Times are a’changing

Hey all,

So before I get started I just wanted to say YOU PEOPLE ROCK! yeah, you do…hard core!!

Now down to business….It is with a heavy heart…no that’s too cliché, it’s not you it’s me….no thats been done to death…I can’t be part of a two until I’m a better one…oh shoot me now!!

What I’m trying to say is…I’m leaving Love, Lust and Laptops…..don’t worry I’m not going far and the ladies really won’t be getting rid of me that easily, even if they wanted to. I will still be around but it’s time I stepped aside and let someone more interesting than me take a crack at this.

You know I am not the most consistent of bloggers, and more often than not I just haven’t been able to give you the quality of post I know you deserve. So it’s time for me to go and leave you in the capable hands of……..*drum roll*…..*prolonged pause like they do on talent shows*….. KALYN COOPER!!!!!!!!   whoop whoop *throws confetti and streamers all over the place*

KaLyn is a lovely lady and I just know you will adore her, I am not confirming anything but she might actually be a hugger….just saying….

She will be taking over officially from me as of…NOW! So expect to hear from her next time.

I meant what I said, you guys totally rock and don’t worry I really will still be around. Just every day life can be a drag sometimes and my life is pulled in so many different directions that something had to snap, sadly its blogging with L, L and L.

I will miss ya all and please find me on FB, Twitter and my own blog if you want!

Until next time remember…..an author is for life not just for christmas….or sales…or holidays….or you know those secret times in the middle of the night when you say…”just one more chapter”……


Guest Blogger Doris O’Connor @mamad8

Thanks so much for having me here today with my paranormal BDSM story Her Imaginary Lover.
Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? I bet he felt very real to you. What if these imaginary friends were real, however? And what if, not all of them were nice friends… What if there was a whole other dimension…
Such is the premise behind Her Imaginary Lover.
To Macie, Kaylom has always been real. Blind from birth, she never realized other people couldn’t see him, until her parents started to doubt her sanity, and eventually she sent him away.
That was fifteen years ago, but Kaylom is back now, and Macie is not a child anymore…

~Editors Pick~
When your imaginary friend turns out to be real, there’s only one thing you can do—have the best sex of your life.
Macie Johann’s ordered world is thrown into chaos, when she is attacked on her way home from work. The muscle bound hunk that comes to her rescue would appear to be naked? Okay then, maybe she has hit her head a bit too hard, but then again no one else seems to notice him, and there is something very familiar about this guy.
Blind from birth Macie has learnt to trust her senses, and they all scream at her to grab her chance of true happiness with the man, who makes her body and soul sing. Never mind the small fact of his not being human.
When their actions get Kaylom yanked back into his dimension to stand trial, Macie follows determined to fight for her man.

Macie grinned at the sound of smashing crockery, as he kicked her legs apart and urged her forward until her torso lay prone on her table. With her breasts squashed into the wood, and his hand applying pressure on her shoulder blades, she had nowhere to go. A shudder went through her when he stepped so close that his hair roughened thighs touched the back of her legs. His heavy erection slid along her pussy lips, and she knew she was coating him in her juices. They slid down the inside of her thighs.
The mere fact they were doing this here, now, in her kitchen added another layer of deliciously naughty to the whole experience. Her kitchen faced a busy main street, and she had no curtains up. In theory anyone would be able to see in and see what they were doing. A giggle escaped her at the thought. Not that they would see Kaylom. They would no doubt wonder at the strange woman who lay naked along her table.
Kaylom’s chest molded itself along her back, and a little nip to her shoulder focused his attention back on him.
“What’s so funny?” he asked.
A sharp pinch to the side of her breast made her gasp. That sting traveled straight to her clit, and she wriggled her hips to relieve the resulting ache in her pussy.
“Nothing, is it? I think my little munchkin needs to be reminded who’s boss.”
He lifted off her, and she moaned at the loss of his body warmth. A smack to her ass ground her pelvis into the edge of the table, and she bit her lip to stop from crying out. That felt way too good. He soothed the sting with his hand, and then spanked her other cheek with considerably more force than the first swat. Macie yelped and squirmed under his hands, and his chuckle seemed to echo around the room. It only served to stoke her excitement further. Kaylom ran his hands up and down her spine and then up her arms taking them with him. He curled her fingers over the opposite edge of her small table.
“Keep them like this and don’t move, or I’ll have to tie you to this table, do you hear me?”
“Yes,” she said, and all the breath left her lungs when he smacked her ass with so much force she slid further up the table.
“Yes, what?” he asked, and this time there was no mistaking the edge of command in his voice. He yanked her head back hard, and his hot breath skittered across her sweat slicked flesh as he nipped at her lips and throat. A feminist would have a field day with her right now, but fuck her, if this display of his dominance didn’t turn her on even more.
What had he said? His kind demanded their mates to be submissive and calling him “Sir” was a token of respect.
“Yes, Sir,” she said, and he kissed her with so much passion, it took her breath away.
“Good girl. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that.”
She blinked back tears and held onto the edge for dear life when he grasped her hips, and pulled her down the table until her ass hung off it.
“You’re so fucking wet for me baby. You want me to fuck this sweet ass of yours, don’t you?” His breath felt cool across her slick folds, and his fingers dug into her thighs as he spread her wider, and Macie lost the ability to think at the first touch of his tongue.
He licked her from slit to clit and back again, until she was so close to coming she didn’t even know what the sounds were spilling from her mouth.
Seconds before she reached that all elusive peak, he withdrew, and she thumped her head against the table in frustration.
“Bastard, err, Sir.”
He laughed and then rained a series of hard swats on her ass that left her breathless and even wetter.
“Oh your butt reddens beautifully under my hands, my sweet, and let’s gets one thing straight. I will not tolerate you using cuss words. Your mouth is far too pretty for anything that nasty to come out of it. If we were in my realm I’d shove a gag inside that foul sounding mouth and then strap a vibrator inside you with just enough force to keep you on the edge without coming. How would you like that?”
Macie shook her head and swallowed nervously.
“No, Sir, thank you, Sir, I wouldn’t like that at all.”
The air displacement gave her a second’s warning before he tunneled his tongue into her pussy hole, and she climbed back up those delicious rungs of tingling bliss before he once again withdrew.
Macie keened her disappointment, and he delivered several more open handed swats to her ass, before he attacked her swollen and sensitive pussy again.
Macie lost count how many times he spanked her and then revved her up again before withdrawing. Time lost all meaning. All that mattered were the painful swats to her ass that morphed into blissful heat, which suffused her entire body until she felt on fire for this man.
From far, far away she heard his voice eventually, and she flinched when something cold hit her ass crack.
“Sorry, my sweet, this will only last a moment.”

Add it to your Good Reads list:

HIL release
Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris… at least that’s what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.
Stalking Links
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Words of the Day..Same Sex by Cherie Nicholls

Now, for those who don’t know, I don’t write M/M or F/F although I’ve dabbled in F/F/M.

I might not write them myself, I do love reading them. So I thought to my self what should I post about today? Then I remembered a conversation with Vanessa North about her latest release. Then I remembered a couple of other same sex books I’ve read recently and though…you know what why not share the same sex love! So here you go people…… a couple of GLBT recommendations from me….

CARINA_0514_9781426898303_HighAndTight-647x1024Pilot Adam Walker has had one great love in his life: Harris Kingston. But twelve years ago, when he accepted a scholarship and joined the Navy, he chose duty to his country over love. Their on-again off-again relationship was never more than private joy, a frustrating fact of military life.

Harris never wanted to be anyone’s dirty little secret. When Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed two years ago, Adam broke his heart one last time. He’s picked up the pieces and moved on, building a great career and dating guys who aren’t afraid to be seen in public with him. But when Adam strolls into his salon asking for a haircut, his newfound happiness goes to hell in a handbasket.

Adam’s been at war with himself for over a decade. Now on the verge of leaving the military, he’s desperate to court Harris the right way and be forgiven. With two weeks’ leave and a Navy man’s conviction, he’s ready to start over…if he can convince Harris he’s ready to come out and commit.


_6945669Martin has had the hots for his boss for as long as he can remember, so when Byron declares he needs a date to keep his mother off his back, of course Martin jumps at the chance.

He has one condition—he wants a night of unbridled sex with his boss. From P.A. to partner, can they make it last, or is this strictly a one time only offer?



mated_forever__42288.1377214301.300.450The full moon is always a time for danger and mating. This month it brings the scent of Louisa’s mate. Jorie is on the run and in grave danger. Being rescued by Louisa brings safety and a new temptation. As the girls act on their feelings, and passion overtakes them, they are unaware of the danger surrounding them both.

When Jorie is kidnapped, it’s a race against time. Will Louisa be able to save her mate, or will the past and all its secrets destroy them before they even have a chance at forever?




Ok quick thing….if you are going for GRL this year….look out for Vanessa and say I said to ask where her t-shirt is!

Until next time….remember…..writing ain’t easy…trust me this block is practically killing me…..

This time next week….by Cherie Nicholls

This time next week will find most of the Love, Lust and Laptop ladies at RT14 What is this RT14 I hear you ask……well I would if I was there…man you people are literally innit…

So RT is short for Romantic Times. Every year for the last 31 (I think) years, there as been a convention. It brings, authors, publishers, bloggers, readers all together in one place. (www.rtconvention.com)

Last year was my very first year. I flew by myself from London, landed in Chicago (what is with the runway going over the road…proper made my eyes go wide when that happened) and then on to Kansas. It was the longest journey I’d ever done alone and to be honest there was worry. Not only was I in a State I wasn’t familiar with but I was going to meet people I’d only ever spoken to via email. Let’s just say I’d made sure that many many people knew my flight and hotel details and I was in contact with them frequently.

It turned out that the people I was meet were crazy but in a “same as me” way! Most of the Love, Lust and Laptop authors are slightly off centre….just saying…heh.

It turned into one of the best experiences I’ve had as a writer. Spending time with people who are like-minded, not having to explain why you write or having people raise  an eyebrow when you explain that, yes I write paranormal no I don’t write vampires. Simple little thinks like that made me really enjoy my time there. Although I was still more of a spectator because i wasn’t sure what to expect.

This year, the convention is in New Orleans, and I expect to get much into it all. Although I won’t be doing any panels or official meet and greets or signings. Please know that if you see me, come say hi. I’d love to chat, after all I’m a “Norf Lundan Girl” we are known for a talkative ways.

If you check the schedule on the RT website you will see which of us will be there and where we will be. I think pretty much all of us would love for you to come say hi.

Below are a few things I learnt from last year to do or carry

1) Drink plenty of water

2) Bring a cardie or jumper, it may be warm outside but hotels are infested with AirCon

3) Note pad and pen are your friend

4) Tissues…trust me

5) Don’t be scared to talk to people, everyone was really friendly to me

6) Don’t be scared to talk to your favorite authors. It took me two days to get up the courage to speak to an author I adore, and she was as nice as pie!

7) Don’t try to do it all. It just won’t happen.

8) Try hard to get out of the hotel, even for an hour or so. I know we are all there for the conference but seeing something other than the hotel and the airport will refresh you for the rest of the convention.

9) Enjoy…..yes there are classes to teach and learn and soak up. But remember it’s fun too!

10) Remember I don’t like being hugged….I knew that before last year, but hey I like to make sure we are all on the same page……

Me and many others will be tweeting, using the hashtag #RT14, so keep an eye out!

See ya there!!!

Until next time….What happens at the Convention stays at the Convention….just saying!



London Calling by Cherie Nicholls

Hello! I’m back did ya miss me?

So as you know, I am the English arm of the Love, Lust and Laptops. What you might not know is that today, in the UK at least is St George’s Day. He is the patron saint of England.

You’ve all heard of St Patrick’s day in Ireland? Well there is St David’s Day for Wales and St Andrew’s day for Scotland. Yes we’re, currently, one giant country but we do like to do things our own way too. (Scotland are going for Independence, but that’s a whole other post)

So we each have our own patron saint. What does this mean to our daily lives? Not a lot really, most people won’t even know it’s St George’s Day until they see it on Facebook or Twitter or some random place. We don’t get a day off work or exchange presents or anything like that. It’s simply a day where, if you remember, you go…”hay I’m English!”

What interests me really is, do other countries have Patron Saints Days? Do you have special celebrations? Do people even notice when the day comes around?

You may also have noticed I’ve been missing the last few Wednesdays that I was meant to post, sorry about that but we’ve has some great guests in filling that spot I’m sure you’ll agree. Apart from work life getting in the way I have had some medical stuff to take care of….two words for you.. Oral Surgery….yes I still shudder at the thought of it!

I had my wisdom teeth out and ended up looking like the loser in a boxing match. It wasn’t pretty and to be honest I’m still recovered but it’s all getting there.

Of course that had to be literally three days before my birthday….yeah “perfect” timing right.

So now it’s back to being an IT Manager by day and an Author by night……I’m kinda like batman but without the gadgets, cape or crime fighting…. heh

Side note: IF you check the coming soon page on this blog you’ll see that several of us will be at the RT Convention in New Orleans in May! Come say hi! But remember I’m also the one that doesn’t do hugging…how about a friendly high-five instead?

Until Next time….remember…..Hugging…it’s not big and it’s not clever!


Home sick

I am home sick and I know today is my day to blog…but I am ill so this is what you get instead…..

10 things you didn’t know about me.

1) I am the youngest of 5 kids….and yes that does make me a spoilt brat

2) I have 3 nieces, 5 nephews, 5 Great nieces, 1 Great nephew and a God daughter (yes Christmas is expensive)

3) The author who influenced me the most is probably Shelly Laurenston, she taught me that you can have comic moments in romance.

4) I hate the dark

5) When I was in senior school (high school) my english teacher told my mum that if I read more my spelling would be improved. She told the teacher that if I read anymore I’d never leave my room. I still can’t spell and my grammar sucks!

6) I love cheese, any cheese…give me all the cheese!!!

7) I have collected over 200 thimbles……it’s an addiction, what can I say.

8) I’m a fan of mixed martial arts fighting….

9) I love shifters……most any shifters…..but my heart will always be with wolves though.

10) when I am sick…..my brain goes on holiday….can you tell??

Sorry guys, next time….honest I will try to give you a much more exciting post…probably….Now where are those tissues…..

New Years resolutions…..by Cherie Nicholls

Yeah don’t worry I hate those too….

I mean if I wanted to loose 3 stone (42 pounds) I would do it anytime of the year not just at new year.

I never plan on meeting that “special one” for two reasons. One: it’s far to much effort and Two: I have no heart, don’t get me wrong I clearly have a heart because you know…alive…but I don’t have a romantic heart…yep that’s right a romance writer without a romantic heart….shocking right.

So the only new years resolution I plan on making is to learn to Crochet…..it’s a skill that evades me like an oil covered eel….I will tame it if it’s the last thing I do!! *shakes fist at sky*

So today I am asking one thing….what’s your New Year’s resolution or if that makes you flinch how about the promise you made to yourself….I don’t mean the weight loss one or the new job one….but I know some of you have promised yourselves you’d do something this year….something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time maybe? Come on you know you want to share…..

Just before I go two last things

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I really hope that 2014 is full of joy and laughter for you!

and finally….don’t forget that you got your partner that spanking paddle and those hand cuffs they asked for at christmas….now would be the prefect time to see if they are ready to give them their first test drive…..


End of year Excitment

So yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of this blog! I know right…how quick did that go!

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who took part in the twitter party we held and a little thank you of my own to the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops for putting up with the English girl….  you all readers/authors alike ROCK!!

Now onto a persoal little bit of excitetment….

Last week saw the relese of my 11th book!! I nearly fell over I can tell ya!

A to Zane is the fourth book in The Shifters of Hillside series, and was honestly the one closest to my heart….I feel there is a lot of Abby in Me….or vise versa…..


This book took over a year to write on and off. I am not a planned writer, I don’t plot. I just sit down at the computer and let the story flow….which doesn’t always come easy I can tell you….

So as a special early Christmas present…..let me share with you a snippet for A to Zane that hasn’t been shared before…..


A low growl came from the left. Abby turned her head but didn’t release her hold on Nico.

Zane stood there, his head dropped forward. He looked at them from under lowered brows.

“Oh look, it’s the pretty kitty.”

She could hear the smirk in Nico’s voice.

Zane’s growl grew deeper still. Was it wrong for her to find him so sexy when he was threatening her friend and employee? Dressed like sin with aggression pouring off of him in waves, he clearly made Abby crazy.

“Aww, are you feeling a little possessive there, kitty? How about I do this?”

Abby lifted a single eyebrow as Nico placed his hands on her butt. Hands he knew she’d remove if he ever did it any other time.

“And how about if I do this?” Nico, who’d practically been sobbing like a little girl minutes ago, leaned down and nuzzled her neck.

This time Zane didn’t growl, he roared, an actual tiger roar. In seconds the rest of her team formed a circle surrounding them and Zane. Damn them and their need to back each other up.

“Seven of us, one of you. What will you do, pretty kitty?” Nico taunted.

Abby came to the end of her tether. She stepped away from Nico.

“You are not going to ruin my friend’s party, and you sure the hell aren’t messing with a paying customer. So go back to your drinks, enjoy the night, and stop looking for fights.” She turned on her heel, taking them all in, making sure she made eye contact with all of the team. When they didn’t move, she snapped her fingers. “Move.” Like the well-oiled machine they were, each member vanished.

“And as for you, stop threatening my people,” Abby said to Zane, who was so busy glaring daggers at Nico she was sure he’d forgotten she was still there. “Okay that’s enough.” She slapped his arm, drawing his attention.

His frown was intimidating, but she wasn’t scared. “Stop being a freaking stalker. I’m here to have fun. I suggest you do the same. Go find some woman who’ll suck you off because you have a pretty face.” Abby didn’t wait for a reply. She spotted her cousin, Heath and their pack, and headed over to them.

“Suck you off because you’re pretty? Did you really just say that?” Laney asked.

“I really did.” Where the hell had that come from?

“I want to be you when I grow up.” Clara spoke from her seat on Wall’s lap.

“He’s still standing there undressing you with his eyes.” Laney spoke from behind the glass she held.

“Well he can look all he wants, I’m not apologizing.” Abby just stopped herself from crossing her arms over her chest. She wasn’t convinced her boobs wouldn’t pop out of the top of the damn corset.


I want to be Abby when I grow up too!!!

Blurb: When Zane spots Abby, his tiger demands he stop everything and pursue. Zane couldn’t agree more. Kickass she may be, but he knows just how to handle prickly women in denial of their own sexuality.

Abby has enough to do dealing with her overprotective family and friends. It’s practically a full-time job just keeping them out of jail. She really doesn’t need a sexy tiger shifter throwing her libido into overdrive.

She has a business to run, and no matter how pretty the kitty is, she has more important things to deal with. However, when her past catches up with her, the kitty may just prove to be her salvation. Damn it!

A to Zane is available from Liquid Silver Books and all good ebook sellers

Until next time remember…… tinsel…is there any better festive way of being bound to a bed?? I don’t think so!

Free, did I mention Free…oh and Free

So you know me….I don’t know usually plan things. No, that’s a lie, in my every day life I have many plans and schedules and “to-do” lists. But with writing stories and blogs, I have no plan…..I just open a blank doc and let the words flooooowwwwww.

Today is no different…..I’ve opened this blog and thought to myself what should I write about….and out of the corner of my eye I see the cover for Love in the Cards.

So I think to myself….why not share a bit of Empress. For those of you remember we did a little Halloween short series of free reads, my offering was Empress…. so here is a little snippet


She waited a minute more, letting him truly relax into his submission. When she was sure he was ready, she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged, making sure he felt the pin pricks of pain.

David’s eyes flew open. Lucy bent down, so close she could speak directly into his ear.

“Listen close, brat. I’ve asked you two questions, and you refused to answer either of them. You seem to think you’re in charge here, but you forgot … I don’t work for you anymore. I’m not on my knees in front of you.” She pulled back so he could see her face. “Since you don’t want to answer questions, how about we try obeying my orders instead? Take your clothes off.”

She let him go and stepped back.

For a second, he didn’t move. She could almost see his mind whirling away behind his eyes. Amazed as she was to have David Michaelson on his knees in front of her, she didn’t forget for a second who he was. He was testing her; she’d seen him do this to others a hundred times before.

This time he’d met his match. Lucy was more than capable of handling a stuck-up, bratty sub.

“Fine, you can’t answer questions. You can’t follow orders. Really, I don’t see the point of taking this further. Have a good life, Mr. Michaelson.” She turned and picked up her bag before stepping toward the door. She hadn’t even reached for the lock when his voice stopped her.


If you liked that then the rest of the story is available now….FOR FREE…. FREE I say….. from All Romance E-books, Barnes and Noble and most ebook sellers.

Love in The Cards (small)

Why not have a look….I’m mean you can’t get cheaper than free right??

So until next time…..remember…..a hug can fix more things than you could imagine….unless you are trying to hug me….don’t hug me…..

Edits Edits Edits

You know what I’m in the middle of right now? Edits.

Perfect timing considering I was attempting to do NaNoWriMo. Whose silly idea was that anyway?? Oh…wait….that would be me.

So that’s my excuse for getting this post up late, well it is late this side of the world, perhaps it’s not your side……so hay…I’m not late and in no way did I panic when I realised it was my posting Wednesday…nope not at all *shifty eyes*

The biggest problem with my edits, and this is my fault, is my addiction to the words THAT and HAD. Now this isn’t just a small addiction, on no I never do things by half, no this is the type of addiction where, previously, I’ve had nearly 30 “had” in a five paragraph space…..I’ll just let that sink in for a second……

Ah, that gasp of shock, yeah that right there shows you exactly how addicted I am.

My editor is great, she understands that I’ve an addiction and she acts accordingly, most by deleting them and then there are the threats……..man she can be mean I tell ya……

Am I alone in this? Are there words out there that you find you write or say more than  you should…?

Come on you know there is…..right????

Sorry to keep this short, but those edits, the day job and NaNo are calling me…..so until next time…

Remember……Ginger….more than just a cooking ingrediant……just saying….

Love in the Cards – Empress by Cherie Nicholls

Love in The Cards (small)
Lucy looked down at the invitation in her hands.
There was a man sitting in the chair on the other side of the room, waiting for her.
So far, this night hadn’t been like anything she’d expected. First, she’d managed to get herself fired from a job she loved. Second, she sort of crashed a Halloween party. But hey, she’d been invited when she’d worked in the Michaelson’s office; the party’s hosts didn’t need to know that technically she wasn’t a Michaelson employee anymore.
Finally, she’d made the mistake of turning over the invitation and looking at the back. Printed on the reverse side was the image of half of a tarot card. The Empress card. Lucy didn’t know much about the mystical element, but doubted the picture had much to do with reading peoples futures at this party.
There were also some instructions printed on the card. Basically, someone would have the other half of her card; her mission was to find that person. Lucy had almost rolled her eyes, but something about the image pulled at her and here she was … a party-crasher.
Upon arrival, she’d headed to the bar and ordered a soda. Lucy had barely taken a sip before a man in a scarlet suit approached her.
“Madam, I believe the person holding the other half of your card is in a room upstairs.”
“How do you know what card I have?”
The man had merely smiled and walked away. She’d had no intention of heading to a room away from the main crowd; she was not stupid.
But the more she’d thought about it, the more she’d felt the need to have a look. A quick peek she’d promised herself as she walked up the ornate staircase.
Lucy had worried she’d not know what room, but she shouldn’t have. One room stood out―a gold shining plaque on the door clearly stating it was the Empress Suite.
She’d taken a deep breath and opened the door.
That was where she found herself now, looking at a man in an expensively cut suit sitting in a chair, watching her.
A suit that had to have been tailored on Saville Row, leather shoes made in Milan, and a haircut that had to have cost one hundred dollars. She’d worked as an assistant to one of the brothers who ran the Michaelson company, and her boss had always made sure he had the best of everything. Lucy had learned to spot the cut, make, and model of everything he liked.
The man in the chair brushed a hand over his head, letting his fingers run through the strands. Lucy’s own hand tingled with the need to follow the same path.
Dark chocolate-brown eyes watched her every move. His gaze scanned down her body, taking in the tight red dress she’d poured herself into and the killer four-inch heels she wore.
Lucy pushed her long brown hair over her shoulder and let him look. She had curves and was proud of them. If he thought he’d fluster her, then this guy really didn’t know who he was messing with.
“Like?” she asked,
“Red is definitely your color.” His voice was deep, vibrating across the room and hitting her square in the pussy.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
Lucy walked farther into the room. A small part of her was questioning the sanity of being here; another part was simply enjoying what would likely be her last night in high society. Tomorrow she would be job hunting and doubted she’d find a position like the one she’d messed up.
She pushed the images from earlier that day out of her mind.
The man moved, bringing her out of her reverie.
“I knew you’d come.” Again, his voice affected her pussy.
“Hmm, did you?” Lucy dropped her bag on a table.
“Yes, they said you wouldn’t, but I knew you would. I never doubted it.”
“And what made you so sure?”
“Because I know what you need.”
“What would that be?”
He was taller than her, even with her in heels, but she wasn’t scared or intimidated. As he walked toward her, Lucy admired the grace of his movements.
He stopped in front of her and looked down.
Lucy waited and wondered what his next move would be. A smile that bordered on a grin spread across her face as he fell to his knees. She looked at the top of his head before turning to the door and with a soft snick, sliding the lock closed.
When she turned back, her face fell. She took a deep calming breath and walked away from him. After moving several feet away, Lucy turned back to find him in the same position―on his knees, his head down, and hands locked together at the base of his back. She took a second to admire the view. Good Lord, he was stunning like this. She snorted. She should’ve known this was all a set-up, damn him, and she’d walked right into it.
“Are you the reason I was fired this morning, Mr. Michaelson?”
His shoulders stiffened at her question, but he didn’t answer.
Lucy rolled her eyes and walked back to stand over him. “I asked you a question. I expect an answer.”
“I spoke to my brother, yes,” David Michaelson, the older and, in her opinion, sexier brother answered.
“So, what exactly happened? You walked into little brother’s office, said ‘hey bro, I kinda need to fuck your assistant, but I need you to fire her first?’ is that it?”
“No! It wasn’t like that.”
“Then tell me how I woke up this morning employed, and now I’m here wondering where my next check is coming from?”
His jaw clenched, but he said nothing. Lucy sighed and put a finger under his chin, forcing his head up.
“Was that question too hard? Okay, let me try something else. What is it you want from me, Mr. Michaelson?”
The tip of his tongue peeked out, running between the seam of his lips. It took more control than she expected to stop her groan. He was such a tease; from the glint in his eye, he knew it, too.
Lucy released his chin and then ran her hand up his cheek and into his hair. David turned his head into her palm as she scraped her nails across his scalp. The tension eased out of his shoulders. She maintained a steady pressure and rhythm as she stroked his head. When he closed his eyes, she smiled. The trust he’d placed in her was humbling.
She waited a minute more, letting him truly relax into his submission. When she was sure he was ready, she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged, making sure he felt the pin pricks of pain.
David’s eyes flew open. Lucy bent down, so close she could speak directly into his ear.
“Listen close, brat. I’ve asked you two questions, and you refused to answer either of them. You seem to think you’re in charge here, but you forgot … I don’t work for you anymore. I’m not on my knees in front of you.” She pulled back so he could see her face. “Since you don’t want to answer questions, how about we try obeying my orders instead? Take your clothes off.”
She let him go and stepped back.
For a second, he didn’t move. She could almost see his mind whirling away behind his eyes. Amazed as she was to have David Michaelson on his knees in front of her, she didn’t forget for a second who he was. He was testing her; she’d seen him do this to others a hundred times before.
This time he’d met his match. Lucy was more than capable of handling a stuck-up, bratty sub.
“Fine, you can’t answer questions. You can’t follow orders. Really, I don’t see the point of taking this further. Have a good life, Mr. Michaelson.” She turned and picked up her bag before stepping toward the door. She hadn’t even reached for the lock when his voice stopped her.
“My brother knew I wanted you. He also knew I’d never do anything about it while you worked at the company. So, he took steps.”
“Steps? Such as firing me?”
“And what is it you want from me?”
“Whatever you want to give me.”
Lucy gave him high marks for that answer.
“Have you played like this before?” She wanted to know how experienced he was, how sure of his needs he was. She’d played with newbies before, but she always preferred men who knew exactly what they desired.
Interesting. Lucy turned to face him again and dropped her bag back on the table.
“I gave you an order.”
This time, David rose to his feet without argument or hesitation. He started to shrug out of his jacket.
“Wait, she ordered.
He halted.
Lucy walked to the other side of the room and sat in the chair he’d used. “Now slowly, don’t rush, kitten.”
He let the jacket slowly slide down his arms before he turned to face her. The thousand-dollar suit coat forgotten as it hit the ground.
“Now the tie.”
He pulled the knot free, then tugged the end slowly around his neck before stepping forward and dropping the tie into her lap.
Those were off and kicked away quickly. “Tut tut, kitten I said slowly. Now the socks.”
When his feet were bare she raised a hand, stopping him. “Tell me, kitten, do you have a safe word?”
He nodded.
“And what is it?”
That shocked Lucy.
“A little sure of yourself aren’t you, kitten?”
“That’s my safe word.”
“My surname is your safe word?”
“Such a tease. Shirt off next.” She leaned back in the chair and waved him on.
She had to keep control of this situation, of herself. There was still a voice in her head, telling her this was all a dream. Her day had gone from one extreme to another.
His shirt fell into a white cotton pile on the floor. She’s never needed to sneak peeks at him as he walked past her desk or if she spotted him in the staff canteen. No, this time, Lucy was able to look her fill and there wasn’t anything he or anyone could do about it.
“Do you have on underwear?”
“I want to see you naked in ten seconds or … well, you really don’t want to know what the ‘or’ is.”
David nodded and rushed to comply
“Five, four, three, two … one.” As she finished the countdown, he stood gloriously naked. His trousers were puddled at his feet. The sight brought a smile to her face. “Aren’t you a good boy, kitten?”
His cock stood at attention, and she hadn’t even touched him properly yet. The thought made her wet, the power she had over him was a thrill.
“Bit of slut, I see.”
“Only for you, Lucy.”
“Lucy? I don’t remember giving you permission to use my name.” The corner of her invitation peeked out of her bag. “No, you get to call me Empress.”
“Yes, Empress.”
“Now bring that pretty cock over here.”
Lucy sat forward as he came closer. Good Lord, he was big. If she’d been anywhere else, she’d have clapped her hands in childish glee. Oh the fun she planned on having this evening.
“I can see you’re clean shaven. Do you prefer that look?” She took his cock in her hand and stroked down the length of his hardness.
“No.” He spoke through gritted teeth.
“I asked around. I wanted to know what you liked in a man … a sub.”
“Is that right? So tell me, kitten, what else did you find out?”
She released him and sat back, interested in hearing hear what he had to say.
Lucy raised an eyebrow. He was lying, she could tell. Again, she sighed. He was going to be a handful.
“Knees,” she instructed.
He was on his knees in seconds.
Lucy sat forward, opening her thighs so they bracketed his waist. She wanted him to feel trapped, but safe. She wouldn’t restrain him, not by force, anyway.
“How many times are you going to avoid my questions or lie before you realize I know you too well? I’ve worked with your family for years. Trust me when I say, I know each and every one of you better than you realize.”
His eyes narrowed and a flash of anger shone in their depths. It took a second to comprehend what she was seeing. Jealousy.
“I’ve worked for your brother for five years, and in all of that time, I’ve never seen him naked.”
The tension eased from David’s shoulders.
“Now tell me, kitten, what made you go looking for information on me?”
Again, his cheeky little tongue peeked out, wetting his lips.
Lucy couldn’t resist it any longer; she leaned forward and captured his mouth with hers. At the same time, she slid her hand down his chest and over his stomach to rest just above the tip of his hard-on.
The appendage was rock-hard and standing tall, begging for her attention. Lucy refused to pay it any mind; instead, taking her time, she savored his soft lips.
Their tongues parried. He didn’t submit easily, making her work for it. She enjoyed the challenge.
No Domme worth her salt wanted to be given someone’s submission, she wanted to earn it. A Domme needed to prove she was worthy of the sub’s trust.
Lucy used her other hand to grip the back of his head, tipping it to allow her better access.
When she finally pulled away, they were both breathing hard.
“Well, aren’t you a talented little kitten?”
“Thank you, Empress.”
“Aww, and you thank me so prettily. But your sweet words won’t make me forget all the ticks you have in the naughty column. Now,” she sat back, “how shall I punish you?”
There was fear mixed with excitement in his eyes. David Michaelson was most definitely a submissive. How had she missed the signs all these years? Perhaps, because she didn’t think the self-assured, aggressive older brother of the Michaelson clan was anything but dominant. She’d been a blind fool.
“Tell me, kitten, do you know the traffic light system?” She ran the tip of her shoe up his inner thigh, loving the shudder it drew from him.
“Yes, Empress.”
“And how are you feeling now?”
“Green, Empress.”
“Good boy.”
Green meant he was fine, enjoying himself; yellow would mean he needed to stop and take a break; and red would mean whatever they were doing needed to stop immediately.
“Does this room come complete with condoms?” David nodded. “Good, I need you to get me three things: the condoms, your tie, and a paddle, I assume we have those, too?”
David nodded again before getting to his feet to do her bidding.
She ogled his naked body, not caring he could see her doing it. That body was hers to do with as she wanted, and they both knew it.
When he came back, he handed each item to her. Lucy made a big show of checking them. She placed the condoms and the paddle onto the arm of the chair before she took the tie and ran its length through her hands.
“Knees.” She instructed again. When he was kneeling, Lucy leaned forward and dragged the tie over his shoulder. “I’m going to place this around your eyes, blinding you so you can’t see what I’m going to do. Okay?”
“Yes, Empress.”
“Good boy.” Lucy made quick work of it, tying the material tight enough so it wouldn’t slip, but not so tight it would cause him discomfort.
“I’m going to do something now that I’ve thought about from the minute I first met you.”
He nodded, and Lucy smiled. What was he imagining her thoughts had been?
She took his hand and placed her palm against his, marveling at the size difference. His hand engulfed hers, yet she didn’t fear him. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her.
Lucy watched him closely as she pulled down the top of her dress and strapless bra, exposing her breasts. She scooted to the edge of the chair, bringing her chest closer to him.
When she placed his hand over a breast, his mouth dropped open for a second before he could stop the reaction. She’d shocked him. Good and it wouldn’t be the first time, that was for sure.
“You know, kitten, I have really sensitive breasts. The feel of a man’s hands on them makes me so wet, see?” She took his other hand and placed it against her core. Her panties were soaked and had been from the second she’d seen him in this room.
“Sometimes, when you’re in meetings, I’ve watched you, wondering what it would be like to have control of these hands, have them do exactly as I instructed, and knowing your only concern would be my pleasure.” She moved his hand to press against her pussy. “Mmm, feels good.”
He began to pant; pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock. Lucy released the hand on her breast. She took hold of his hand and placed it to the side of her breast.
He squeezed the soft globe gently.
He tried again, a little rougher this time.
Lucy tutted. “I’m not one of those socialites traipsing in and out of your office, kitten. I won’t break. Now, either you touch me like I want or you don’t get to touch at all. What’s it going to be?”
Before she’d even stopped speaking, he’d become rougher. Her skin tingled, loving the feel of his fingers digging into her sensitive flesh.
“Oh, kitten, that’s much better.” She pulled his other hand up and placed it on the other breast. He kneaded, stroked, and tugged until she thought she’d come just from breast manipulations alone. She closed her eyes for a second, seeking control, grateful he couldn’t see how easily he could arouse her. It hadn’t ever been like this. Yes, she enjoyed being touched, but never had she had to fight for control. Damn him and his talented hands.
When Lucy felt she’d regained enough control, she caught sight of his teasing tongue tip peeking out of his mouth again.
“Oral sex, kitten, is that something you can do?” She tried to make her voice sound as casual as possible, even though the blood was practically boiling in her veins.
“Yes, Empress. I’m the best.” His breath was labored as if he’d run a hundred miles.
“That’s quite a claim.”
“I don’t make claims. I state facts.” For a second, the David Michaelson she was used to seeing in the board room made an appearance. It pleased her, knowing the man she’d lusted after all this time was still there.
“Prove it. Make me come, and maybe I’ll reward you … if you’re a good boy.”
She didn’t need to give him further instruction. He caught hold of her legs, raising them so they lay over his shoulders. In seconds, he was between her thighs, showing her exactly how talented he was with his tongue.
The sound of material ripping as he pulled her panties free from her body brought a smile to her mouth a second before it opened in a silent O.
Lucy had planned on making him work for her orgasm, but she’d been too close. In mere minutes her orgasm burst through her. She gripped his head and came, screaming her pleasure.
She used her grip to pull his head away from her. She kept moving until she had him flat on his back. She reached back and grabbed the box of condoms. It was a moment’s work to put the protection in place.
“You’d better fucking scream for me, boy.” She rose up and then plunged down, taking his hard cock into her waiting heat.
“Shit!” He yelled as she started to move. His hands gripped her waist as she rode him. He moved his hips, meeting her thrust for thrust.
Lucy reached forward and pulled the blindfold free of his eyes. “This body belongs to me now, do you understand?”
“Not just for the night. This is mine now.”
With a hand on his shoulder, she pulled and rolled them so that he was now over her. She grabbed the paddle that had fallen to the floor in her haste to get him on the ground.
As he thrust into her, she spanked his ass.
“Please,” he begged.
She knew he wasn’t asking her to stop. She spanked him again. “I own this ass.”
“Fuck, yeah.”
“I want to hear you scream as you come, boy.” She struck him again, forcing him to pick up the pace.
His orgasm hit a second before hers did. He screamed her name and pride flooded her chest. Her vision clouded at the intensity of her own orgasm.
As her sight cleared, she looked at her hands, the invitation with the image of half of the Empress tarot card held in them.
“Lucy?” She looked up.
“Are you okay? You looked stunned.”
Lucy shook her head, trying to clear the fog from her brain, and looked around her. She was back in the Michaelson offices. “I’m fine, just surprised we’re already receiving invitations for Halloween parties.”
“Well, you know what it’s like. They like to make sure at least one of us attends.”
Lucy looked up at Simon Michaelson, her boss, and smiled. “In such high demand, I guess.”
Her boss winked and walked back into his office. Just then David’s door opened and he walked out.
Lucy looked at him with a raised eyebrow. At first, he frowned at her, but before long, his gaze dropped. He turned and walked away; he didn’t speak to her. He rarely did.
The half-Tarot card, still in her hands, called her.
Sometimes being able to touch something and see into the future was horrible. So much so, she’d trained herself to block off that part of herself. But the invitation had called strongly to the hidden part of her soul, and she’d been unable to resist.
She’d seen a night, a month into the future. She’d seen a naked David. And she’d seen the days after that night.
Lucy looked toward his empty office. The smile on her face could only be described as predatory.
“Oh, kitten, I can’t wait to claim you.”

The End.