Dragons! New Covers! Dragons!

So I wrote these books. They’re about dragons. Well, when I decided to write the very first book in the series, it didn’t necessarily have to be about dragons. Because it was written as part of a multi-author, over-arching series, the criteria was as follows:

Shifters and alpha dads. Oh, and of course, the happy ever after goes without saying (although I just spelled it out, so I suppose it did need to be said. Or at least, I made a decision to clarify. Wait, I’m totally getting off topic…)

Anyway, that’s it. That was all I had to ensure was in the book. Shifters – easy. Alpha dads – well, not especially my norm, but I knew I could do it. I mean, I’ve written plenty of alpha heroes in my day, but I’ve written just as many betas, and I have equal love for both of them. It was really the ‘dad’ part that wasn’t my typical trope.

But hey, I love a challenge, and I especially love flexing my writing muscle. Plus, generally speaking, vague–very, very vague–criteria tends to make my muse stand up and siiiiiiiiiing.

For example: Two years ago, I wrote a novella called Baby, I’m Home. It was supposed to be part of a Father’s Day anthology. The criteria: the hero finds out he’s a dad. (So I suppose I had a tiny bit of history writing heroes who are dads.) That was it. What I wrote: an interracial surprise pregnancy romance that, personally, I think is totes adorbs (oh, and steamy too!).

Another example: I took a writing class in which the instructor said to write a book with a unique secondary character. Boom. The Twisted Fates series, one of my personal faves of every series I’ve written, was born. The unique secondary character? A snarky, yet wise, cross-dressing Fate (basically, a magical protector) who is the shape and size of an NFL linebacker. Who quite possibly steals the spotlight several times throughout the three-book series.

And another example: Vampires! As of 2016, I hadn’t yet written about vampires. I’d thought about it plenty, but no story ideas came to mind. I knew readers loved their vampires, but I just didn’t have a muse who liked to hang out at night, drink blood, and could burn to a crisp during daylight hours.

And then a fellow author suggested a multi-author series called Blood Courtesans. The vampire hero needed to be alpha (of course) and the idea was that there were these brothels that catered to vampires, offering blood and sex for cold, hard cash. But of course the vamps had a habit of falling in love with their courtesans. Two books, Resist and Eternity, were born from this basic, um, plot.

Oh, and let’s not forget Mirror, Mirror. That one resulted from a publisher’s call for novellas about urban legends. So I wrote a (funny) story about the Legend of Bloody Mary.

Well, that was a very long and not exactly related introduction to the new covers for my Taming the Dragon series.

That’s right: the Taming the Dragon series has NEW COVERS! As I mentioned above, this series started out as part of the Bad Alpha Dads series, which, as the name implies, is a multi-author series about alpha heroes who happen to be dads (whether they know it or not).

I wrote the first three books in the series accordingly, and then the fourth I gave a bit of a twist (uh-uh, not gonna tell you; you have to read Bewitching the Dragon to find out what I’m talking about). By the time I started working on the fifth and final book in the Taming the Dragon series, the Bad Alpha Dads series creators had announced that the series was coming to an end in 2020. So I figured the last book didn’t need to have those same elements (alpha hero, dad), and also I mentioned all the way at the top of this post that writing heroes as dads wasn’t exactly my forte.

And yet, somehow, the whole dad thing ended up in book number five anyway.

Well, sort of.

Anyway, the series has now been written. Book five is with the editor. Publication date is June 2, 2020. And… I HAVE NEW COVERS.

For the entire series.

So, finally, the point of this post. To show you the NEW COVERS!

What do you think???

Oh, in case you want to check out the books too: Taming the Dragon series 

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover


Tami Lund has a new book coming out soon!

Dark Moon Falls Vol II

What’s Better? TV or Books?

I have a tooooonnnnn of books for you today! I mean, what the hell else are we supposed to do? Okay, yeah, there’s Netflix, but here’s my argument for books over TV: It’s getting warmer (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, and really, does it truly get cold for y’all anyway?), and aren’t you sick of lounging on the couch?

Books can be read anywhere. Including outside. Chillin’ on the swing set. Sitting on the front porch. Even while walking.

True confession: I try to get in 12,000 steps per day. I’ve found that’s the magic number which allows me to drink my wine and eat actual food without the scale creeping up the way it was when I thought 10k was the magic number. But sometimes – especially these days, when my office is in the dining room and the cafeteria is now five steps away and the restroom is now ten steps away and I’m a little more aware of how often I may or may not have stepped away from my desk when I was actually in the building with my co-workers–sometimes it’s hard to hit that number.

But I still want the wine.

So how to remedy the situation? Walking while reading, of course!

If it’s nice, I’ll pace on my back porch. (My poor neighbors; I can only imagine what they think.) If it’s cold or rainy, I’ll pace in the basement, or sometimes in the hall. (The kid hates it when I read while pacing the hall; she says it distracts her from watching the 78978655454th episode of Criminal Minds.)

My point in all of this is that reading helps you escape into another world and you can still stay fit. See? Win, win!

And to make it even easier on you, I have all sorts of book recs for you. Here we go…

First up, small town romance. I love ’em. There’s always an entertaining cast of secondary characters who really keep things interesting, not to mention the gorgeous backdrop of a tiny village that I always want to move to by the time the book ends!

(Click the pic to check out the various small town romances. Oh, and they’re all free, as long as you’re willing to signup for the participating authors’ newsletters.)

small town romance promo header

Here’s a great way to discover a new author/new series. All of the books listed below (click the pic of the parrot) are series starters, and they are all free. So give ’em a chance. What have you got to lose? (Pounds, if you follow my exercise-slash-read routine!)

free series starters promo

This one is a bunch of freebies too, and, like the small town romance promo, requires a newsletter signup to read the books. If you’re a fan of paranormal, this is the one you want.

Lovers of the Light promo

This one is for KU readers, and if you like ’em hot, you’re gonna want to check out this promo! Wowza!


KU Romance Reads Promo

This one is for paranormal fans. So many tempting reads, how can you choose just one??

PNR sales blast promo

Everything is bigger in Texas… including the romance. Every single one of these reads is based in the Lone Star state, and they’re all free, so long as you sign up for the sponsoring author’s newsletter. Take a look…

Texas Heat promo

Hopefully, all those books will help distract you during this crazy quarantine. Oh, and don’t forget to get up and move every once in a while. And take the book with you!

Stay safe & keep reading!

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

Tami Lund is an author who is quarantining at home with her husband, teenage daughter, ecstatic dog, and lots and lots of wine!

Her next release is part of the Dark Moon Falls boxed set, and you can grab it for only 99c: http://hotboxpublishing.com/dark-moon-falls-volume-2-preorder/

Bring On Post-Pandemic Life

This might sound a little weird, but my son’s death four years ago helped prepare my family for this pandemic. Not literally, as in, catching this virus, but the whole quarantine aspect; the not knowing what’s coming next or when things will go back to normal.

The ability to accept that things will most definitely not go back to “normal.” That the definition of normal will change. Our lives will be forever altered by this pandemic, even if we do not actually catch the virus.

The hoarding of toilet paper. The stay-at-home orders. No hugs. No in-person happy hours. No social gatherings at all unless they are virtual. And who the hell would have thought they’d ever be excited over virtual happy hours?

The medical communities scrambling to try to keep up and eventually get ahead of this thing. The speed with which it has spread throughout the world. The speed with which the medical and laboratory communities are creating tests and vaccines to combat it.

Schools closed three months before they should be. Online learning – for everyone. Children and their parents are sitting across from each other at home, learning how to do their jobs remotely. The poor seniors graduating this year with no fanfare, no ceremony, no parties. (Well, hopefully there will still be parties once we get this under control. Hopefully those won’t be a victim of this evil thing once we’re on the other side, figuring out our new normal.)

That’s the thing: whatever the world looks like when we are finally clear of the chaos, it will not be the same as it was at the start of this year. This experience will, undoubtedly, change the way many companies do business. It will surely change the medical community, as they will probably feel the need to ramp up in preparation for the next pandemic (which, God willing, will not be in our lifetimes). It may even change the way we educate our children (although I am still a proponent of in-person learning, for the record).

Grocery store workers and restaurant employees are currently heroes; will that mindset stick around? Some people believe this insanity is proving we don’t need as many regulations as we currently have; will this be adjusted?

Car companies are making respirators. Med students are graduating early. Hospitals are begging nurses to come out of retirement. Taxes, mortgages, utilities; all of these services have been delayed and the US government is handing out money like there’s an unlimited supply. Not begrudging the bump, of course, but I can’t help wondering how it will be paid back.

On the positive side, good Lord I do love the lack of commute. And the fact that it takes me five minutes to get from the bed to logging onto the laptop in the morning. Eating dinner by six each evening. Not having to think about what to wear. Not spending all that time blowdrying, straightening, and styling my hair. The fact that so many houses in my neighborhood are doing cute things like putting teddy bears in windows and colored-paper rainbows on doors and drawing on their driveways with chalk to say hello to the walkers. I have more time to dedicate to yardwork. My dog loves the fact that she hasn’t been left alone since I can’t remember when. And the biggest positive of all: so much more writing time!

A great deal about the future is still unknown. Hell, we don’t even know what next week will bring. Six months ago, that would have been easy: Spring Break for a lot of schools, and Easter celebrations all across the world. Spring planting for the Northern hemisphere; preparing for fall in the Southern.

But right now, we just don’t know.

And that’s exactly how I felt when my son died. We had no idea what each day would bring. We had to learn how to live an entirely different life.

Just like we will when this pandemic is behind us.

But that’s the key, isn’t it? We will continue living. And we’re ready.

Bring on our post-pandemic life!

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, dog lover, and proponent of wearing sweatpants as a corporate uniform.

That book right there is her next release, and it’s only 99c until May. Here’s the link: http://hotboxpublishing.com/dark-moon-falls-volume-2-preorder/