Happy Birthday to Tami Lund

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be… I’m not sure. I generally try not to think about it. But if you ask my daughter, she’ll tell you in an instant.

What are my plans for my birthday, you ask? Well, let me tell you, they’re big ones, oh yes…

I’m going bowling. Yeah, you read that correctly. I’m on a bowling league with co-workers from the day job, and the night of my birthday happens to be a bowling night.

What’s really interesting about my big plans is that last year, for the first time possibly ever, I took my birthday off from the day job. My boss and a couple other ladies I work with do it every year, and they thought it was pretty weird that I didn’t, so, well, I did.

And I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty damn fantastic. I didn’t even do anything spectacular. I wrote. A lot. Home alone in the middle of the week with no other obligations (and knowing I didn’t have to make dinner or even clean up afterward; that’s like adding at least two hours to my day); I’m sure time has made reality hazy but I swear I wrote an entire book on that glorious day last year.

And then I vowed to do that every year, moving forward. I mean, hell, it’s my day, right? One single day a year dedicated to me and only me. If all I want to do is stay in my pajamas and write, why not? (And don’t say, ‘well, isn’t that just like any other Saturday or Sunday?’ Because no, it is not. It was a Wednesday, which is a vastly different experience, I promise.)

And here I am, exactly one year later, already breaking my own promise. But honestly, I’m okay with it.

Why? Well, there are all those “happy birthdays” I’ll get at the day job. Probably in person, via email, and also instant message. Plus, there’s an assumption that I don’t have to work as hard as normal, since it’s such a special day. (I may be making this part up, but it sounds damn good, doesn’t it?) And then there’s bowling.

I’m not a good bowler. My average hovers just above 100. Last year it peaked at 111 and then took a nose dive late in the season.

But it’s not about being a good bowler. (Okay, yeah, for a lot of people, it really is. But this is me we’re talking about. I don’t bowl because I honestly have any delusions that I might ever possibly win.)

It’s about the friendships. Camaraderie. Having a few laughs with people you see every single day but don’t necessarily always mingle with. Except on bowling night. Everybody’s friends on bowling night.

And yeah, there’s a very real possibility that I’ll mention it’s my birthday and probably won’t have to buy my own wine. I mean, seriously, if that doesn’t happen…

Oh yeah, and I may have taken the day after my birthday off. Because it’s a Friday. And let’s face it: a three-day weekend is sooooo much better than taking my actual birthday off.

PS – Thanks in advance for the birthday wishes. Which you should put in the comments below. Just because tomorrow is my birthday.


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Tami Lund celebrates her birthday on January 23. Yes, she’s an Aquarius. Yes, she exhibits lots of personality traits of that particular sign, and generally speaking, she’s damn proud. She also drinks wine and writes books. Which is very likely what she’ll be doing on her birthday. No, no, the day after her birthday. Oh yeah, here’s her website: https://tamilund.com/

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