Another First Day of School

My baby started high school last week. I handled the first day much better than I did when she started kindergarten and middle school.

It’s crazy how fast it all happens, isn’t it? I remember when her life began; I had just started a new job and my husband and I were planning to try “in six months or so.”

And then I was pregnant.

I knew by my son’s second birthday, yet remained in denial until ten days later, when I finally gave in and took a pregnancy test on Halloween, of all days.

Yeah, yeah, it ended up being a treat, not a trick.

I know exactly how old my kitchen is because when I was six months pregnant with my daughter, we gutted it and put in a new one. I gained a bunch of weight because we were forced to eat out for a month. This weight gain was despite my crawling around on my hands and knees day after day, laying tile, my belly almost brushing against the cool squares of ceramic as I slowly made my way to the next one. Every time my husband would ask if I wanted a break, I’d say, “Once I get up, I’m not getting down here again, so let’s just get it over with.”

Crap, our kitchen is getting old!

The first few years of my daughter’s life were, unfortunately, a blur, because I made the mistake of working in an industry that is not family-friendly. And then when she was almost four, the recession hit and I was laid off from my day job. I went from barely getting home in time to kiss her goodnight to spending every waking hour with her.

It was fantastic.

Days before her fifth birthday, I went back to work, and for a couple more years did it again; put in way too many hours. But then it evened out; I gradually learned how to (mostly) balance work and home. Don’t forget, in between all that, I had discovered a passion for writing that was most definitely not going anywhere any time soon.

Despite my “work ethic,” I have managed to be there for every first day and every last day of school. From the tears on the first day of kindergarten to the proud grins on the last. More tears and lots of trepidation on the first day of middle school, to the thrill of realizing how far she’d come on the last.

And now we’ve started her high school journey. I insisted she let me take that obligatory first day of school picture; she insisted on not smiling until the 756th shot. She asked me to drop her off earlier than I used to in middle school because she doesn’t want to feel rushed in the mornings anymore (last year she insisted it was okay to get there two minutes before the bell rang).

For many years, she wanted to be a vet, a not surprising result of a deep love of all animals. Last year that morphed into, “I want to do something in biology.” That’s still her plan. A few weeks ago, we drove past a local university, and as I used to work there, I was able to give her info about it, and it was pretty crazy to see her process and actually start thinking about what the heck she planned to do after high school.

They really do grow up too fast.

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Top 3 Differences between Reunited Lovers from High School vs. College by Sara Daniel

Reunited lovers is common theme in many of my books. Usually, my hero and heroine were high school sweethearts or shared a high school past, as in One Night with the Bride and One Night with the Groom. However, in One Night with her Husband, the hero and heroine met and fell in love while in college. I discovered the issues shaping them and the circumstances of their relationship to be vastly different than if they’d been high school lovers. Below are my top differences. If you have any additions, I’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments for discussion.

full Bridal Party series horizontal

Parents – Make no mistake. Parents are still part of the picture for college students, footing bills and providing a home base for their children. However, you’re not usually tripping over Mom as you lead your boyfriend into your dorm room. In One Night with the Bride, Caroline’s parents forbid her from seeing her high school boyfriend. In One Night with her Husband, Marcia’s parents disapproved of Adrian, but they could only express their disapproval from a distance.

Freedom – No parents = More freedom. Not just with whom you date and how late you stay out but whether you choose to skip class to make out by the lagoon. In One Night with the Groom, Luciana’s parents tried to protect her from making bad choices by keeping her high school boyfriend from her, but at college, Marcia was free to make bad choices, as well as accept the responsibility to fix her mistakes on her own.

Career/Future Ambition – High school students are thinking about college, trade school or an entry level job. Career plans at this stage are usually pie-in-the-sky dreams. That doesn’t mean they won’t become a reality. Javier from One Night with the Bride turned his high school dreams into a very successful reality, but at the time the lovers separated those dream were still only visions. In college, not only is the student earning a degree, they are also interviewing for that first “real world” job and making concrete plans to turn their dreams into a reality, even if it causes them to go in the opposite direction of their true love, as Marcia and Adrian did in One Night with her Husband.

SD_One Night with her husband_SMOne Night With Her Husband

She walked away from her marriage seven years ago…
Marcia Johnson always assumed her husband would follow her eventually. She’d achieve success while she waited and prove her decision the right one. But when he finally turns up, she’s not ready. Her career hangs in the balance, and her weight has skyrocketed. How can she face the man she loves and show him she made the right choice? Especially when he’s matured from a decent-looking college student into the sexiest man she’s ever seen.

He’s waited seven years for his wife to finally need him…
If Adrian Torres can save her business, maybe he’ll have a shot at saving their marriage. But the woman he finds is too competent and independent to ask him for help. She even shrugs off his touch instead of reacting with the desire he hoped to ignite. Have the embers of their marriage finally died? Is it time to end their relationship and move forward?

He wants a divorce…
Her world ripped apart, Marcia turns to 1Night Stand to give her one more night before she lets Adrian go. She dares not hope for more. Even Madame Eve couldn’t have the magic to save their neglected disaster of a relationship…could she?

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SaraDaniel_headshot_9-2012_cropped - smallSara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction, was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels, and loses her car keys several times a day. One Night with her Husband is part of the One Night with the Bridal Party series. Subscribe to Sara’s newsletter: Visit her website: