They are Oil and Water

Camila knew damn well that Tommy wanted to sleep with her. He flirted in that raunchy way of overconfident men everywhere, clearly used to women falling all over themselves for the opportunity to share Mr. Egomaniac’s bed for a night. She dealt with guys like him every shift she worked at the bar.

No, thank you.

To be fair, though, bits of a polite, funny guy peeked through here and there. Enough to stir Camila’s interest. If there was one thing she was a sucker for, it was a guy who could make her laugh. Bonus that he was made of solid muscle and looked like sex on a stick.

But she wasn’t interested in some guy who traveled all the time, who couldn’t even be bothered to unpack his bag when he got home after his latest tour. A guy who probably had a motocross fan club that called themselves Tommy’s Tinas or some other stupid name.

After they returned to the house and helped unpack groceries, Deanna shooed them all upstairs, insisting they change into their swimsuits and hang out at the pool for the rest of the day. It was exactly what Camila had been hoping for when her sister said she could stay for the week, except she hadn’t counted on Tommy’s presence as part of the relax-and-take-her-mind-off-her-stalker agenda.

While she donned her royal-blue bikini, she did a quick Google search. According to several articles she skimmed, Tommy was one of the best racers in the industry and had been for quite a few years. Guess that made him a celebrity.

She also couldn’t help pausing on the various pics of him with this or that woman’s body twisted around his like Saran Wrap. In every one of them, he wore a cat-got-the-canary grin. Cocky. Sure of himself. And of what was about to happen with that clinging woman on his arm.

Ugh. Stop thinking about him.

After twisting her braid into a bun and securing it with a hair clip, she hurried downstairs. She could hear the sounds of splashing and playful shrieks that indicated someone had already dived into the undoubtedly cool and refreshing pool. She was more than ready to join them.

Tommy stood on the deck, next to the sliding glass door, a copper mug in each hand, like he was waiting for her. He wore a pair of aviator shades, a baseball cap over his messy, almost- ready-for-a-cut hair, and blue and white swim trunks resting low on his hips, showing off muscles from his neck all the way down to the elastic waist of those shorts. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the legs.

Jesus, he should be a model.

She mentally picked her jaw up off the floor and shook herself. She did not need this man to know she found him attractive.

Just attractive? Yeah right, I’m practically drooling.

His smile crawled across his face in slow motion, lighting him up and drawing her attention away from the muscles to the beauty that she’d swear was descended from a Greek god. Or maybe Roman. Whichever ones were the more gorgeous.

He offered her one of the mugs and said, “I can think of a thousand compliments to give you right now and every single one could be construed as hitting on you. Which they would be, for the record. So is it corny if I just say you’re beautiful?”

She took a swallow of her drink. “Not corny. But still sounds like you’re hitting on me.”

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First Chapter: Sneak Peek!

The conclusion to the Taming the Dragon series is finally here.

Okay, no it isn’t. Not quite. It’s up for pre-order, but the book doesn’t release until June 2nd, so… a few more weeks.

Almost there, though.

And if you’re a fan of the Taming the Dragon series, I’m guessing you’re chomping at the bit for this one, since the last book (Bewitching the Dragon) released last September!

Usually I can write books a lot faster than this. I mean, aside from the novellas I included in two box sets (the Dark Moon Falls box sets – second one just released last week!), I haven’t released a book in eight months. And it will be nine by the time Let Go My Gargoyle releases (barely). Shoot, last year I released a book almost every month.

Maybe that’s why this one took so long. I think I overtaxed myself. I was so busy letting everybody know about those books, I wasn’t writing new ones. Well, I was trying – I wrote and rewrote this particular book four different times. I made it to 20,000 words twice before scraping what I’d written. That’s half a book! Heck, the two novellas in the Dark Moon Falls sets are both only 25,000 words. The final version of Let Go My Gargoyled ended up at 45,000 words, but really, it’s double that in effort.

And you know what? I’m pleased. I’m happy with this final version. It’s completely different from where I started. The hero and heroine are entirely different characters, even. In two of the four versions, Argyle was the main character. In another, Oliver was. And ultimately, I went with two characters you haven’t met yet, however, they are both very much (surprisingly!) entwined with the overarching storyline that’s been brewing since book 1 (Dragon His Heels).

Anyway, I hope you’ll give it a read. I have a really hard time finishing series, which was another contributing factor to how long it took to type the words “The End” on this book. Because it really is the end.

OR is it…? (Because Argyle and Oliver still need their happy ever afters, and now I’m thinking maybe I need a spinoff Taming the Gargoyle series. Hmm….)

Okay, enough of that! Let’s give you what the headline promised: A sneak peek at Let Go My Gargoyle, before it’s released to the general public. So here you go. Enjoy!!


Taming the Dragon Book 5

by Tami Lund

gargoyle draft FINAL

Four years ago, Sofia had an affair with a gargoyle. The next morning, he disappeared—leaving her with an infant.

Now he’s back, and Sofia is afraid he wants to claim the child she’s been raising as her own.

Griffin isn’t back because he wants the child. What Sofia doesn’t know is that the kid isn’t even his. He’s back because his boss told him to protect Sofia and the baby. A task he doesn’t think he’s capable of doing.

Unfortunately, the more time he spends with Sofia and her adopted daughter Penelope, the less he wants to leave.

And the more danger he’s putting them in.

Taming the Dragon series

Each book has its own happily ever after; however, it is recommended they be read in the following order:

Dragon His Heels

Hungry Like a Dragon

Dragon in Denial

Bewitching the Dragon

Let Go My Gargoyle


Chapter One

Why did the most prestigious of all gargoyle brethren have to be located in New Orleans, of all places?

“It’s a big town,” Griffin told himself as he strolled along the sidewalk, heading toward the City of the Dead, where he was supposed to meet his new boss, Oliver, at dusk. He glanced over his shoulder, his senses on high alert, but so far, he hadn’t come across any dragons.

Not that they weren’t here. In fact, this city was crawling with them. Or so it had seemed the last time he’d visited.

“I can’t believe I’m moving here,” he muttered, kicking at a clump of moss growing between two broken chunks of concrete.

A golden opportunity to join the elitist of the elite had been dropped into his lap, and all he could do was worry about running into someone from his past.

He paused next to a whitewashed stone pillar marking the entrance to the cemetery that was about to become his home for, oh, the rest of eternity.

Were these guys really so diehard that they lived as stone statues except when they were working assignments? Because Griffin would freely admit that he’d choose to sleep in a warm, comfy bed rather than perched atop a gravesite any day of the week.

Why had Oliver picked him of all the gargoyles all over the world? It was certainly the burning question of the night. And what happened if he didn’t succeed? This position was a life sentence. Did that mean Griffin would get to keep trying, again and again, until he got it right? For all of eternity?

Did that mean he’d technically never fail, ever again?

The sun dipped below the horizon and shadows stretched across the sidewalk, reaching like long, dark fingers across the aboveground burial sites.

Creepy AF.

Shaking off the willies and gripping the small duffle that contained all of his worldly possessions, Griffin threw back his shoulders and stepped into the cemetery just as the sound of footsteps hurrying down the path echoed in the dim remnants of daylight. He slipped to the side, ducking behind a massive oak tree draped with Spanish moss.

A human man strode past, heading toward the wrought iron gate, pulling it closed and threading the iron chain through the grates before snapping the lock and heading down the sidewalk, his footsteps gradually fading into nothingness.

Not that a locked gate mattered to a gargoyle. If his magic didn’t work to free him, he could, with relative ease, scale the wrought iron barrier. Or, better yet, shift into his leathery, winged body and simply fly over to the other side.

But, of course, the locks weren’t for him. That guy didn’t even know Griffin existed, at least outside of his stone form. Those locks kept the humans out after dark, which allowed the resident gargoyles to shift out of their stone forms and go about their days…er, nights.

“Okay, might as well get the initial meeting over with.” Even though he’d much rather head down to the quarter, have a drink, or twelve, and find a lovely lady to flirt with for the evening.

As long as the quarter was dragon free, at any rate. Which it probably wasn’t, so scratch that idea.

He strolled along the moss-covered path, meandering, not really trying very hard to find his new boss. He was reasonably confident the guy would find him eventually. Hell, Oliver had found him all the way up in Canada, so he shouldn’t have too much difficulty here on his home turf.

The air shifted, indicating magic was being used, and Griffin bristled.

But it was just another gargoyle. The man who transformed from a statue to tanned, surfer-looking dude and then hopped nimbly down to the sidewalk in front of him wasn’t just another gargoyle, no matter how laidback he appeared in his human form.

“Oliver.” Griffin nodded once and did not offer his hand to shake, as was the custom for gargoyles.

His new boss nodded in return. “You’ve arrived.”

“You didn’t expect me to?”

“Oh, I knew you’d come eventually. But yes, I was concerned that you might get…distracted on your way to town.”

Griffin lifted one shoulder, let it drop again. “I did delay, actually. I could have arrived three days ago. But I made a pitstop in Nashville and partied like it was 1999.”

One eyebrow lifted, but otherwise Oliver showed no emotion.

“So anyway, I’m here now.”

“I see that.”

Griffin stuffed his free hand into the front pocket of his jeans, even though he was probably supposed to stand at attention or something. Honestly, he didn’t know. He figured Oliver would put him through some sort of training regimen before he started helping to save the world. Or so he’d heard that was what Oliver’s gargoyles did.

“Come,” his new boss said, and he strode toward the closed gate.

Griffin hurried after him. “Where are we going?” That was it? That was his greeting? There wasn’t a whole lot of information in that greeting. In fact, there was none. Where was Griffin sleeping tonight? What was the training plan? Where were the other gargoyles he would be working with?

At the closed gate, Oliver reached through the slates and wrapped his hand around the lock. A moment later, the chain it was attached to slithered free and Oliver pushed the barred doors open. At his nod, Griffin stepped through, onto the sidewalk, and then Oliver replaced the lock and chain.

Without speaking, he began striding down the path running along the front of the cemetery. Griffin’s long, lean legs easily kept up. “Seriously. Where are we going?”

Griffin wasn’t a fan of surprises. He had no problem with whatever undoubtedly physically and mentally challenging preparations he was going to have to go through as a new member of Oliver’s team, so long as his boss told him what he was planning to do.

This silent walking—away from their home turf, by the way—was damned unnerving.

The farther they moved away from the City of the Dead, the more people they encountered, which also set Griffin on edge. There were definitely dragons here; he could sense them. He could see them. He could smell them. They didn’t smell bad—most of them, at any rate—but it was certainly distinct. They always seemed to have the faint scent of a campfire clinging to their skin.

He glanced around, checking out each face in turn, searching for one in particular—relieved each time he did not recognize the person who crossed his path. It wasn’t even Mardi Gras and this place was crowded with revelers. Griffin made a mental note to use his vacation time to get out of town during the Fat Tuesday celebrations.

Wait. He did get vacation time, right?

Everything he knew about this new gig could be summed up in a few sentences. It was a lifetime responsibility. Once someone joined Oliver’s brethren, they did not leave. There was no quitting, no retirement plan. The only other bit of information he knew was that relationships were strictly forbidden. No falling in love, no mating, no bearing offspring.

No problem.

That might have been the reason Griffin actually did show up today—well, and the fact that Oliver would have come after him at some point and demanded his presence. But that whole no falling in love, no bearing offspring rule held a lot of appeal for a guy like Griffin.

At the next block, Oliver hung a left and began walking away from the crowds, and Griffin let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

Oliver finally stopped in front of a nondescript brick building with a fenced in patio that was bustling, probably because it was September and seventy degrees instead of ninety outside.

The place also reeked of dragons.

“Seriously?” Griffin burst out. “We’re going to a bar? And why this one?”

Oliver canted his head. “You seemed like you were getting nervous back there, where it was more crowded.”

It wasn’t the crowds, per se—okay, yeah, he wasn’t a fan of crowds in general—it was the chance of running into a dragon he knew. Rather, had made an acquaintance once, four years ago. But he’d not left a positive impression, and he’d really rather not have to face this particular dragon ever again.

“Why are we going to a bar anyway?” Griffin repeated.

Without answering, Oliver reached for the door and held it open. With a resigned sigh, Griffin stepped into the dim interior.

It was a small place, clean and simple. Miniature lights hung above the bar, and there were huge, framed shots from various New Orleans Saints football games on the exposed brick walls. Double doors leading out to the patio were wide open, giving him a glimpse of mismatched outdoor furniture, most of which was occupied by…dragons.

Everywhere he turned, there were dragons. Hell, there wasn’t even a witch or a human in the vicinity. No, wait, there was one. A witch, bellied up to the bar, putting back shots like she was in a competition with the dragon next to her.

“What is this, the dragons’ version of Cheers?” he muttered. He was still carrying his duffle, too, which made him even more self-conscious. Who the heck carried an overnight bag into a bar? He hunched his shoulder, as if that would somehow make him invisible.

It’s a big city, Griffin. The chances of running into one particular dragon

Oliver snickered and clapped him on the back. “Outside or the bar?”

“Neither,” was what he wanted to say. Instead, he shrugged.

“Outside it is.” Oliver headed that way. “Might as well take advantage of the less than 100 percent humidity while we can.”

They stepped out onto the patio, and several dragons eyed them like they didn’t belong. Which they didn’t, not that Oliver seemed to notice. Or maybe he didn’t care. There wasn’t frostiness in those gazes, simply…curiosity.

Dragons and gargoyles didn’t often interact. They didn’t have a need to. Gargoyles existed to protect others, and there were few dragons who could not take care of themselves. Breathing fire was a handy trait to possess.

He followed Oliver to a brick firepit built into the center of the space—seriously? Did it even get cold enough in this town to warrant a fire?—and they claimed the remaining two unoccupied chairs.

A moment later, a waitress hurried through the door, balancing a tray full of drinks on one hand. She had bronze skin and dark hair that was piled on top of her head in a messy bun. Her eyes were wide, almond-shaped, and surrounded by thick lashes. Her mouth was coated with shiny gloss. She wore a black T-shirt with the bar’s logo in gold stamped over her right breast, and jean shorts under a black apron. Her shapely legs went on for miles.

She was, in a word, gorgeous.

Griffin slouched in his seat and wished it were cold so that he were wearing a jacket and could attempt to hide in the collar. Because, son of a bitch, the very dragon he’d intended to avoid was about to ask him for his drink order.

“How about we go somewhere else?” he suggested to Oliver, who ignored him and lifted his hand to draw the server’s attention.

She nodded at him, and Griffin knew the second she realized he wasn’t a dragon, because her nostrils flared and her eyes widened. Then her attention shifted to the guy sitting next to Oliver.

To him.

Her mouth fell open and the tray slipped from its perch atop her palm and nine different alcoholic concoctions crashed to the cement.

The dragons closest to her jumped out of the way to avoid being hit by flying glass and liquid; a chorus of groans went up all around them.

Ignoring the mess at her feet, she stabbed her finger in Griffin’s direction and shouted, “You! Get the hell out of this bar. In fact, get the hell out of this city. No, the state. Get out! Now!” Her voice rose with each word.

Griffin scrambled to his feet and scooped up the duffle he’d dropped next to his chair. Oliver stood, and they both backed toward the gate that would deposit them out onto the sidewalk.

“Go!” she screamed.

Griffin practically fell over the swinging gate in his haste to get out of the vicinity before she started breathing fire at him.

Once they were well off premises, Oliver clapped him on the shoulder.

“I see you’ve already met your first assignment.”

Keep reading… well, on June 2nd! >>>> Let Go My Gargoyle

Tami Lund Headshot 2014


Tami Lund writes contemporary and paranormal romance and clearly has a love of dragons. And gargoyles. Oh, and wine. Check out the rest of her books here:

Dragons! New Covers! Dragons!

So I wrote these books. They’re about dragons. Well, when I decided to write the very first book in the series, it didn’t necessarily have to be about dragons. Because it was written as part of a multi-author, over-arching series, the criteria was as follows:

Shifters and alpha dads. Oh, and of course, the happy ever after goes without saying (although I just spelled it out, so I suppose it did need to be said. Or at least, I made a decision to clarify. Wait, I’m totally getting off topic…)

Anyway, that’s it. That was all I had to ensure was in the book. Shifters – easy. Alpha dads – well, not especially my norm, but I knew I could do it. I mean, I’ve written plenty of alpha heroes in my day, but I’ve written just as many betas, and I have equal love for both of them. It was really the ‘dad’ part that wasn’t my typical trope.

But hey, I love a challenge, and I especially love flexing my writing muscle. Plus, generally speaking, vague–very, very vague–criteria tends to make my muse stand up and siiiiiiiiiing.

For example: Two years ago, I wrote a novella called Baby, I’m Home. It was supposed to be part of a Father’s Day anthology. The criteria: the hero finds out he’s a dad. (So I suppose I had a tiny bit of history writing heroes who are dads.) That was it. What I wrote: an interracial surprise pregnancy romance that, personally, I think is totes adorbs (oh, and steamy too!).

Another example: I took a writing class in which the instructor said to write a book with a unique secondary character. Boom. The Twisted Fates series, one of my personal faves of every series I’ve written, was born. The unique secondary character? A snarky, yet wise, cross-dressing Fate (basically, a magical protector) who is the shape and size of an NFL linebacker. Who quite possibly steals the spotlight several times throughout the three-book series.

And another example: Vampires! As of 2016, I hadn’t yet written about vampires. I’d thought about it plenty, but no story ideas came to mind. I knew readers loved their vampires, but I just didn’t have a muse who liked to hang out at night, drink blood, and could burn to a crisp during daylight hours.

And then a fellow author suggested a multi-author series called Blood Courtesans. The vampire hero needed to be alpha (of course) and the idea was that there were these brothels that catered to vampires, offering blood and sex for cold, hard cash. But of course the vamps had a habit of falling in love with their courtesans. Two books, Resist and Eternity, were born from this basic, um, plot.

Oh, and let’s not forget Mirror, Mirror. That one resulted from a publisher’s call for novellas about urban legends. So I wrote a (funny) story about the Legend of Bloody Mary.

Well, that was a very long and not exactly related introduction to the new covers for my Taming the Dragon series.

That’s right: the Taming the Dragon series has NEW COVERS! As I mentioned above, this series started out as part of the Bad Alpha Dads series, which, as the name implies, is a multi-author series about alpha heroes who happen to be dads (whether they know it or not).

I wrote the first three books in the series accordingly, and then the fourth I gave a bit of a twist (uh-uh, not gonna tell you; you have to read Bewitching the Dragon to find out what I’m talking about). By the time I started working on the fifth and final book in the Taming the Dragon series, the Bad Alpha Dads series creators had announced that the series was coming to an end in 2020. So I figured the last book didn’t need to have those same elements (alpha hero, dad), and also I mentioned all the way at the top of this post that writing heroes as dads wasn’t exactly my forte.

And yet, somehow, the whole dad thing ended up in book number five anyway.

Well, sort of.

Anyway, the series has now been written. Book five is with the editor. Publication date is June 2, 2020. And… I HAVE NEW COVERS.

For the entire series.

So, finally, the point of this post. To show you the NEW COVERS!

What do you think???

Oh, in case you want to check out the books too: Taming the Dragon series 

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover


Tami Lund has a new book coming out soon!

Dark Moon Falls Vol II

What’s Better? TV or Books?

I have a tooooonnnnn of books for you today! I mean, what the hell else are we supposed to do? Okay, yeah, there’s Netflix, but here’s my argument for books over TV: It’s getting warmer (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, and really, does it truly get cold for y’all anyway?), and aren’t you sick of lounging on the couch?

Books can be read anywhere. Including outside. Chillin’ on the swing set. Sitting on the front porch. Even while walking.

True confession: I try to get in 12,000 steps per day. I’ve found that’s the magic number which allows me to drink my wine and eat actual food without the scale creeping up the way it was when I thought 10k was the magic number. But sometimes – especially these days, when my office is in the dining room and the cafeteria is now five steps away and the restroom is now ten steps away and I’m a little more aware of how often I may or may not have stepped away from my desk when I was actually in the building with my co-workers–sometimes it’s hard to hit that number.

But I still want the wine.

So how to remedy the situation? Walking while reading, of course!

If it’s nice, I’ll pace on my back porch. (My poor neighbors; I can only imagine what they think.) If it’s cold or rainy, I’ll pace in the basement, or sometimes in the hall. (The kid hates it when I read while pacing the hall; she says it distracts her from watching the 78978655454th episode of Criminal Minds.)

My point in all of this is that reading helps you escape into another world and you can still stay fit. See? Win, win!

And to make it even easier on you, I have all sorts of book recs for you. Here we go…

First up, small town romance. I love ’em. There’s always an entertaining cast of secondary characters who really keep things interesting, not to mention the gorgeous backdrop of a tiny village that I always want to move to by the time the book ends!

(Click the pic to check out the various small town romances. Oh, and they’re all free, as long as you’re willing to signup for the participating authors’ newsletters.)

small town romance promo header

Here’s a great way to discover a new author/new series. All of the books listed below (click the pic of the parrot) are series starters, and they are all free. So give ’em a chance. What have you got to lose? (Pounds, if you follow my exercise-slash-read routine!)

free series starters promo

This one is a bunch of freebies too, and, like the small town romance promo, requires a newsletter signup to read the books. If you’re a fan of paranormal, this is the one you want.

Lovers of the Light promo

This one is for KU readers, and if you like ’em hot, you’re gonna want to check out this promo! Wowza!


KU Romance Reads Promo

This one is for paranormal fans. So many tempting reads, how can you choose just one??

PNR sales blast promo

Everything is bigger in Texas… including the romance. Every single one of these reads is based in the Lone Star state, and they’re all free, so long as you sign up for the sponsoring author’s newsletter. Take a look…

Texas Heat promo

Hopefully, all those books will help distract you during this crazy quarantine. Oh, and don’t forget to get up and move every once in a while. And take the book with you!

Stay safe & keep reading!

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

Tami Lund is an author who is quarantining at home with her husband, teenage daughter, ecstatic dog, and lots and lots of wine!

Her next release is part of the Dark Moon Falls boxed set, and you can grab it for only 99c:

Bring On Post-Pandemic Life

This might sound a little weird, but my son’s death four years ago helped prepare my family for this pandemic. Not literally, as in, catching this virus, but the whole quarantine aspect; the not knowing what’s coming next or when things will go back to normal.

The ability to accept that things will most definitely not go back to “normal.” That the definition of normal will change. Our lives will be forever altered by this pandemic, even if we do not actually catch the virus.

The hoarding of toilet paper. The stay-at-home orders. No hugs. No in-person happy hours. No social gatherings at all unless they are virtual. And who the hell would have thought they’d ever be excited over virtual happy hours?

The medical communities scrambling to try to keep up and eventually get ahead of this thing. The speed with which it has spread throughout the world. The speed with which the medical and laboratory communities are creating tests and vaccines to combat it.

Schools closed three months before they should be. Online learning – for everyone. Children and their parents are sitting across from each other at home, learning how to do their jobs remotely. The poor seniors graduating this year with no fanfare, no ceremony, no parties. (Well, hopefully there will still be parties once we get this under control. Hopefully those won’t be a victim of this evil thing once we’re on the other side, figuring out our new normal.)

That’s the thing: whatever the world looks like when we are finally clear of the chaos, it will not be the same as it was at the start of this year. This experience will, undoubtedly, change the way many companies do business. It will surely change the medical community, as they will probably feel the need to ramp up in preparation for the next pandemic (which, God willing, will not be in our lifetimes). It may even change the way we educate our children (although I am still a proponent of in-person learning, for the record).

Grocery store workers and restaurant employees are currently heroes; will that mindset stick around? Some people believe this insanity is proving we don’t need as many regulations as we currently have; will this be adjusted?

Car companies are making respirators. Med students are graduating early. Hospitals are begging nurses to come out of retirement. Taxes, mortgages, utilities; all of these services have been delayed and the US government is handing out money like there’s an unlimited supply. Not begrudging the bump, of course, but I can’t help wondering how it will be paid back.

On the positive side, good Lord I do love the lack of commute. And the fact that it takes me five minutes to get from the bed to logging onto the laptop in the morning. Eating dinner by six each evening. Not having to think about what to wear. Not spending all that time blowdrying, straightening, and styling my hair. The fact that so many houses in my neighborhood are doing cute things like putting teddy bears in windows and colored-paper rainbows on doors and drawing on their driveways with chalk to say hello to the walkers. I have more time to dedicate to yardwork. My dog loves the fact that she hasn’t been left alone since I can’t remember when. And the biggest positive of all: so much more writing time!

A great deal about the future is still unknown. Hell, we don’t even know what next week will bring. Six months ago, that would have been easy: Spring Break for a lot of schools, and Easter celebrations all across the world. Spring planting for the Northern hemisphere; preparing for fall in the Southern.

But right now, we just don’t know.

And that’s exactly how I felt when my son died. We had no idea what each day would bring. We had to learn how to live an entirely different life.

Just like we will when this pandemic is behind us.

But that’s the key, isn’t it? We will continue living. And we’re ready.

Bring on our post-pandemic life!

Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, dog lover, and proponent of wearing sweatpants as a corporate uniform.

That book right there is her next release, and it’s only 99c until May. Here’s the link:


Who Needs A Distraction?

I’m making an assumption that if you receive this blog, you like to read. And if you’re like me, you’re pretty much sick of reading about the coronavirus. Sick of thinking about it, sick of worrying, sick of stressing.

Yeah, I’m right there with you.

So this week’s blog is entirely meant to provide you with distractions from all the horribleness that is the Real World right now. I hope, out of all these suggestions, you can find at least a couple hours of escapism.

First, paranormal reads…

WP Run Mar 2020 8


Every book included in this run is on sale, and most of them are for the first time. Including MY book, Prim and Proper Fate. Prep your trigger finger and then click the link.

We’ll keep you preoccupied hopefully until the world goes back to some semblance of normal.

PS: there’s a giveaway too!



AO March 1 (2)

Here’s how it works: Alpha Obsession is a monthly book club. You sign up to receive the authors’ emails, and once per month, a new, FREE book gets dropped into your inbox. Every year it’s a different theme, and this year it’s alpha shifters. So if that’s your reading pleasure, read this month’s book because it’s MINE!

Yeah, OF LOVE AND DARKNESS, the first book in my Twisted Fate series, is March’s Book of the Month. Have I mentioned that this is one of my faves of all the books I’ve written?

Bonus: The second book in the series, PRIM AND PROPER FATE, is only 99c this week (and is part of the Wolf Pack Run I mentioned above)!

Yeah, I’ve got your quarantine reading covered…


Now, for the contemporary reads…

men on a mission headerSearching for your next favorite adventure?

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a suspenseful selection of new contemporary romance titles for you to dive into. Available for free for a limited time.

One more contemporary read…

SEPARATION ANXIETY is a free read that’s only available through my website.

fashion man and woman standing back to backBlake Thompson wants his estranged wife Emily back, but he can’t figure out how to do it because he’s not sure where their relationship went wrong.

And then she shows up on his doorstep, informing him she’s moving back in because that’s what her lawyer advised her to do.

So now it’s time to figure out how to make this right, because he’ll be damned if he’s going to lose her forever.

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Okay, hopefully that will get you through until the insanity that is our reality slows down to a manageable level. In the meantime, stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy these books!

~ Tami Lund 

Meet Nathan D’Azzo from The Protector!

I have been having so much fun with these character interviews! It’s such a pleasure getting to know the heroes that my fellow authors create for all of us readers to fall in love with. Over on my personal blog, I’ve been interviewing the heroes from the Dark Moon Falls boxed set, which is coming out in May, however, today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Nathan D’Azzo from Nancy Weeks’s brand spankin’ new release, The Protector.

((PS – The Eyewitness, book 1 in this series, is FREE right now!!))

Eye Witness Cover

Okay, now that you’ve grabbed book 1, let’s chat with Nathan, the hero from book 3!

Bonus, today, both Nathan and his author, Nancy, stopped by to chat with me!

Author: Nancy C. Weeks

Title of Book: The Protector, Book 3 The D’Azzo Family series

Character Name: Nathan D’Azzo

Is this the hero/heroine/antagonist? Definitely the hero!

Tami: Nancy, please tell us a little yourself, what you write, and your guest.

Nancy: Hi Everyone!

We are thrilled to be here today. Thank you, Tami, for hosting us. I grew up in south Texas in a large family. I wanted to write stories most of my life. It took me until my youngest child was filling out college applications before I sat down and wrote my first chapter. That was almost ten years ago. I write romantic suspense because that’s what I love reading. A reader once described my books as “riveting tales that promise a wild ride, but in the end, a very sweet romance.” That’s become my promise every time I sit at my laptop to write.

I would like introduce my favorite hero to date, Nathan D’Azzo, from my new release, The Protector, Book 3 of The D’Azzo Family series.


Tami: Welcome! Nathan, tell us about yourself. Do you consider yourself your author’s muse or bane of her existence?

Nathan: Hi all. I’m a police detective and work with a couple of Nancy’s other heroes, Jared and Adam McNeil from her Shadows and Light series. I think for my series, I was definitely her muse.

Nancy: And I was the bane of his existence. I didn’t just give him a crazy journey in his own story. I did this unthinkable thing and he had to deal with it in chapter 2 of book one, The Eyewitness (which is FREE right now!), his youngest sister Emersyn’s story. And since he’s the oldest of the D’Azzo siblings, I needed him for his other sister, Tessa. I tried to write The Analyst without him, but it just didn’t work. He had to be there, and I wasn’t very kind at all to him.

Nathan: All’s good. I’m Joe D’Azzo’s son. He expects me to look after my sisters.


Tami: It sounds like you are holding onto a lot of secrets. I guess that’s good thing. What do you think readers will like best about you? Worst?

Nathan: I’m crazy in love with the heroine, Olivia Bennett. I think that’s what readers will like best about me. When I love, I’m all in. And, our love is a lifetime and beyond kind of love. But it took me a while to see Olivia for who she was. I used her, in the worst way, but at the time, I thought she was part of the unthinkable thing Nancy mentioned. My heart was there from the beginning. I had to put my feeling so hold until all my whys were answered. Olivia forgave me. I’ll still spend the rest of our lives making sure no one ever hurts her again.

Tami: Wow, how romantic! Okay, let’s get serious for a few moments… Favorite beverage?

Nathan (chuckling): Dr. Pepper. My first can is usually at 6:00am. I try to restrict myself the rest of the day, but it’s a morning, noon, and evening drink for me. Why folks choose coffee and tea over DP is beyond me.


Tami: Fair. Okay, how about this one: Vegetarian or red meat?

Nathan: Red meat, and rare.


Tami: My kinda guy. Do you sleep in pajamas or in the nude?

Nathan: While undercover, I sleep in whatever I was wearing during the day. Now…we’re newlyweds. Use your imagination.


Tami: My imagination is definitely going haywire. Lights on or lights out?

Nathan: Depends where we are.


Tami: Is it getting warm in here? While we’re heating up, tell me about your love life.

Nathan: From the beginning of The D’Azzo Family series, I was deep undercover. My life was dangerous. I would never put a woman through that kind of relationship. It would be so damn unfair to them. So, no ties at all until Olivia. She was part of the job. I just couldn’t keep things from getting personal.


Tami: Awww. What’s your favorite place to seduce Olivia?

Nathan: Everywhere…within reason, of course. And it’s not only me. Olivia can be very creative.


Tami: If you could rewrite one scene in the book, what would it be? How would you rewrite?

Nathan: I would have loved that our first time was on a real bed. It’s not like I didn’t completely love it, but…really, Nancy? I’m dying to tell the reader where we were. But I promised no spoilers.


Tami: Well, hell. Guess we have to read the book to find out, and I’m definitely curious now. Tell me this, has Nancy ever put you into an embarrassing situation? How did you handle it?

Nancy: Can I answer this one? I just have to say, his cover was very important for the entire series. And it was crazy hard coming up with a look that would work. So I got a little creative…

Nathan: You gave me baby-crap yellow hair in book 2 and made me live with it to the end.

Nancy: That’s not true. I fixed it earlier than that.  Olivia loved you anyway. So, there you go.


Tami: Is there anything specific in this book of which you are particularly proud?

Nathan: Hands down, the way Olivia saved my life.

Nancy: Yeah, that was my pick too. You both were pretty incredible, and that’s all I can say without ruining the fun for the readers.


Tami: Would you like to add anything else?

Nancy: Nathan was a joy.

Nathan: As were you.

Nancy: I’m having a hard time letting this couple go. I miss the whole D’Azzo family. I wish I had more time with them, but they belong to the readers now.

Tami, thank you again for having us. If anyone has any questions, please don’t be shy. Ask away. In the meantime, enjoy my Free Chapters Download from The Protector. One final note, each book in this series is a standalone, but I highly suggest the reader read it in order. The Eyewitness, Book 1 will be FREE March 4 – 9.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks and Nathan D’Azzo


The Protector, Book 3 The D’Azzo Family

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Baby, I’m Home & Now I’m Available Almost Everywhere

Once upon a time, I wrote this book I titled, Baby, I’m Home. It was supposed to be part of a Father’s Day anthology. But the antho fell through only a couple of months before it was supposed to be published. The book had already been edited, and, frankly, I loved this story, so I decided to publish it on my own.

I reached out to a cover artist, and asked my editor to have a look at it (it was originally edited by the group who was supposed to publish the anthology) because I trust her opinion explicitly, and if I’m going to put this thing out into the world on my own, I wanted to ensure I did it right.

And when it was all said and done, this adorable story was published on May 29, 2018.

Baby, I'm Home

I chose to enroll it in KU because the series I wrote with Misti Murphy (the Sexy Bad series), as well as my Detroit Mafia series, do pretty well in KU.

This book didn’t.

It definitely sees more book sales vs. page reads. Which means it’s time for a change. If book sales are where it’s at, then let’s make sure I’m maximizing those sales, aka, making it available to as many people as might possibly want to read it.

Which meant it was time to say bye-bye to KU and helloooooo iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.

So yeah, if you read on your iPhone (like I do) or you have a Nook or the Kobo app or whatever other way you read, you can now enjoy this super cute, totes adorbs surprise baby book.

Oh yeah, and it’s only a buck ninety-nine. (Here’s a LINK) If that isn’t enough incentive, here’s a little teaser:

“So am I taking you to your parents’ house or…?”

“Hell no.” He tapped her abdomen with his pointer finger.

It was weird when a woman was pregnant; complete strangers tried to palm her belly in elevators and in restaurants. And Lord help her when dealing with the elderly women in her office. She hated it, every second of it. And here she was with Chad, wishing he’d never take his hand away.

“I think we need to go back to your place. Clearly, we have a lot to discuss,” he said.

“Your parents aren’t expecting you to go home?” The first time Chad had introduced her to his hoity-toity parents, they had been on their way to golf thirty-six holes and were dressed the part. His mom had looked down her nose at Jenna’s complexion and said, “What a fascinating skin tone.” And now it was entirely possible their first grandchild would have that same “fascinating” coloring.

“First of all, they’re still in Scotland. They’re trying to figure out what to do with the estate now that Gramps is gone. And don’t you think I deserve a little time to wrap my head around this before we announce it to the rest of the world?”

Yeah, probably. Although it was too damn late for that, and yes, she’d have to suffer the guilt for that one for the rest of her life. “Considering, as you put it, I’m so big, I should probably warn you that the rest of the world already knows. At least, the part that has come into visual contact with me for the past few months.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. And besides, you’re the one who texted and said you had a ‘big surprise’ for me.” He cupped her belly again, as if the action was helping him come to terms with this reality. “I admit, this was not even remotely what I was thinking.”

“Oh yeah? What were you thinking?”

“Ironically, much smaller. And lacy. And red.”

She laughed. “There may still be red and lacy in my wardrobe, but I can assure you, there is nothing whatsoever small at the moment.”

“Well, you look great. Is that the wrong thing to say?”

Smiling, she shook her head. “No. And thanks.”

Now are you ready to read? Here’s the link, to help you out: Baby, I’m Home

Baby, I'm Home

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Tami Lund’s Super Opinion About the Bowl

Of course I wrote a blog post about the Super Bowl. Didn’t everybody?

Also, I wrote mine over on my website, so, instead of doing twice the work, I’m just gonna link to the original. Check it out here: TAMI LUND’S SUPER OPINION ABOUT THE BOWL GAME.


Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

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Happy Birthday to Tami Lund

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be… I’m not sure. I generally try not to think about it. But if you ask my daughter, she’ll tell you in an instant.

What are my plans for my birthday, you ask? Well, let me tell you, they’re big ones, oh yes…

I’m going bowling. Yeah, you read that correctly. I’m on a bowling league with co-workers from the day job, and the night of my birthday happens to be a bowling night.

What’s really interesting about my big plans is that last year, for the first time possibly ever, I took my birthday off from the day job. My boss and a couple other ladies I work with do it every year, and they thought it was pretty weird that I didn’t, so, well, I did.

And I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty damn fantastic. I didn’t even do anything spectacular. I wrote. A lot. Home alone in the middle of the week with no other obligations (and knowing I didn’t have to make dinner or even clean up afterward; that’s like adding at least two hours to my day); I’m sure time has made reality hazy but I swear I wrote an entire book on that glorious day last year.

And then I vowed to do that every year, moving forward. I mean, hell, it’s my day, right? One single day a year dedicated to me and only me. If all I want to do is stay in my pajamas and write, why not? (And don’t say, ‘well, isn’t that just like any other Saturday or Sunday?’ Because no, it is not. It was a Wednesday, which is a vastly different experience, I promise.)

And here I am, exactly one year later, already breaking my own promise. But honestly, I’m okay with it.

Why? Well, there are all those “happy birthdays” I’ll get at the day job. Probably in person, via email, and also instant message. Plus, there’s an assumption that I don’t have to work as hard as normal, since it’s such a special day. (I may be making this part up, but it sounds damn good, doesn’t it?) And then there’s bowling.

I’m not a good bowler. My average hovers just above 100. Last year it peaked at 111 and then took a nose dive late in the season.

But it’s not about being a good bowler. (Okay, yeah, for a lot of people, it really is. But this is me we’re talking about. I don’t bowl because I honestly have any delusions that I might ever possibly win.)

It’s about the friendships. Camaraderie. Having a few laughs with people you see every single day but don’t necessarily always mingle with. Except on bowling night. Everybody’s friends on bowling night.

And yeah, there’s a very real possibility that I’ll mention it’s my birthday and probably won’t have to buy my own wine. I mean, seriously, if that doesn’t happen…

Oh yeah, and I may have taken the day after my birthday off. Because it’s a Friday. And let’s face it: a three-day weekend is sooooo much better than taking my actual birthday off.

PS – Thanks in advance for the birthday wishes. Which you should put in the comments below. Just because tomorrow is my birthday.


Dark Moon Falls 2 cover

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