The Hundred Foot Journey & Bingo Clue #6!

Photo Courtesy IMDB

Photo Courtesy IMDB

The dh (btw – stands for Dutch Husband) and I love going to the movies. I tend to be the one who picks which film we see with the exception of the action category.

My taste in the big screen productions runs the whole gamut – save for the exception of horror flicks (my imagination’s too active & I have horrific—pun intended—nightmares). In the final analysis, the HEA (happy ever after) endings always suck me in.

Being a huge Masterpiece Theatre fan, I favor lush, sweeping period pieces. There aren’t many Merchant & Ivory movies I haven’t seen. Am I totally dating myself here? Does anyone remember Howard’s End? A Room with a View? The Remains of the Day?

Why am I harking back to films produced twenty years ago? Because we saw The Hundred Foot Journey over the weekend and the sumptuous country vistas, the luxurious settings, and the opulent ambiance reminded me of those classic Merchant & Ivory productions. My BFF recently sent me the book of the same title that spawned the movie, but I didn’t have time to read it (sometimes a good thing) before viewing the film.

While some critics have panned The Hundred Foot Journey, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The premise of the plot is this: an immigrant family moves into a chateau across the road (100 feet distant) from a one-starred Michelin restaurant and opens an Indian street-food bistro. Total culture clash – one of my pet tropes (hence my tag linewhen cultures collide, passions sizzle).

Produced by the king and queen of entertainment, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, and starring the incomparable Helen Mirren (who, at age 69, has a body to die for), The Hundred Foot Journey is a slice of perfect, dreamy escapism. For two hours, you are transported into the world of a sleepy, alpine French village, and immersed in the petty squabbles, ingrained prejudices, and ultimate innocence of small town living anywhere on this planet.

Want a break from Robin William’s tragic suicide? The Michael Brown killing? The insanity in the Ukraine? The exploding Middle East?

Beef Bourguinon - photo courtesy

Beef Bourguinon – photo courtesy

Chicken Tandoori - photo courtesy Wikipedia

Chicken Tandoori – photo courtesy Wikipedia

Go see The Hundred Foot Journey. But, make sure you eat first.

Otherwise you’ll be craving either classic French food like Beef Bourguignon or spicy Chicken Tandoori.



And now onto the crucial Bingo Clue #6:

luckys charmsIf you are not playing Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo Game it’s not too late (we just started on Monday! — and there is no Bingo yet!)
We have several Bingo cards left. You can get the previous clues and rules at
Email for a board, she’ll send one to you. (only one entry per person please)

Merry Munchy Monday!



5 thoughts on “The Hundred Foot Journey & Bingo Clue #6!

  1. Love Helen Mirren. I want to be her when I grow up. Wait, I am grown up. Dang, missed my chance. Thanks for the movie review. I love HEAs – and yes, I remember all those movies you listed. I told you , I am old!


  2. Me too Moni – re Helen Mirren. Her and Dame Judi Dench are faves of mine. I plan to find a French restaurant in downtown Toronto this weekend and indulge in Beef Bourguignon – any recommendations Rosanna?


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