Lynn Lorenz

Even as a young child, Lynn couldn’t keep her hands off the boys…

      Lynn grew up in New Orleans eating in bars and dancing in dives. She moved to Texas in the late ’80’s and now loves big hair, barbeque and cowboys.  She’s been published since 2008 and has over 30 novels and novellas under her belt, along with too many cocktails to name.

      She’s working on her next book, avoiding all housework, and riding herd on two teens, one husband and a slightly neurotic dog.

      Lynn loves to hear from readers…contact her at

My latest book…..

Locke and Blade from Amber Quill Press’s Amber Allure Magic and Witches PAX

Inspector Christopher Locke’s reputation is in tatters when he arrives at Waterford Patrol Station. Inspector Jonathan Blade thinks Locke is a brute and believes the rumors. Together they must fight crime in their district, if they can stop fighting each other.

WereWolf Fight League: Tor from Loose Id begins the series about slave and their trainers and owners set in an alternate world where werewolves are bred to fight to defend their mates.

Tor knows his place. He’s a slave. A werewolf. A champion. Until his mate Jinn is killed in the cage and Tor’s desire to fight or even live dies with Jinn. Now his owner wants him back in the cage, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, even offer up a sexy young slave as Tor’s new mate.

The next book WereWolf Fight League: Ashland, should be out in Spring 2013!

Rougaroux Social Club: Bayou Dreams is a novel from Loose Id and the beginning of a new series about a pack of Cajun werewolves living in a small town in the bayou country of Louisiana.

Scott Dupree is the sheriff of St. Jerome and the alpha of his pack. A few years past mating prime, Scott figures his mate will show up, but he never figured his mate would be a man, and a gay man at that. Ted Canedo’s fallen for a straight man before, he has the T-shirt and the hat to prove it. Both men are fighting their strong attraction and only Scott’s voodoo hoodoo maman has the power to break the mating bond. Or does she?

In the second book in the Rougaroux series, Bayou’s End tells the story of Deputy Billy Boudreaux and Peter Wilson. Peter’s been thrown out of his pack for being gay and Billy has just come out to his. Peter’s been hurt bad by a former lover and it’ll take everything Billy has to keep his hands off the wounded younger man and not claim him as Billy’s mate.

Stay tuned for the next book in the Rougaroux series, Bayou Loup, coming in Jan 2013!

2 thoughts on “Lynn Lorenz

  1. it really is a shame there were only three books in this series!!! i loved the 2nd on esp…esp the ‘sex in shifted form’…this one was more intimate and touching by far!! got me hot!! they are sentient beings! so damned hot!!


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