Fetishes…of the purse kind

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I’m so excited.

No, not because I’ll be seeing love and joy through my kids eyes or having a wonderful meal with my family. I mean, yeah, that’s part of it–love those little Mancini babies and all their love and joy…but the absolutely best part about this Christmas? The big box sitting under my tree that is holding this amazing present…and it has my name on it.

How do I know? Did I sneak a peek? Gasp! I would never. Do I have x-ray vision? I wish! Am I telepathic? Nope, not in this life. I simply have the most wonderful mother-in-law in all the land who ordered exactly what I asked for…a new purse!

To this, Mr. Mancini sighed. He rolled his eyes. He made that disapproving sound that only a husband married to a woman with a closet full of purses and shoes can make. (It’s eerily similar to the noise I make when he promises that he’ll fix that leaky faucet eventually…but that’s a whole different post.)

The need for a new purse can’t be helped. It cannot be denied. It is an impulse that is a million times greater than all my logic, a desire that burns hotter than a thousand burning suns.  I don’t know how or when it happened, really, I just know it did. I just know that I, Emilia purse2Mancini, have a purse fetish. Not just any purses. No, my loves, my fetish is for purses that are so large I could carry a litter of puppies inside.

I like to keep things in my bag. Lots of things. Like tissues, hand sanitizer…small countries.  I need pockets for everything. I need organization. I need sleeves and pockets and pen holders. I have a digital recorder, pens, notebooks, a camera, and a laptop that I carry  for work. So, yeah, these big monstrous purses I carry serve a purpose. But more than that, they make me feel secure. I don’t feel good while carrying a cutesy little purse. I mean…how can I fit all my stuff in there? I have to leave something behind and it is, without a doubt, something that I will regret not having with me. What if I find the aforementioned litter of puppies abandoned by some heartless beast? How could I carry them all to safety? I mean…that could happen, right?

I know I’m not alone in this. Please, someone, tell me I’m not alone in this. Whether it be purses or shoes or sexy undies, we all have something, right? We all have that one item that we couldn’t possibly need more of, but can’t stop buying. I want to know… What is your shopping fetish? Perhaps we could start a support group (or at least tell each other where the really great deals are!)

While you are pondering your answer, let me take a moment to wish you, no matter what or how you are celebrating, a very happy holiday season. Thank you all for being so wonderful to us here  at LLL, we cherish each and everyone of you!


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Coming Soon — A Prime Chronicles Short Story

MM_TPC_PrimeClaiming_300x400Because I have wonderful Prime Chronicles fans who convinced me that I needed to continue to write in this scifi romance world, I have written my first Prime Chronicles short story, Prime Claiming.

This is the story of Cheri Stafford, Bria’s research assistant, and Lt. Zaek Magga, a computer engineer who works with Iolyn. For those of you who have read Prime Imperative, you will know what I am talking about since this long scene takes place in between Chapters 14 and 15, on the Galanti as it is en route to Cejuru Prime.

For those of you new to the series, the story has enough back story to bring y’all up to speed.

This story depicts their final mating dance and takes place three days after Cheri ran back to the lab to checkout the Prime warrior who was thought to be mating with her.  He is, of course, but he doesn’t move forward fast enough for Cheri who has waited her entire life to find the “one.”

What happens when Cheri forces the issue?  A Prime claiming.

The e-book is in final editing stages and then will go to the formatter. I am self-publishing this story for Kindle, Nook, and  iBooks (after they return from Christmas hiatus).  The price will be $2.99 for  a 13,000+ word story.  I hope to upload after Christmas, but I am relying on the kindness of my editor and my formatter to make time for me during a busy holiday season and for Amazon and B&N to turn it around quickly.  I will make an announcement on my FB pages, Twitter, and my web site once any of the links are live.

Blurb (unedited, working version):

Like all Prime males, Lieutenant Zaek Magga has one wish in life—to find his mate. He never expected her to be Terran.

Research assistant Cheri Stafford is excited about traveling to Cejuru Prime as part of the team that will work on the Prime race’s population growth issues. She wasn’t looking for a man.

When Zaek realizes he’s bonding with Cheri, he’s excited, but cautious. His little Terran, while she might understand the biological aspects of the bonding process between a Prime male and a non-Prime female, has no clue about the reality. So, he decides to take it slow.

After observing the other Prime bond couples and how aggressively sexual the mating process is, Cheri is worried about why Zaek is holding her at arm’s length. They’re mating, and he hasn’t even kissed her properly.

When Cheri presses Zaek on the issue—the result is a hot Prime claiming.

Here’s a short Excerpt (not a final edit!):

Galactic Alliance Star Ship Galanti en route to Cejuru Prime
Crew Dining Room

“You want more?”

The husky baritone had her quivering with sexual awareness. Her already swollen and wet pussy got wetter and achier. Her clit throbbed in time with her escalated heart rate.

The man was effin’ lethal.

With a less than steady hand, Cheri Stafford scraped up the last crumbs of the super-rich chocolate cake with double-fudge frosting. Chocolate, one of her addictions, was a less than adequate substitute for what her body desperately craved—her newest addiction, Lieutenant Zaek Magga, a computer engineer and ruggedly handsome Prime warrior.

“Cheri—” Zaek eyed her with amused indulgence from his seat—way on the other side of the table. And hadn’t his choosing to sit on the other side of the table shaken her confidence in his desire for her?

Her brand-spanking-new, pheromone-enhanced empathic sense indicated his calm and humoring expression was all an act. Underneath the facade, he was a hot-and-bothered, nearly-crazed-with-lust Prime male in an active gemat-gemate mating cycle with her. The cycle had been initiated with a neurochemical attraction and then an empathic bonding; it would end with a mind-body-spirit connection after they had sex for the first time. The only difference between a Prime-on-Prime mating and a Prime-on-non-Prime mating was when the bond mark appeared—a Prime-on-Prime couple marked at the beginning of the cycle; the Prime-on-non-Prime, after the sexual culmination.

Since Cheri was Terran, their mating cycle had to be confirmed by medical testing―and it had been, on the same day Iolyn Caradoc told her Zaek was attracted to her. Prior to that pivotal moment, a mere three days ago, she’d been an ordinary research assistant for the Galactic Alliance Astrobiological Research Lab and Zaek, just another hunky Prime soldier helping set up her friend and boss Bria Martin-Caradoc’s research lab on the Galanti. Now, they were part of a new era of Prime integration with other hominids in the galaxy.

What had amazed her and everyone else was the speed of their bonding—less than three days—especially considering Cheri only had a small amount of Prime DNA.

The answer to how much Prime DNA a non-Prime female had to have to incite a gemat-gemate bond?—Not much.

Cheri still couldn’t believe this was happening, especially since Zaek hadn’t acted as sexually aggressive as the other Prime males who’d found mates among the Galanti crew. In fact, he hadn’t made any moves on her at all―she didn’t count the brief, chaste goodnight kisses at her quarters’ door.

Staring at his starkly handsome face, she licked the last of her dessert off her lips and imagined licking him all over his body. “Yummy.”

Her not-quite-yet gemat emitted a low, rumbling, buzz-saw purr which told her he’d sensed her desire and was close to losing control.

Good. Most of her control had left the ship three days ago—and what was left had eroded more with each day he hadn’t claimed her. What the fuck is his problem?

Adora—” Zaek’s voice held a hint of steel.

While he might call her his adored one, she’d learned very quickly the man didn’t like to be ignored, which was why she was pushing him. Something had to give in this ridiculous sexual stand-off, and she was just the gal to light the match to ignite the inferno inside him.

“Yes?” She stopped scraping the plate and wondered if it would be bad form to lick the last remnants of frosting off the shiny surface. She licked her lips again since it seemed to get a rise out of him.

Zaek stiffened and emitted a growl that scraped over her already raw and bleeding nerves.

Her lips twisted with satisfaction. That growl was filled with temper and frustration. Time to add even more fuel to the smoldering embers of his tightly reined lust.

“Yes, I want more,” she muttered in a low tone that carried to him and no further. After all, they were sitting in the crowded crew’s dining area. Too many nosy gazes had already turned their way; there was no need to give the busy-bodies anything else to gossip about. “But not fricking dessert.”


Will there be more Prime Chronicles books in the future?  Yes.  I have a novella planned for Damon (Bria Martin-Caradoc’s adopted brother) and Susa (the former sex surrogate for the Caradoc family).

Their novella will kick-off what I plan to be a trilogy centered on other Prime/non-Prime matings and the tracking down of the Prime medical researcher who was the architect of the toxin that harmed the reproductive abilities of Prime women. While we found out who had instigated such a fiendish plot on his home planet (no spoilers here, you have to read the first three books to find out who and why) at the end of Prime Imperative, the lead researcher who aided the main Prime traitor and the doctors who aided and abetted the process were yet to be found and prosecuted.

After that trilogy is complete, we’ll see.  I also will be alternating writing Prime books with my SSI books since I have to keep all my fans happy. :) Right now, I am busy at work on Storm Warning (bk 4), Tweeter Walsh’s story, in my SSI series. Tweeter’s book will be a long one, maybe Cold Day in Hell long.



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That Sinking Feeling…Wahoo! A Submarine Ride

120xWe just returned from the annual family vacation, celebrating Christmas early with Macho Marine’s side. They always choose a warm climate.


Christmas in Cancun is now available wherever eBooks are sold and in paperback from Amazon

Unlike the last several years, we did NOT go to Cancun. And in case you were wondering, those vacations were the impetus to write Christmas in Cancun which is now available most everywhere books are sold.

This year we cruised the Southern Caribbean. Look for Captivated in Cancun in 2015. Lilly’s story will take you into the world of human trafficking via cruise ships. Are you seeing a pattern here?

When on a cruise, there are excursions you can take in every port. I’ve always wanted to dive deep, but that becomes very complicated using SCUBA gear, so when I saw the opportunity to take a ride in a submarine, I jumped on it. Literally.

For Macho Marine, it was no big deal. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, he’d spent time in a “real” sub before deciding big gray boats weren’t as exciting as being a Marine. But for this woman, who at one time had dreamed of exploring the ocean’s bottom as a career, it was AWESOME!

sub 1Through the large portals on both sides, you could see so much. Purple fan coral three-feet in diameter swayed in the current. Tubular, lime-green sponges shot straight up from the sandy floor. Whips of black coral six-feet long stretched to reach the surface far above. sub 2Yellow and red brain coral the size of an ottoman sat unaffected as the 48-passenger sub passed by. A school of juvenile, yellow tail fish, twelve to twenty inches, long circled us as we slowly we descended to 148 feet below the surface. The further we went down, the more sparse the life. It became an undersea desert of white sand, and a shipwreck. sub 3The vessel had been scuttled several years ago as part of reef-building, but it was still cool.

As an author, I want readers to feel like they are with Rafe and Harper (Explosive Combination) running through the dense, humid jungle in Colombia, and snorkeling on the colorful reef to see the underwater Virgin Mary with Jack and Jillian (Christmas in Cancun). Maybe someday I’ll write a book about a submarine.

2014-11-14 14.38.03I want to hear from you – If for Christmas, someone gave you the trip of a lifetime, you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go? What would you do? Tell me about your dream vacation and you’ll be entered to win the Christmas in Cancun promotion diamond earrings.

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Don’t kill the fantasy in romance.

Hi everyone, Rosanna here. Please note the following post is a reblog. I wrote this last week for my own blog and it seemed to create a lot of interest so I wanted to share it here. I’d love to know your thoughts on the topic.


Recently, I’ve read several posts from folks who feel romance literature has become too much a thing of fantasy. That’s there isn’t enough realism in the genre. Here are a few of the complaints I’ve heard:

-Even when clearly flawed in some way, the heroes are too perfect. They don’t resemble real men.
-Those heroes give their women too many orgasms. (Yeah, someone complained about that!)
-The scenarios are too implausible. No one falls in love under those circumstances.
-The relationships are too intense.

Whew. This gave me pause. After all, I’ve always read romance for the sense of fantasy. Even when reading “realistic” contemporary romance, I want something more than a slice of life. I want better than real life.

It’s not to say real life can’t be grand, but don’t we enjoy those “implausible” scenarios because they take us away from our problems for a while?

As for those too-perfect heroes, bring them on. I am married to a wonderful real man. I wouldn’t trade him in for the world. I’d never expect my husband to bear the traits of my heroes, and I don’t need someone who looks like a GQ model. But when it comes to fantasy, yes, I want to be able to dream about the hunky dude with six-pack abs and rumbly voice. I’d be willing to bet when most men fantasize, they are dreaming about women who look like a young Sophia Loren. So I don’t feel so guilty about dreaming about my Greek gods.

Multiple orgasms? Yes, please. Again, real life does not always provide this luxury for many women. We’re tired. We’re busy. We have work and families and commitments. So yes, in my romances, women will always get multiple orgasms. ;) They deserve every last spine-tingling one.

Are the relationships intense in romance novels? Yes, they can feel that way. However, in 200 pages, an author can only provide a glimpse of that relationship. Within those pages, we have to make the reader fall in love, right along with the couple. We have to deliver the emotion and a satisfying journey. I’m not going to tell you a story about a couple who meet under boring circumstances. I want to tell the story of the couple who meet and bam! Their worlds collide.

I can understand readers grow tired of reading certain elements in their books. However, does this mean I will ever stop delivering these crucial elements? No way.

The multiple orgasms stay.



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Need and Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Holiday Blog Hop ButtonHappy holidays from the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops!

Welcome to our Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Begin the Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop by clicking on this link: http://lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/hot-for-the-holidays-blog-hop/

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Need-Becca_Jameson-500x800Hi everyone! So the excitement around here this week is the release of the third book in The Fight Club series, Need. The response from all my readers has been unbelievable. Thanks to all who enjoy my MMA fighters and their submissives!


Emily Townsend needs closure. And she’s will do anything to get it, including visit a local BDSM club. What she doesn’t expect is for the sexy man she’s been ogling for three weeks to waltz over to her table and dominate her in a way she’s never experienced.

Rider Henderson doesn’t do newbies. Or girlfriends. But the cute pixy hanging around his club has drawn him to her side like a magnet. Perhaps if he took her on as a trainee, he could purge her from his system.

The steam between Emily and Rider is undeniable. Not only is she a natural submissive, but she also enjoys watching him fight. That doesn’t change the fact Rider doesn’t want a permanent woman hanging around, nor does Emily have any interest in sharing Rider with her family or coworkers. It’s a summer fling. Nothing more.


And in other news: If you’re a fan of my Doms, stay tuned for my secret, little-known side project. On January 6 I will release the first book in a new series: The Rules. And y’all are the first to hear about this because I haven’t said a word publicly yet. ;) In the coming days I will post more details and the cover. I’m just a tease… ;)

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Prymal Passion And Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Holiday Blog Hop ButtonHappy holidays from the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops!

Welcome to our Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop!

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There’s nothing like the thrill of writing the last sentence in a manuscript. For me, once a tale’s in my head I have to finish it. Yesterday, I completed Prymal Passion and submitted the book to my editor.

I’m dying to get the cover, but since I don’t have that, I thought to share a teaser with you today.

Prymal Passion – Unedited Excerpt
A cowboy, complete with Stetson, boots, and lethal silver-wheel spurs swung out of the driver’s seat. He reminded her of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, only prettier. Eyes the turquoise of a tropical lagoon shimmered in the gloominess.

His spurs jangled when he ambled over to them. He tipped his hat, lifted a square chin, and inspected Kata and Natusya. A crooked smile deepened twin dimples. The cowboy’s incredible handsomeness combined with that mouth-watering grin and those mesmerizing eyes had her dumbfounded.

She reminded herself to be afraid.

“Ain’t that just your fricking Irish luck, Bandit? You go a-hunting vermin and catch a modern-day Madonna and her angel-child?”

A stiff crosswind chased dirt, rubble, and tumbleweeds across the gulley. The moon reappeared and Kata choked back a gasp when she saw him, Bandit, clearly. Mother Mary, he looked like a Highlander bandit, with those craggy features, and piercing eyes of a hue too midnight and navy to be real. He had inky eyelashes too long and curly to belong to a man. She stared at his full, sensuous mouth and had the stupid urge to tongue-tickle the seam of his lips.

Kata shook her head. She had gone bat shit crazy, or maybe Alzheimer’s really was contagious.

Bandit snorted. “Madonna? More she-devil. Little witch took a shot at me, stabbed me with a puny dagger, and bit my ear.”

Her temper went ballistic, she shouted, “Where’s the blood? I know I tasted blood. And I know got you in the shoulder with my penknife.”

Natusya reacted to her barked question and growled statements with a yelp and a drumming of her heels on Kata’s belly and butt. Kata rocked back and forth on her heels, and murmured, “Hush manYUnya.”

“Russian?” the cowboy asked.

“Ukrainian, the equivalent of hush little one. Contain your tantrum, Kata. You’re upsetting your daughter. Keep an eye on ‘em, Kydd. Kata’s stashed her and the baby’s stuff on the ridge. I’ll be back in a few.” Bandit dusted his hands, crouched a tad, and leapt.

Kata’s jaw sagged.

Natusya, now wide awake and curious, giggled. “Fly. Fly like he. Mama.”

“Oops. Pretend you didn’t see that, honey. It’s the wolf and lion in him.” Kydd tipped the brim of his hat. “Don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Kydd Kolton.”

He had such an engaging grin that Kata couldn’t help smiling at him. “That’s an unusual name. It sounds kind of familiar. And you look familiar, too.”

She had entered loony land, or trespassed into some sort of alternate reality, where she and Natusya had just become prisoners of a cowboy charmer and a man who leapt like a mountain lion. Right now she should be panicking, or screaming, or running for her life, not simply standing there catching files with her open mouth.

“Do you go to the movies, Kata?”

Oh yeah. Her brain cells had fried to cinders. “Yes.”

When he removed his hat and dragged a hand through his tousled shoulder-length hair, a vague memory stirred. “You’re Kydd Kolton. You’re in those car movies. What was the name of the last one?”

“Kolton Krazy.” A deep slash of scarlet stained his bronzed cheeks.

All at once Bandit landed in a thud of dust and rocks right in front of Kata. One minute he wasn’t there, the next he was. He had to have jumped from the ridge above them. She swallowed around the huge fright marble clogging her throat. No normal human being could make that jump without fracturing a bone. Had she found the Wylfen Britta’d told her about?

“What’re you going to do to us?” She hated the reedy sound of her voice.

“Take you home. Get some food into the both of you, and then let you rest.” Bandit stuffed her duffel bag and her two backpacks into a narrow storage area in the back of the ATV.

“I’m not going anywhere with either of you.” She dug her heels into the loose gravel.

“Suit yourself. But that baby’s coming with us. We’ll call children’s services, and turn her over to them—”

“No way.” She cuddled Natusya tighter and the girl cried out.

“The temperature’s dipping into the low fifties tonight. We can’t in good conscience leave you two out here. Now, you’ve recognized me, right? Here, take my cell, call someone, and tell them we’re taking you and your daughter to this address, 12480 Bright Trail, Trenton, California. Tell them you’re with me. Bandit here will take a pic of us, and you can send it to your friend. Or if you want, we can drop you to a hotel. Gotta tell you though, nearest one is a good forty minute drive away and it’s not in a great area.” Kydd Kolton tapped his Stetson against his jean-clad thigh.

Kata chewed the insides of her cheeks. She couldn’t risk going to a hotel in the middle of the night and attracting unwanted attention.

“Here.” Bandit offered her the pistol she’d shot earlier. “Take it as insurance.”

“Show her your trident,” Kydd suggested.

“What?” Kata became more confused by the second. A trident, like the devil’s?

“Bandit’s a Navy SEAL. I can see from your expression you know what a SEAL is. We’re the good guys, Kata.” Kydd flipped his hat from one hand to the other.

Bandit’s earlier statement about frogmen and lungs suddenly made sense. And what had Kydd said? Pretend you didn’t see that. It’s the wolf and lion in him.

All at once Kata knew—she was one step closer to sanctuary. Either that, or she’d found hell in the form of two devils.

Hope you enjoyed!





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Hot for the Holidays – Traditions


Don’t forget to check out the giveaway that ends tomorrow for hot for the holidays. Also, don’t forget to join the Facebook event as well. https://www.facebook.com/events/761757783916969/

Originally posted on Rants and Raves by KaLyn Cooper:


Christmas in Cancun is available where eBooks are sold. Buy links are listed at the bottom of this blog

I have a “hot” new book out, just in time for the Holidays. I wrote Christmas in Cancun after spending Christmas on the Mayan Riviera.

For many years, Macho Marine and I have spent the Christmas holidays with his family. We usually spend Thanksgiving with my huge family in Upstate NY, but I think that has as much to do with deer hunting with my Alpha brothers as it does with smoked, deep-fried and baked turkeys. This is our tradition, though.

For the past several years, his family has made it a destination celebration. Cancun, Mexico. Let me tell you, Hot for the Holidays takes on a whole new meaning. More than once we’ve left Tennessee bundled in winter jackets only to shed them for warm Caribbean breezes and turquoises waters.


View original 547 more words

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