Take A Bite Out Of This New Release!

It’s release day!

It’s a vampire boxed set. All new stories. Full length ones at that!

Here are a few teasers to, you know, tease you….

Despite what I kept telling myself.png




That’s only a few of the vampires you’re gonna meet in this boxed set.

Ready? Here are the buy links:

iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/blood-courtesans-boxed-set-awakenings/id1295300606?mt=11&ls=1&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/blood-courtesans-boxed-set-awakenings-vampire-romance
Nook https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/blood-courtesans-boxed-set-michelle-fox/1127212649;jsessionid=B56C7DE2DF60AE6833263A181BFDF950.prodny_store01-atgap08?ean=2940154953662
Amazon US http://amzn.to/2zLDRMX
Amazon Uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076P323DB
Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B076P323DB
Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B076P323DB


It’s a Sexy Bad Cover Reveal!


Title: Sexy Bad Boss (Sexy bad Series #3) 

Authors: Misti Murphy & Tami Lund 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Day: Jan 23rd 

Cover Designer: Booming Covers 






James Frost is all work and no play. He’s made billions as the CEO of Frost, Inc. He can broker a deal between two pissed off Irishmen and the devil, and still walk away with a smile and not a wrinkle in his Armani suit. As his assistant, I’m faced with his dashing presence every day.

Can you blame a gal for having a crush?

So when he asks me to help him find his perfect woman, I throw myself at him. Only James Frost would never mix business with pleasure. He’s never looked at me in that way. I’m so mortified, I quit on the spot.

But a freak accident leaves him with a few broken bones and amnesia, and me with a dilemma. I’m playing nursemaid, at his beck and call, until my two weeks’ notice is up. And that raise I never thought I would get from him might be on the table after all. But how far am I willing to go before my pride demands I cut bait and move back home to London?











Misti Murphy & Tami Lund They live on opposite sides of the world, but an eighteen-hour time difference doesn’t stop these two obsessed authors. They write, they debate over storylines, they thoroughly enjoy the process of gazing at hot men while trying to come up with cover ideas, they fall in and out of love with their characters, and at the end of the day (which day is anybody’s guess), they create sexy bad books for your reading pleasure.











Cold Sores and Dry Shampoo

image of a sick little girl stock photo by Davbid Castillo Dominici

Pretty accurate description of how I looked that day.

It began innocently enough. A minor itch. A slight twinge. A little tingle. I started to fret. But maybe it wouldn’t happen this time. After all, I had gotten through other bouts of illness without developing one—maybe this would be one of those times.

Not so much.

At work, I felt the no-mistaking-it tingle that heralded the new arrival, and a look in my compact mirror confirmed what I already knew:  I was witnessing the birth of the world’s worst cold sore.

Fever Blister. Herpes simplex. It all sounds different to the ear but in the end, they are all the same—a gigantic cootie cluster on my lower lip, half an inch from dead center.

Maybe it wasn’t so much a birth as a coming home, however. After all, the only place I ever, ever get cold sores is in that very same spot. Same lip. Every time. What skeeves me out even more is the fact that despite my OCD antibacterial hand gel application efforts, despite wiping every touchable hard surface at home and at work with antibacterial wipes, despite bathing in Lysol and gargling with bleach, I got one anyway.

Thinking back, I realized that I had seen a coworker sporting a fever blister a week or two before. The “ewww” factor has been racketed up a notch.

Typically, the day before the spot actually makes its debut there is also quite a bit of pain, especially on the unique Chris Cacciatore pain scale. I’m not saying I’m a big baby but even a hangnail will wake me up at night. Throw a cold sore at me and it’s grounds for calling in sick.

The last time I got a massive cold sore was during a…you guessed it…cold. My defenses were down; I should have seen it coming. I had felt crappy all day at work, and suddenly, my entire bottom lip looked as if a chorus line of bees had stung it. That night, the pain was so intense that I was forced to start my obituary.

The next morning, surprised to find myself still alive, I realized that due to all the tossing and turning I did the night during the world’s worst night’s sleep, I had overslept.

For those who have no time for a quick shower, it’s dry shampoo to the rescue. Or so I thought.

I had picked it up on a whim, this dry shampoo. I had overheard a conversation while sitting at McDonald’s writing one afternoon. It’s normally a great place to write because you can tune everything out except this time, when two young women were talking about their hair. The conversation was animated as they discussed hair products but came to a standstill when one told the other she washed her hair daily.

The other said back, “You’ll dry your hair out! Don’t do that, girl. Use some of that dry shampoo. You won’t believe how it perks up your hairstyle on days when you are skipping a day, or maybe you’re just too lazy to wash your hair.”

What? A new way to be stylish while still allowing me to be lazy? Sign me up. I actually found some at the store on the way home. Now, normally, I don’t take much advice from people sitting in McDonald’s but due to the above referenced illness, I’m game…and since I overslept, what better time to try it?

Getting ready for work that morning, squinting through the cloud of agony my lip was causing, I read the directions and applied the dry shampoo accordingly, then brushed it out as instructed.

This is a product that I will never, ever buy again. I have a dreadful feeling it had been moved from the Halloween section of Wal-Mart into the hair section, as it obviously was meant to be used to make white stripes in my hair for a Bride of Frankenstein costume. Despite vigorous brushing, I couldn’t brush the white out and ended up with not only white patches of hair but a very pink scalp.

Thanks, random strangers at McDonald’s, for your crappy advice. Mom’s always said “don’t eavesdrop”, and I should have listened.

It worked out in the end, however, because coworkers were too busy trying not to stare at the white streaks in my hair to even notice I had a cold sore.


About the author:

Christine Cacciatore is a multi-published author who lives—and loves—to write. Together with her sister, Jennifer Starkman, she has published the magical novels Baylyn, Bewitched and Cat, Charmed, with the third book Elise, Evermore coming out soon. On her own, she has written Noah Cane’s Candy, a sassy holiday short romance and Knew You’d Come, a spicy paranormal romance novella. Also, Chris ventured into the Kindle Worlds Mary O’Reilly paranormal series and has written Trouble Lake and Grave Injury. They’re the perfect books to curl up with any time of year but especially Halloween…because they’re chock full of ghosts!

Chris is a member of the In Print Professional Writer’s Group in Rockford, IL and the Chicago Writer’s Association. In her spare time, Chris enjoys writing, reading, and coloring in her grandchildren’s coloring books with the good crayons. Chris is married to a devastatingly handsome man she met on eHarmony, has three children and a gigantic black dog who helps her pack lunches in the morning. She also has four of the most beautiful, intelligent grandchildren in the world, and their antics keep her in stitches.

Pregnant Women Just Gotta Deal.

author’s note: Do you like “The Onion”? Then you’ll like this.


Remember these days? (freedigitalphoto.net, pregnant woman holding belly by adamr)

A local father-to-be is honored for the hard work he did around the house on Saturday, while his wife “just puked all day”.

Jon Rhett goes on to say, “I mean, the dishes weren’t going to do themselves, right? Some of the bowls had cereal stuck on them so they were very hard to wash. I learned you have to let those soak because I cut myself on a sharp Frosted Flake that had adhered to the side of the bowl.” He then held up his middle finger which was indeed bandaged.

It wasn’t just the dishes that he helped with, though. Jon also vacuumed the living room (“I ate the cereal in there; I dropped a couple pieces”) and also used a hand towel to wipe off the sink in the bathroom. “After I did that, I threw it on the bathroom floor and did a little foot mopping. My wife spends almost three hours a day, every day, in here doing the Technicolor yawn. You’d think she would have gotten all of the ick off the floor, at least. But no, there was still a spot or two behind the toilet. Or maybe just a misfire from the old piss-cannon. Either way, our bathroom hasn’t looked this good in months,” he said. “I just threw the hand towel I used on the floor back up on the towel rack. Didn’t want to make extra laundry.”

The two are expecting their first child in a few months. Jon said his wife, Sega, claims to be suffering from “hyperemesis gravitadarum” almost since the day she got pregnant. “Oh, sure I Googled it,” he relates. “And of course some pregnant ladies throw up a lot. But that’s usually only for the first couple of months. My wife seems to really be drawing this out—I’m starting to think it’s intentional so she can get out of housework. I mean, I get it, though. Sometimes my stomach is a little upset. Every single Saturday morning, I feel exactly the same way. I’m hungover after Friday nights with my bros. But as you can clearly see, I was still able to do some housework even though I didn’t feel well. It really is just mind over matter. Take some Pepto, am I right? Some preggos run marathons clear up until their ninth month, I read somewhere. We all just gotta deal.”

When asked if he attends obstetrician appointments with his wife, Jon laughingly shook his head. “The last time we went together, we took my new pickup. Do you know how hard it is to clean puke out of floor mats? She had to buy me new ones because even though she used toothpicks on the grooves, some things just don’t come out. It still smells in there.”

One of Jon’s bros, Charlie Pratt, submitted his name and a small story describing his momentous aid and personal sacrifice to an online contest on “Everyday Husbands”, a small Facebook group of newly married men. When the admins of Everyday Husbands called Jon to let him know he won the prize (limo service to a local steakhouse and $100 gift card to the restaurant), no one was more surprised than his wife.

Jon said, “It’s almost as if she wasn’t excited that I won something.” When asked when he planned on using the winning limo ride and dinner prize with her, he told our reporter, “You know, I’m not really sure she’s going to be up for going out to dinner anytime soon. I’ll probably invite my friend Charlie from the group; his wife is expecting triplets and I imagine he’s probably going stir crazy,” he chuckled. “We could both use a night out from our respective ball-and-chains. Besides, this is a treat for my wife too. Now she won’t have to make me dinner whatever night Charlie and I decide to go. Plus she’d probably throw it up anyway. And now she won’t have to do dishes that night either.”

We tried to reach Jon’s wife for comment on his prize, but our calls were not returned.

Vampires & New Releases

Happy New Year! I’m sure you’ll be shocked when I tell you I’m starting out the New Year with a new release.

Yeah, I know you aren’t. But that’s good, right? A new book to read. A vampire book. A vampire book with a bite. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

It’s coming out on January 17, and while it’s called Eternity, it’s actually part of a boxed set called Awakenings. There are 12 novels in this boxed set; all vampires, all part of the same world: the Blood Courtesan world.

Never heard of it?


Well, basically, the heroines in these books all have one thing in common: They’ve all decided to become Blood Courtesans, generally to save themselves or save someone they love or to in some way attempt to improve their lot in life.

What’s a Blood Courtesan, you ask? It’s a human who sells her blood for a lot of money. Oh, and generally, when she’s giving over her blood, there’s usually sex involved. Steaming hot vampire sex — you know, with a bite. (I’m really bad at the vampire puns.)

The problem with the Blood Courtesans in our books is they have a tendency to fall in love with the vampires to whom they’re supposed to be beholden. Which causes all sorts of issues and drama and bad things to happen, at least until the end, which is always, always a happily ever after.

Because we’re romantic vampire lovers.

Anyway, Eternity is Abigail and Parnell’s story, and here’s an interesting tidbit about this book: It’s the second one I’ve written. The first vampire novel I wrote is called Resist, and it’s Abigail’s sister, Anya’s story. Abigail and Parnell were supposed to be secondary, background characters. I never intended for them to have their own story.

Hence the name, Parnell. It’s not my fave. In fact, if I’m totally honest: I don’t even like it. When I was writing Anya and Camden’s story, Camden needed a friend who was born over a hundred years ago in Ireland. So I researched names from that era and area and came across Parnell and thought, That sounds nineteenth century enough.

I didn’t decide to write Parnell and Abigail’s story until after Resist was already published, and of course I can’t go back and change a character’s name once I’ve hit the ‘publish’ button.

No matter how much I want to.

So Parnell it is, and no, it hasn’t grown on me, even though I’ve been working on this book for nearly a year now. About the only thing that’s happened is I’ve learned my lesson.

No matter how unimportant I think characters may be, always, always give them a name I like. Just in case.

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is an author, a wine drinker, an award winner, and occasional selector of bad character names. Although she’s trying to break that last habit. Check out her website: http://tamilund.com


Vampires or Sexy Bad Neighbors?

What’s your preference, vampires or sexy bad neighbors?

Technically, they’re both free this week, so you don’t really have to choose. But if you still feel you need to, here’s a side by side comparison of Resist: A Vampire Blood Courtesan Romance and Sexy Bad Neighbor.

  • Resist is the first vampire book I’ve written. I love reading them, love watching them on TV or at the movies, but by the time I’d become a published author, I was convinced the market was saturated; there were too many vampire romances, so I didn’t think there was a need for more. Until I realized there can never be enough vampire books. Readers love vampires. I should know, as I’m one of them.
  • Sexy Bad Neighbor is the first book I’ve ever co-written. My friend and fellow author, Misti Murphy, threw it out there one day: Are you interested in co-writing a book with me? I raised my hand. Heck yeah. I had read literally every book she’d ever published, she often beta read my books, and I knew she weaved a wonderful—and sexy—story. I knew our writing styles would mesh. What I didn’t know was our writing process meshed too—we’re both pantsters, and she’s a night owl while I’m a morning person. Handy since we live on opposite sides of the planet. The route to get here was fun and I think the book is pretty awesome, too.
  • Resist is based in Chicago.
  • Sexy Bad Neighbor is based in Chicago. Okay, I’m not sure how that’s going to help you choose. Also, not sure how that happened, as neither Misti nor myself are from Chicago.
  • Resist is paranormal.
  • Sexy Bad Neighbor is a romantic comedy.
  • There are vampires in Resist. A lot of them.
  • There’s a goat in Sexy Bad Neighbor. And a fair number of reviews claim she steals the show.
  • Resist is part of a shared world. It’s part of the Blood Courtesans series. (There’s a new boxed set called Awakenings coming out in this series too, FYI.)
  • Sexy Bad Neighbor is the first in a series. The second book is Sexy Bad Daddy, and the third is Sexy Bad Boss. It’s releasing in January. Then there will be Sexy Bad Valentine and Sexy Bad Escort and Sexy Bad Halloween … and we may have a slight addiction to this sexy bad theme.
  • There’s a Facebook group for those of you addicted to vampires.
  • There’s a Facebook group for those of you addicted to the Sexy Bad series.
  • If you like my writing style, you’ll probably like both books.
  • They’re both only on sale through the end of this week, so grab ‘em quick!


Sexy couple






Tami Lund writes happily ever afters, drinks wine, and wins awards. And she occasionally writes blog posts, too. Sometimes they’re even funny.

Christmas Shopping and the Carpal Tunnel Connection


My husband asked me the other day for a Christmas list. I hemmed. I hawed. I wrote a total of:  two things. One, a good pair of silver hoops for everyday wear (read:  days when I’m too lazy to look at my earring “shirt” and find something color coordinated) and also a soft, comfy black cardigan. Oh, I may have mentioned “a ring” too. In that silly, girly, breathy I-want-sparkly-jewelry sort of way.

Are there other things I want? Sure there are. However, I’m the one who does the most Christmas shopping (I’m a control freak) and when I see something around Christmas time that I want, weeeeeellllll, pretty much I get it.

Case in point…ordering from Kohl’s online today. Got everything I needed for other people but WHAT’S THAT??? Pajama pants with penguins on them? Yes, please. Click!

I’m a procrastinator. I don’t do my Christmas shopping like a lot of people, which is to say that I do it much later. As of right now, I’m only about 50% done and instead of being out shopping right now…I’m writing. And thinking seriously about a glass of wine. But really, my kids are old enough now that they would rather have gift cards. And how long does it take to go get a gift card? They don’t run out, they’re always the right size, and the kids really, truly appreciate them.

I buy gift cards as opposed to the jeans or shirts I would get them once upon a time that would sit in their closets, tagged, until they were outgrown and given to Amvets, mostly because those ba$tards at Plato’s Closet buy everyone else’s stained, torn clothing but not my new stuff that has tags on it. People at Plato’s Closet, pay attention. Stop buying crap from your friends.

I buy gift cards for the kids because I don’t have a personal shopper. Because I am not very good at picking out things that my children would actually wear. The only things I’m pretty safe buying for them are camisoles (for the girls, and maybe one for me) and funny t shirts (for the boy, and maybe one for me). I don’t really have any sort of sense of style or color matching ability. What this means is I wear black pants a LOT. Why don’t they make Garanimals for grownups? WHY??

Popular gifts for the youngsters:  McDonalds gift cards. Victoria’s Secret gift cards.  Walmart, or Target, or Plato’s Closet gift cards (for those children who like Abercrombie jeans without the Abercrombie price). Gas station gift cards. A gift card at virtually any store that would actually prevent me from picking out actual clothes, thinking, “Oh, (fill in name of unfortunate child) would just love this. It would look so great on them. So smart. She/he could even start a fad.”*

*Note to my mother:  nothing that you said would start a fad actually STARTED a fad. 

And of course, in their Christmas stockings, it’s pretty standard:  candy, scratchoff cards, body wash, a Christmas Pez thingie.  An orange.  A candy cane.  Hope they’re not looking at this because then they’d know what’s in their stocking.  Again.  For the fifth year in a row.

(Actually, thinking about this, why the orange? Why, because my mother used to put one in my stocking. Sometimes we’d poke the candy cane IN THE ORANGE and suck out orange juice. We were hardcore like that. I also remember my sister and I getting Leggs.  Remember? pantyhose in the egg container? Good times.)

No matter what you gift your children with, or how soon or late you shop, it’s a wonderful time of year for sharing with friends and family. That’s my focus. In the hustle and bustle of baking, shopping, holiday parties, etc, it’s really easy to lose sight of that.

And that leads me to remember one more thing that is on my Christmas list, every single year…that my family stay happy and healthy. It is really the most important thing in the world to me. Every year I hug my family a little tighter. And this year, there are four grandies who are old enough to know EXACTLY what all the fuss is at Christmas time and will be literally quivering with joy. It will be EPIC.

Merry Christmas!