Coming Soon

We have lots of exciting things happening individually and as a group. Be sure to save the date if you want to catch up with our great guests or one of our other special events. We’re also including dates for our new book releases so you can be sure not to miss them!

July 29 – New Release – Bound to be Tamed – Becca Jameson

August 6-10 – Authors After Dark – meet LL&L author Becca Jameson!

August 9 – Guest Author Eve Langlais

August 25 – New Release – Double-Up – Vanessa North

September 8 – New Release – Predator’s Fire, Gemini Island Shifters 5 – Rosanna Leo

September 10-13 – Indie Romance Convention – meet LL&L author Parker Kincade!

October 6 – New Release – Prime Imperative, Prime Chronicles 3 – Monette Michaels

October 16-19 – GayRomLit Retreat – meet LL&L authors Lynn Lorenz and Vanessa North!

November 2 – Guest Author Tina Whittle

2 Responses to Coming Soon

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  2. I feel exactly the same way you do about marketing Lynn and I, too, am resolved to put my big girl panties on. Looks like you joined a great group. Love all the participating authors – especially you!!

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