Time’s almost up … and Bingo Clue #9

Hello my darlings!

The time to puOccupationalHazardBundle_2500pxrchase White Collar Cowboy for $0.99 is almost up!

On August 31, Occupational Hazard, The Ultimate Workplace Romance Box Set will disappear … FOREVER!

Of course, White Collar Cowboy will still be available at all major eBook resellers, for it’s regular price of $2.99.

I’ve shared White Collar Cowboy on many occasions, how about a little taste of another book in the box set?

Written by my friend and partner-in-crime, Mandy Harbin, Against Company Policy, is a super sexy story about co-workers (who live in different cities) who find creative uses for technology to make up for the distance that separates them.

* * * * *

CoverWhen desire is faced with physical boundaries, it’s time to get a little creative…and a little kinky.

Cassie Tucker, a hard-working project leader at a software design company, can’t believe her luck when she’s assigned to work with the hottest guy at the firm. Too bad his office is hundreds of miles away. Technology will get them through—both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Ian Cope has had the hots for Cassie for two years. Landing this project with her is a dream come true. Until he discovers he’s expected to use Cassie to aid in a consolidation plan that will shut down her office. He really should keep things professional, all things considered. But she’s a temptation he can’t refuse…and he’ll go against company policy to have her.

Reader Advisory: Our clever heroine orchestrates a hot BDSM experience for her lover to enjoy via video chat. And if she must utilize the aid of her best friend to make it happen? Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…


Either Cassie was starting to feel the effects of all this yummy wine she’d downed so far or she was lightheaded from what just happened. She preferred to put the blame on the alcohol. She was getting ready to respond when a new message window popped up.

Hi. You’re up late.


Gotta go, Sasha. Ian just messaged me.

Get out! Girl, I want deets on the morrow.

She closed their chat and stared at Ian’s message. What the hell was she going to say? Guess honesty was the way to go.

Was working. You have some great ideas. I sent you some other changes that I think need to be made.

Good. You have a Skype account? Since you’re working anyway, we can meet right now and go over some things without being interrupted.

Er, no, she didn’t have a Skype account. Her family lived close by and the only people she talked to online like that were through work.

Nope. But I can sign up real quick. I’m sure it’s not rocket science.

I’ll log on. Just do a search for my name and add me as a contact. Then select me and click video call.

Cassie created an account and added him as he’d requested. It was really easy. She opened up another window and logged on to her work network through the VPN connection, so she’d be ready for their impromptu meeting. Then she clicked the appropriate button on Skype to initiate the call.

“Hi, there,” Ian said when he came into view.

God, he was gorgeous. Cassie had only seen him in a tie, unless he wore a polo on casual days. Now he was in a tight-fitting t-shirt. It was faded but showed some football team and fit him like a second skin. He sat far enough back from his computer that she could see the tops of his lounge pants and upper thighs, but was too far for her to notice any bulge to discredit Sasha’s silly broken-dick theory.

He took a swig of his beer and set it aside, his muscles rippling with little effort. When he licked his lips, moisture pooled between her legs. She fantasized about what he could do with that wet tongue. Her nipples hardened, making her acutely aware of how thin her spaghetti-strap top was. She suddenly realized she’d had way too much to drink tonight and shouldn’t have agreed to this, but was too buzzed to care as much as she should.

“Hey,” she said a little too breathlessly, grabbing her glass of wine, swallowing the last of it and filling it up again, damn near draining the bottle. With as much as she’d had to drink, her mouth shouldn’t be so dry.

He chuckled. “Looks like you’ve had fun tonight. Unless you had someone helping you with that bottle.” He took another pull of his beer.

“Nope. And I actually stopped working before I really started feeling the effects, just so you know.”

He threw his hands up, one still holding his beer. “Oh hey, I’m not here to judge. I’m on my fourth one of these.”

“Good, then if I go down, I’m taking you with me.” She chuckled as she took another sip.

Something dark flashed across Ian’s eyes but was gone before she could fully analyze it. “So tell me about yourself, Cope.”

He cocked an eyebrow with his beer halfway to his luscious mouth. “What do you want to know, Tucker?”

She tilted her head as she thought. “Do you live at home with your mom?” Cassie blurted.

He spewed beer before throwing his hand up to his mouth. He swallowed and coughed as he laughed. “Where the hell did that come from?”

She was trying not to laugh at the scene he made, but she wasn’t doing a very good job. “Just answer the question, Cope,” she said with mock seriousness.

“No, I don’t live with my mom.”

“Damn,” Cassie muttered as she took another sip of her wine. There goes one possible theory.

“What did you say?”

“Oh nothing, nothing.” She waved her hands dismissively. “I probably should’ve just asked how tall you were instead.”

“What does that have to do with living with my mom?” There was genuine amusement in his eyes.

Cassie shrugged innocently. It wasn’t as if she could come out and tell him about her conversation with Sasha.

“I’m six-two.”

“Damn!” she mumbled into her wineglass.

He laughed. “I don’t know if I should be offended or what. Normally, women like a tall man who doesn’t live at home with mommy.”

“Not me.”

Ian leaned forward, setting his beer down. “No?”

“No. I like short titty babies all the way. Even better if they have broken dicks.”

He threw his head back in a fit of laughter and slapped his chest, leaving his hand over his heart while he got his composure. Damn, but he was sexy. Cassie wished she could just crawl through the screen and straddle his lap.

“Well, I’m batting zero, darlin’,” he said as he wiped his eyes.

“I knew it’d never work,” she said, feigning disappointment.

His smile began to fade and he swallowed, though he didn’t take a drink. He rubbed his hands on what had to be his legs, but Cassie couldn’t see that far. He seemed to be getting uncomfortable, and she felt guilty for allowing the conversation to trickle into an inappropriate area. Heat tinged her cheeks, but as much as she wanted to say it was because of embarrassment, she knew that’d be a lie. No matter how he felt, she was turned-on and too buzzed to be smart about this. Her pussy was wet and she ached to touch it. Oh yeah, as soon as she ended this call, she’d be taking care of herself, pretending it was Ian Cope.

She finished her wine quickly. “Well, I think I’m too drunk to get any work done.” And too horny. “I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

“Wait, I—”


Cassie clicked the button and the screen got smaller. Then she pushed her laptop away and fell back on her bed. God, why did that man have to be the hottest thing she’d even seen? And now she knew he was tall, self-sufficient with a working dick. She groaned at the thought of what he could do with his big, hard cock and pushed her pants and panties down her thighs. She let her fingers trail lightly over her belly to her pussy, slowly tracing the seam.

“I want you to touch me,” she whispered, imagining it was Ian’s finger about to breach her barrier.

Her finger slipped into her wet folds and she gasped. She pushed two fingers inside and fucked herself slowly, teasingly. She worked her fingers, thrusting until more cream flooded her. Then she pulled out, circling her swollen nub.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Like that.”

She wanted Ian’s mouth on her, ravishing her, drinking her honey, sucking her clit, his large body hovering over her, dominating her. Even though she tried it once, she never really got into the whole Dom/sub dynamic, but she had to admit a little domination was sexy as hell. Just the thought of him holding her down, seeing to her pleasure, ensuring his own, was enough to send her to the edge. She stopped teasing herself and shoved her fingers back inside her pussy while she used her other hand to rub her clit. She frantically tried to get herself off, thrusting her hips up, fucking herself while she fingered her hard button. She was moaning, so close, almost there.

She squeezed her eyes shut because she started to see stars. Then colors exploded behind her eyelids as her climax hit. She was panting as she brought herself down from the heights of her pleasure when she heard a masculine roar. She shot up in the bed, yanking herself out of her foggy bliss to see Ian’s image within a smaller screen on the laptop. Oh, fuck! Please don’t be a live shot. She clicked to enlarge it and gasped when she saw him sitting in the same place he’d been when she had disconnected their video call—or when she’d thought she’d disconnected it.

Only he wasn’t watching her. His head was thrown back, his hand fisted around his cock, stroking it while cum shot onto his belly and all over his hand.

She was frozen as she stared, mortified at what he’d witnessed, yet fascinated at what he was doing.

Groaning, he looked up and saw her looking at him, her image sobering him.

“Cassie, I—”

She shut the laptop before he could finish.

This was bad. This was very bad.

* * * * *

Don’t forget – August 31 is the last day to purchase this boxed set! Ten books, ONLY $0.99!! Spread the word – and thank you for reading!

And now … BINGO CLUE # 9! Good luck!

Until next time …


Clue 9


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Double Up releases next week! And Clue #8

Hello everyone! I’m so thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my contemporary sports romance, Double Up! While the official book release is Monday the 25th, if you pre-order directly from Riptide, you get to download it early and can read over the weekend. Click on the book cover to read the excerpt, see early reviews, and if you like, preorder!


Knowing he’s loved can make any man fly.

Fifteen years ago, Ben Warren was a wakeboarding champion: king of big air, ballsy tricks, and boned grabs. Until a career-ending injury left him broken in ways he still has no hope of fixing. Now he takes his thrills where he can get them, and tries not to let life hurt too much.

Then Davis Fox arrives in Ben’s sporting goods store with a plan to get in touch with his estranged brother by competing in the annual wakeboarding double-up contest. The catch? He’s never ridden before. It’s crazy, but Ben’s a sucker for the guy’s sob story—and for his dimples, too—so he agrees to coach Davis.

Davis is everything Ben isn’t: successful, confident, and in love with life. And he wants Ben to love life—and him—too. But before Ben can embrace a future with Davis, he needs to remember how to hope.

And of course, our bingo game continues, and here is clue number 8!

Bingo Clue 8

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Latest release and Clue #7!

Perv-Becca_Jameson-500x800I’ve been so humbled by the number of amazing comments I’ve had for my latest series: The Fight Club. Book one was Come and thank you thank you to everyone who has enjoyed it. Book two, Perv, releases in just a few weeks on September 4 and it’s available for pre-order on Amazon!

Here’s the blurb:

Jenna Mathews has nothing on her mind except making sure her best friend’s wedding is perfect in every way. As the maid of honor and the florist, she needs to keep on task. However, she is in no way prepared for the sexy best man who slides into place at the last second for the wedding rehearsal. He flusters her from the moment he arrives and manages to tip her world on its axis before the night is over. But Jenna isn’t ready for his world, and besides, she has family issues to deal with and has no interest in divulging the truth about who she really is.

Mason Simmons can’t believe he is falling for a vanilla woman at his best friend’s wedding of all places. Even though both the bride and the groom warn him to stay away from the maid of honor, he isn’t able to keep his hands to himself. He’s a smart man, though. No matter how hard he gets every time he’s with Jenna, he still knows she isn’t the type to enjoy either of his favorite pastimes—MMA fighting and BDSM. What he really needs to do is get her out of his system so he can move on.

But things don’t work out as planned for either Jenna or Mason. Every time they are together, the heat rises. Neither of them is capable of turning the flames down. Jenna proves to be far less vanilla at heart, shocking herself as well as Mason. The fighting is almost more than she can handle, but when Mason takes her to his club, Extreme, she finds herself titillated beyond what either of them expected.

Just when things are looking up, Jenna’s family enters the picture to rock the boat. Can their relationship survive the extreme turbulence? Secrets are one thing, but Jenna has a pile she wished she never had to divulge.

And now for clue #7!

clue 7

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The Hundred Foot Journey & Bingo Clue #6!

Photo Courtesy IMDB

Photo Courtesy IMDB

The dh (btw – stands for Dutch Husband) and I love going to the movies. I tend to be the one who picks which film we see with the exception of the action category.

My taste in the big screen productions runs the whole gamut – save for the exception of horror flicks (my imagination’s too active & I have horrific—pun intended—nightmares). In the final analysis, the HEA (happy ever after) endings always suck me in.

Being a huge Masterpiece Theatre fan, I favor lush, sweeping period pieces. There aren’t many Merchant & Ivory movies I haven’t seen. Am I totally dating myself here? Does anyone remember Howard’s End? A Room with a View? The Remains of the Day?

Why am I harking back to films produced twenty years ago? Because we saw The Hundred Foot Journey over the weekend and the sumptuous country vistas, the luxurious settings, and the opulent ambiance reminded me of those classic Merchant & Ivory productions. My BFF recently sent me the book of the same title that spawned the movie, but I didn’t have time to read it (sometimes a good thing) before viewing the film.

While some critics have panned The Hundred Foot Journey, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The premise of the plot is this: an immigrant family moves into a chateau across the road (100 feet distant) from a one-starred Michelin restaurant and opens an Indian street-food bistro. Total culture clash – one of my pet tropes (hence my tag linewhen cultures collide, passions sizzle).

Produced by the king and queen of entertainment, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, and starring the incomparable Helen Mirren (who, at age 69, has a body to die for), The Hundred Foot Journey is a slice of perfect, dreamy escapism. For two hours, you are transported into the world of a sleepy, alpine French village, and immersed in the petty squabbles, ingrained prejudices, and ultimate innocence of small town living anywhere on this planet.

Want a break from Robin William’s tragic suicide? The Michael Brown killing? The insanity in the Ukraine? The exploding Middle East?

Beef Bourguinon - photo courtesy tablespoon.com

Beef Bourguinon – photo courtesy tablespoon.com

Chicken Tandoori - photo courtesy Wikipedia

Chicken Tandoori – photo courtesy Wikipedia

Go see The Hundred Foot Journey. But, make sure you eat first.

Otherwise you’ll be craving either classic French food like Beef Bourguignon or spicy Chicken Tandoori.



And now onto the crucial Bingo Clue #6:

luckys charmsIf you are not playing Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo Game it’s not too late (we just started on Monday! — and there is no Bingo yet!)
We have several Bingo cards left. You can get the previous clues and rules at http://lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com/
Email emilia.a.mancini@gmail.com for a board, she’ll send one to you. (only one entry per person please)

Merry Munchy Monday!



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Summer, outlines, and Clue #5

As summer comes to a close and kids return to school, I only have one thing on my mind…




Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but really, I work at home and I don’t get a lot done during the summer months. I’m so ready to get some editing projects done and off my plate so I have time to write for myself that I could scream. It seems during the summer all I have time for is outlines, and I have plenty of outlines!

The one I’m most excited about though, is a sequel to Seducing Kate. I don’t do sequels, well, I seducingkate-510never have until now, but I’m kind of excited about this one. It seemed like whenever I tried to write something new, Kate and Kyle popped into my head to let me know they weren’t quite done yet. They had a little more ..um…things they wanted to do. I couldn’t quite figure out what those things were until recently though.

One of my outlines is all about Kate and I can’t wait to get to writing this one!

So, how did you spend your summer?



clue 5

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Patience is a Virtue … and Bingo Clue #4

You all know me as a romance author.  But before I was an author I was — and still am — a fan of romance novels.  I’ve read every genre known to romance. I go through streaks and will only read romantic suspense. Then I’ll get the yen for some Regency romance.  Some times I go on a scifi  or paranormal romance reading binge. Then something erotic and kinky.

Bottom-line, I read all the time.

Like most fans, I have my favorite authors, those whose books I haunt the bookstores both online and in bricks and mortar.  And like most fans, I NEED that next fix.

But being an author, I’ve learned: LIFE INTRUDES.

My fans are the best.  You have waited patiently while I parented parents for two and a half years and then dealt with the aftermath of their deaths. You’ve suffered through my and my hubby’s cataract surgeries and post-operative recuperation. Even without the major life crises, day-to-day life happens. There are often days I can barely sit my butt in my chair and write for all sorts of little reasons.  My DH is sick. Or the A/C went out and I have to sit on hold to get someone to come fix it– and my DH is freaking out because he can NOT handle heat/humidity. Or the painter is here. Or … well, you get the picture.

What brought this up and why am I blogging about it?

Two of my favorite authors have been catching some flak lately because their books did not come out when the author initially said they would.  In both instances, these authors had valid and serious personal reasons why the books were delayed. And there were some people who posted some not-very-nice comments on the authors’ FB pages. I was happy to see that there were far more fans supporting the two authors than were tearing them down, but I’m sure the authors were hurt by some of the mean-spirited comments.

So, first, I want to say THANK YOU  to all my fans who have waited patiently and with good grace and humor when my books didn’t come out as quickly as you’d like. Trust me, I want to put out two quality books a year, but some days it just isn’t happening. I LOVE MY FANS!

And second, I want to throw my  support to all the authors I love to read. HUGS TO YOU. Your family and loved ones are far more important than the next book. Your health is more important than the next book.  I understand how hard it is just to get your butt out of bed some days as life throws you curve balls, let alone to try to be creative. So, I, as your loyal fan, will re-read all your previous books and wait patiently for the next book. I will then buy it. Read it. Recommend it to my friends. Dear author, be well. Be happy. Be creative when y’all get the time. I’ll still be here — your loyal fan, Moni.

There is no waiting, however, for Bingo Clue #4:

Bingo Clue 1







If you are not playing Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo Game it’s not too late (we just started on Monday! — and there is no Bingo yet!)

We have several Bingo cards left. You can get the previous clues and rules at http://lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com/

Email emilia.a.mancini@gmail.com for a board, she’ll send one to you. (only one entry per person please)

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Kick-Ass Heroines – and Clue #3

Last week I attended a panel discussion on kick-ass heroines which directly relates to my Ladies of Black Swan series. Hopefully the first book will release next year.

I’m curious to see if you agree with that panel of authors.

There seems to be an emerging trend for kick-ass heroines. Whether it is because of female dominant characters in newer video games or the attention the American media pays to females in the military, the popularity is reflected in increasing book sales containing this type heroine.


Nikita, the late 1990’s TV version, was my favorite kick ass and take names character.

Side bar here for a moment. The panel and attendees all agreed that there is a difference between a strong heroine and a kick-ass heroine. The latter is usually physically strong. As a group we decided that, unless paranormally enhanced, women are physically weaker than men. Given the right circumstances, though, a woman can kick a man’s ass and put a serious hurt on him. Women are usually underestimated in the physical strength department so when they have the capability and are forced to use their muscles, men are often surprised by what a woman can, and will, do. Women are much more cunning than men, and when attacked, there is no such thing as fair play.

I asked the panel to tell me the characteristics they thought a kick-ass heroine needed. Here’s the list

wonder woman

What little girl didn’t want the powers Wonder Woman possessed?

Confidence. A strong heroine doesn’t necessarily have to show this trait until the end, but a kick-ass heroine should be a little cocky and display self-assurance. Her underlying quality may actually be self-reliance since she is the lone wolf persona in female form.

Intuitive. Her experience has taught her to depend on her instincts and she reacts quickly. Since we write romantic fiction, she’s almost always correct in her assumptions, except where the hero is involved.

A kick-ass heroine does not show Vulnerability except to those very few people she lets in. But a hero eventually sees through the hardened outer shell to her softer side.

Cut and Dry. Black and White. Good and Evil. There are no gray areas to this type heroine. That is, of course, until she interacts with the hero and blurs the lines.


Sydney was the perfect chameleon kicking ass every episode on Alias.

The next two are tied together in my mind. Loyalty and Sacrifice. She will do anything for those she cares about and it usually involves sacrificing something she wants to give others what they need.

Faith. Not religious, although that too can play into it, but primarily faith in herself. She can get the job done and the fight is worth whatever it costs her.

One of the panelists summed it up very well…

“Kick-ass heroines are the women we all wish we were.”

Were there characteristics they missed? What do you think makes a kick-ass heroine?  Which heroine do you prefer; strong or kick-ass? Who was/is your favorite strong or kick-ass heroine?

If you are not playing Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo Game it’s not too late. 

We have several Bingo cards left. You can get the previous clues at http://lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com/

Email emilia.a.mancini@gmail.com for a board, she’ll send one to you. (only one entry per person please)

Here is today’s Bingo clue:

bound to be taken

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