importantly, there was one true mate for every single one of the wolves in the Dark Moon Falls pack… they just had to find her. Or him.

There’s Jag and Storm’s story – she’s in Dark Moon Falls hiding out from a stalker, and Jag, who is a sheriff’s deputy in this tiny town, is determined to help her, come hell or high water.

There’s Kiera and Ryder’s story – she was almost sold to a rogue wolf pack but found asylum in Dark Moon Falls. Could she find love too?

Cat & Easton have a past – they dated briefly in high school – but then Easton left the pack and they went their separate ways. Now he’s back, injured, and she’s his physical therapist. Sparks fly, but there are secrets in this backwoods town, and Easton’s not sure their rekindled romance can handle the truth when it comes out.

Jaxon & Rhee hook up after meeting at the Wolf Inn, the only bar in town, and they figure it’s a one-night stand. Except they can’t seem to get enough of each other, which isn’t good because Rhee needs to get the hell out of Dodge before she gets herself killed.

In Maddox & Felicity’s story, Maddox is wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. Follow along as he works to try to solve the mystery of who done it – while attempting not to fall in love.

Kali & Dane’s story – When Kali’s mother is murdered, she’s determined to bring the bad guy to justice. Dane insists on helping, despite her attempts to keep him at arm’s length, and naturally sparks fly since they are fated mates, after all!

Cooper & Kassidy – Cooper was banished from the pack years ago. Now he’s back to bury his beloved grandfather, who happened to have befriended Kassidy, Cooper’s high school sweetheart. He’s ready to pick up where they left off, but Kassidy needs answers first; namely, why he left in the first place.

Abel & Annalyna – Years ago, Annalyna’s father died helping Abel out of a dangerous situation, and she’s never forgiven him. Now they are forced to face their respective demons, and they just might find love in the process.

Lyall & Natalia – These two have been in love since they were teenagers, but Natalia left Dark Moon Falls in an effort to outrun her fear of turning into her mother. Now she’s back, and someone’s trying to kill her. Lyall has to protect her – while trying to keep his heart out of the mix.

Levi & Zoe – Levi is charged with seeking out Zoe and bringing her back to the Dark Moon Coven where she belongs, and of course they get more than they bargain for when they meet!

Ghost & Mackenzie – He’s a nomad; she’s a single mom just trying to make ends meet. Is a relationship even possible between these two opposites, both with their own issues to deal with?

There are fifteen stories in total, written by fifteen different authors. Some you probably know; some may be new to you. There’s a strong possibility you’re going to find your next book boyfriend in this boxed set.

Here’s the link, so you can get started with falling in love, over and over again: DARK MOON FALLS VOLUME I

PS – Yeah, you read that right. Volume I. Volume II releases in May, 2020. Check it out: DARK MOON FALLS VOLUME II

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Tami Lund writes all sorts of books: romcom, wolves, dragons, witches, suspense, and all of them are guaranteed happy endings! Her website has all the deets:




Flash Fiction: Greed

“I lost it all, baby. There’s nothing left.”


Glen rolled his eyes skyward, apparently mentally calculating his net worth now that he’d returned from a week’s debauchery in Vegas.

“Well, I still have the house in Aspen. And the Bentley you love. And the Macy’s card probably has some room on it.”

Marissa tapped a manicured nail on the custom-designed Italian granite countertop. She hated the house in Aspen. It wasn’t located on the most prestigious street and besides, she hated skiing and with no money to peruse the shops, what was the point?

“I don’t love that Bentley,” she said. She had loved him in the Bentley. The things he did to her while they were parked in a not-entirely secluded area in that Bentley.

“And Macy’s? Really?” In her mind she was already planning, calculating her next move. She felt a twinge of regret for leaving, because Glen had been pretty damn phenom when he was between her legs, even when they weren’t in the Bentley. But sex didn’t make Marissa’a world go ‘round. Money did.

“I’ll send someone to pick up my things,” she said, sweeping her Louis Viton bag over her shoulder as she strode toward the door. To his credit, Glen didn’t even try to talk her out of leaving. He knew the rules, too.

Good thing he showed his true colors before she grew too old to stand a chance against the young tarts and starlets and blue bloods flooding the market, seeking their next sugar daddy. Glen had paid to make her breasts twenty-two, her face twenty-five, and the rest was up to her personal trainer and chef. She needed to find a replacement soon, because Paulie’s pricetag—while worth every red cent—was not one she intended to come out of her own pocketbook.

Marissa found her next mark in a matter of days. She bumped into him, literally. Tall, dark, brooding, he practically had a sign affixed to his forehead proclaiming, “New Money. Come and get me, ladies.”

So she did.

“Oh,” she said, while using his steel band of an arm to steady herself after their collision. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Liar. She had seen him, mentally calculated his net worth, and marked him all in the course of forty-five seconds.

Marissa was an expert at this game. And this would be her best conquest yet. Maybe she’d even marry this one. Hell, her uterus had been begging her for years to put it to good use. Maybe she’d let this one be the other half of her child’s perfect genes. And then he could pay for whatever necessary surgery was required to give her back her pre-baby body.

Her mark arched a sleek dark brow. “Do you normally wear glasses?”

Marissa blinked rapidly. Was that an insult? Or was he trying to be funny? She cleared her throat and threw back her shoulders, letting the girls brush against the bulges on his arm.

“Of course not. I have perfect eyesight. I’m Marissa, by the way.” She lifted a hand, tilted slightly, in case he was the sort to lift it and kiss the back instead of shake. Those men still existed in the world. Somewhere.

He slammed the webbing between his thumb and pointer finger against her hand, squeezed, and pumped vigorously. “Ben. Nice to meet you, Marissa.”

Ben. Like Benjamins. Marissa flexed her hand after he released it, trying to return the feeling. Hopefully he would be a tad gentler when manhandling her girly parts.

Or hopefully not.

“Are you free this evening, Ben? Would you like to take me to dinner at my favorite restaurant?” Often with men, it was best to be direct. Her gut said Ben needed more directness than most.

He threw his head back and laughed, a hearty, rolling sound that bounced off the walls of the nearest buildings.

What the hell?

“Are you asking me out on a date, so I can buy you dinner?”

Marissa flipped an ash blond wave over her shoulder and placed her hand on her hip. “Yes.”

“That’s funny.”

“That’s reality,” Marissa snapped. What was this guy’s deal? And why was she still trying so damn hard?

“Nope. This is reality, sweetheart.” With a cheeky grin, Ben gave her cheek a light slap and turned on his heel and walked away, no backward glance, his laughter trailing behind him.

Furious, Marissa determined to put him out of her mind and went in search of a new mark.

Three months later, Paulie had quit returning her calls, her nails were chipped, and she’d gained two pounds. Which was almost laughable since she hadn’t stepped foot in a decent restaurant since she left Glen.

Speaking of—there he was, and damn, did he look good. Marissa stopped speed walking through the park and pulled her designer sunglasses down her nose. Yep, definitely Glen. And he was with an equally as attractive guy.


Fury propelled her forward, despite knowing she was not even remotely at her best at the moment. Sweated off makeup, hair in a pony, sports bra and biker shorts would have to do. Something wasn’t right about this scene, and she was damn well going to find out what.

“Marissa,” Glen called out when he spotted her heading toward them. His smile appeared genuine, and he even opened his arms as if welcoming a hug. She stopped short and he glanced at Ben.

“How do you”—she stabbed her finger into Glen’s chest—“Know him?”

“Ben? He’s my new financial adviser. And a friend. Convinced me I needed to stay the hell away from the tables in Vegas. You wouldn’t believe how much he’s grown my assets in the last few months, too. Crazy. Unreal.”

“I’ll bet.” Marissa crossed her arms and gave Ben the stink eye. He arched that perfect black brow and said nothing. “So I suppose this means you want to get back together now?”

God, she hoped so. Supporting herself was not going well. Besides, Marissa was beginning to think sex played a bigger role in making her world go ‘round than she initially thought.

Glen’s brow furrowed, as if he didn’t quite understand her question. Perhaps she needed to be less gruff about it. Forcing her unpainted lips into some semblance of a smile, she stroked a chipped nail down his arm.

“I may have reacted a tad severely after your last trip to Vegas. Maybe we should go back to your place and get reacquainted. Are you driving the Bentley?” She glanced around, even though the parking lot was beyond that hill over there.

Glen stepped away from her, practically behind Ben. “Actually, Marissa, uh, I’m seeing somebody else.”

“Somebody else?”

Ben grinned. The goddamn asshole grinned. Marissa narrowed her eyes and watched him, while Glen responded.

“She’s great. Runs a small nonprofit, helping homeless kids. So altruistic. She’s the one who introduced me to Ben, actually. She doesn’t make much at her job, but what she does makes it worth it. And what’s really awesome about her is, the more Ben grows my money, the more she wants to give away. Isn’t that sweet?”

Sweet? “That’s asinine.”

Glen shuffled his feet. “Yeah, I figured that’s what you’d think. Listen, Marissa, I want to thank you. You did us both a favor by leaving. I had no idea how shallow you were, and I probably would have kept on the way I was in life—trying to make as much money as I possibly could in an attempt to make you happy, and then blowing it all by gambling because deep down, I knew I wasn’t happy. And now I am. Maybe someday, you’ll find happiness, too. Trust me, it’s not at the bottom of a designer purse.”

He turned to Ben. “Listen, I’m going to get out of here, go meet Brenda. I’ll talk to you later.”

Ben waved and he and Marissa watched Glen leave. When Marissa turned back to face Ben, he was still grinning.

“Who the hell are you, anyway? Are you some sort of freaking guardian angel or some shit?”

He chuckled and slung his arm around her shoulder, guiding her in the opposite direction. “Nope. Far from it. But Glen did let me borrow his Bentley. Want to go for a ride?”



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Like Wolf Shifters? Me too!

Dark Moon Falls, a boxed set containing 15 novellas written by 15 different authors, is about wolf shifters. And it’s based in the Pacific Northwest. You know, where Twilight was based. There are witches. Action. Suspense. Sexy times. Hot alphas. Strong women. Great stories.

And all 15 stories are based in the same town, occurring at the same time, affecting the same characters.

Curious yet?

Here’s a tempting teaser from one of the books in the set! 


She’s back.

His high school sweetheart. The love of his life.

The woman he let go because she needed to find herself.

Looks like she found herself back in Dark Moon Falls.

She also found herself an enemy.

And even though Lyall swore he was through chasing someone who didn’t want to be caught, he sure as hell was going to protect her from danger.

He’d figure out how to protect his heart later.

When she left town again.

DMF banner combine wolfs witches and romance

Oh hell.

“Listen, Lyall, I know we didn’t work out so well the last time, but I was thinking—”


Like a siren’s song, that voice pulled Lyall’s attention to the woman who had stepped up to the end of the bar. Her eyes looked sleepy and her hair was mussed, but not so much that it looked bad, more like it reminded him of all those times over the years they’d slipped upstairs for a quickie when he was supposed to be tending bar.

Her dark curls were pulled back into a loose ponytail at her neck, and she wore a striped T-shirt dress that fell to mid-thigh. There were a pair of bejeweled flip-flops on her feet. She’d put gloss on her lips and maybe some mascara on her lashes, but otherwise, she wasn’t nearly as made up as she was when she’d arrived in town earlier in the day.

Damn, he liked her like this. Natural. Real.

Or at least, that’s how it felt to him. This was the Natalia he’d known all through high school. The smooth, sophisticated woman who walked into his bar earlier was what Lyall liked to think of as Dallas Natalia. The woman who left him for greener pastures that, based on the sadness in her eyes, she hadn’t yet found.

Probably because there wasn’t any grass greener than right here in Dark Moon Falls.

Ava snorted and swirled her drink. “Oh. You’re back. Noticed you weren’t at the burning ceremony.”

Natalia winced.

“Knock it off, Ava,” he snapped.

Ava studied Natalia while sipping her drink.

“You want something?” Lyall asked Nat.

“I’m good right now. Can I help with anything?”

She wanted to stay busy. Was that because of her grief over her aunt or stress over the destruction out at the farm or because she’d just taken a nap in his bed and maybe being there reminded her of all the good times she’d walked away from?

Probably the first two, but he really wanted it to be the third option.

“You’re going to work? Here?” Ava asked.

Since he couldn’t just shut down the bar whenever Natalia breezed into town, it wasn’t unusual at all for her to help out while she waited for him to close each evening. She bussed tables, took drink orders if it was busy enough, and sometimes she even stepped behind the bar and helped him pour drinks. The first time she’d done it, he’d joked that they made a good team, that she should move back and help him run the bar.

She’d taken off that night, a day earlier than she’d planned.

Mental note: no jokes about running the bar together this time.

“I help out where I can,” Natalia said.

“Oh gods, please don’t tell me you’re moving back,” Ava said, taking another swig.

Natalia eyed Ava’s drink. Even though she used to deny it when she lived here and quit talking about it altogether after she left, Natalia was an incredibly powerful witch. Ava, most likely, had no idea, but Lyall was pretty sure Nat was contemplating using some of that magic now.

He placed his hand on the bar, his arm something of a barrier between the two of them. “No, she isn’t. She’s just here to settle her aunt’s estate.”

“I heard somebody trashed the place,” Ava said. She didn’t sound sympathetic or sad.

“News travels fast around here,” Natalia remarked.

Ava shrugged.

“That’s one thing. about small towns,” Natalia continued. “Everybody knows everybody else’s business.”

Ava took another drink and didn’t respond.

“And even if you’ve been gone for a while, say, a few years, all you have to do is stop by the Hot Joy Café and Joy Darling fills you in on whatever you missed.”

Lyall narrowed his eyes. What was she getting at?

“For example,” Nat continued. “I know how many men you’ve hooked up with in the last ten years.”

Lyall’s heart rate kicked up its pace. Ava’s lips curled into a catlike smile.

“And I know that Lyall was one of them.”


Ava cut him off. “Hey, it’s a free country. And he’s obviously a free man. You’re the idiot who took off and left him behind.”

Natalia stepped around him and leaned over the bar so that she was eye to eye with Ava. “Well, now I’m back. And until I leave again, stop throwing yourself at him like a desperate old maid.”

Ava opened and closed her mouth several times, but no words tumbled from her lips.

Natalia touched the top of the rosemary sprig in Ava’s glass. “Also, I just want you to know that this garnish contains a love potion. You are going to fall madly and deeply in love with whoever you hook up with next, regardless of his feelings on the matter.”

Ava’s eyes went so wide they looked comical. She clambered off the stool and speed walked to the door.

Lyall grabbed the drink and dumped what was left into the sink under the bar. “You lied to her, didn’t you?”


He shook his head. “Why, Nat? Why the hell act all jealous girlfriend and scare her off when you know damn well you and I aren’t going to hook up? Not to mention, you’re going to leave again. So what the fuck was the point of all that?”

“I—I just…I don’t know.”

“So no point is what you’re saying. You’re fucking with her head, and mine, for no reason? Jesus, Nat, I thought you were better than that.”

He reached under the bar and snagged the bottle of Maestro Dobel.

“Here, just take it. There’s no point in my hanging onto it anymore.”

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Dark Moon Falls-ebook


Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, and award winner. She writes shifters, witches, demigods, dragons, and contemporary romance. You should check out her website for more reads: