Summer, outlines, and Clue #5

As summer comes to a close and kids return to school, I only have one thing on my mind…




Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but really, I work at home and I don’t get a lot done during the summer months. I’m so ready to get some editing projects done and off my plate so I have time to write for myself that I could scream. It seems during the summer all I have time for is outlines, and I have plenty of outlines!

The one I’m most excited about though, is a sequel to Seducing Kate. I don’t do sequels, well, I seducingkate-510never have until now, but I’m kind of excited about this one. It seemed like whenever I tried to write something new, Kate and Kyle popped into my head to let me know they weren’t quite done yet. They had a little more…things they wanted to do. I couldn’t quite figure out what those things were until recently though.

One of my outlines is all about Kate and I can’t wait to get to writing this one!

So, how did you spend your summer?



clue 5

4 thoughts on “Summer, outlines, and Clue #5

  1. You sound as busy as I’ve been, Em, even though I don’t have young kids anymore. My family and a ton of my friends lives in Trinidad and it’s a tradition for them to make a summer trek to Miami. So I’ve spent the summer being a chauffeur to our south Florida visitors. Looking forward some alone time with my dh.


  2. I used to be like that when my son was small. But since he’s no longer small, still living at home while looking for a job and since my hubby retired 8 years ago (early!) — I no longer have time to myself unless I fight and claw for it. There are days, I lose. 🙂 Hugs and enjoy back to school!


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